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The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Walkthrough Operation: Grifter

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You'll land on another farm, but this time at night.

Head forward towards the barn. Be careful, there are enemies you need to take out ahead so get into cover.

Make sure you take out the sniper in the barn so he doesn't give you too much trouble.

Also watch out for enemy mines.

When you're done killing head into the stables ahead.

Then head left into the room on the left side.

There's one Silacoid in here. KILL IT!

Then head back out and to the left. When you cross over to the other side of the stable you'll get attacked by another Silacoid so take it out.

After you kill that head outside at the back right of the stable and you'll see a resupply drop outside that you can use to refill any ammo (if you need) or swap out enemies. Remember that it also always auto saves when you use it.

Then head to the right of the resupply and go down into the water.

Some drones will cross ahead of you (they don't attack you) so follow the drones further into the valley.

The drones will drop a piece of the plane down. A Silacoid or two will drop down as well.

After killing the Silacoids head up into the area ahead.

There's some human ammo on a box to the right of the train wreck here.

Inside the train you can pick up another backpack schematic laying against the wall.

Jump down into the area ahead, but be careful. There are more enemies ahead.

Take cover behind some boxes and watch out for Silacoids.

Kill the Outsiders here as well.

After you take out the enemies in this area a train on the right opens and some Drones attack you. Be careful, some of these Drones can lift your agents into a stasis field.

After you kill the drones head into the train that opened. There are more enemies in the area ahead of here.

Take cover behind one of the trains and take out the Muton first- killing anything in the way.

Then head forward into the train wreck the enemies were coming out of ahead.

On the other side you'll find the artifact you were looking for thus completing the mission.

When you get back to the base you'll get your reward for your Dispatch mission (I don't know that Dispatch missions can fail, I've never seen it happen).

You can also read up on what happened during the dispatch mission if you want.

From your office go left and through the crossway into the decontamination room.

Head back into the lab area and to the right where Dr. Heinrich is.

On the left side on a counter is another note you can read.

Then head to the back of the room and talk to Dr. Heinrich to turn in the Silacoid side mission.

This will unlock another dispatch mission which will be useful later.

Head back out of the lab and go to mission panel in Operations.

Make sure to update the equipment and perks on all your agents (the ones that were dispatched just leveled up).

Then send any agents you aren't using on your team on another dispatch mission. You wont need as many since they leveled but you still can only do one for now due to the complexity.

Since they are level 2, and these missions are complexity 7, the remaining agents won't be enough for a second dispatch.

When you are ready to continue (there is nothing else to do here right now) select "Signal from beyond" to go to your next Major Operation.