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The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Walkthrough The Doctor

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You'll be set down in a small town area in front of a bridge that is folded up behind you.

When carter is done talking to Barnes head forward.

At the end of the road turn to the right and go into the cafe.

After talking to Faulke you can try talking to the Sleepwalker (although Carter just determines, again, that this is pointless) and also behind it you can listen to another reel to reel.

When you're done in here head out the back door (behind where you listened to the reel to reel).

Head down the street to the right.

You'll get to a big crater at the end which you can walk down, but you actually want to veer to the right just a little ahead when you get here.

Go into the green door way.

Get around the wall debris and jump down into the room ahead.

Be careful when rounding the corner here as there will be more enemies ahead.

When you run to cover from here it will trigger another cutscene.

This will be your introduction to Outsider Elites. The big thing with them, and why I usually take them down first at this point in the game, is they give other Outsiders force fielding and have heavy shields themselves.

This will be your first real strategic battle so make sure to use all your allies abilities when needed and remember that you can heal.

You'll want to slowly take out enemies closest to you and then head forward. You want to keep pushing forward in order to push further into enemy lines.

Remember, also, to always give your squad orders as they don't do particularly well when left alone for too long.

You will also want to watch out for enemy mines here. You can shoot them to set them off.

After pushing all the way up to the wall (or here abouts, if you haven't already) you should get a rank up.

You can take this opportunity to get a new ability and watch a cutscene briefly explaining the ability.

When you try to open the door ahead it will tell you you need to choose an agent to hack the door open. This agent cannot be used during the next battle while they attempt to open the door. The best tip I can give is to choose someone who would be less useful alone.

You'll be attacked again as the assigned agent tries to open the door. The door will be opened when you finish killing all of the Outsiders.

If you need to, you can go inside the building across the street and go upstairs to get a height advantage. The only problem is you'll be seperated from your other agent so if he goes down you'll have to run quickly unless or else he could die.

When you're done killing the aliens you can head inside the door at the wall.

Head inside and run up the stairs. Use the panel under the alien AA gun to turn it off.

Then head to the door on your left.

When you're heading down the stairs Faulke will tell you to fall back but Carter wants to save more people and ignores Faulke's orders.

Open the door at the bottom.

Head out the door on the left at the bottom of the stairs.

Then head inside the bank.

From the door way head to the left.

There's a body with an examination point here you can use.

When you're done head to the back and down the stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs go to the left and head inside the bank vault.

You meet a group of survivors hiding down here. Again, you can choose how this plays out. You can save them, or not. It does not seem to make a difference other than how people respond to you making that choice.

You can search the area for ammo if you need to.

When yolu're done, though, head through the door at the back of the bank vault area.

Outside, head to the left and up the stairs.

You'll get a sit-rep from the pilot. This plays out depending on what choices you made with the survivors but doesn't really change anything either way.

He does tell you, though, there is a resupply by the barber shop. There is nothing in the alley so head through the door ahead (marked "Barber Shop").

If you didn't notice already sleepwalker infected people are not really dangerous. They just seem to stand in one place repeating a sequence of events over and over. You can kill them, but there is no reason to do that (other than wasting bullets). It's up to you, though.

Just outside you'll see the marked box. When you head to it you'll get a short cut scene.

Basically resupplies are a way to get your ammo refilled if you need (including grenades) and you can change out your squad members if you want to. They also always autosave after you use one so I recommed always using one you come up on just to autosave if nothing else.

If you're choosing to change out squad members for XP reasons I just want to let you know that is pointless as there is an easy way to have your squad members that are not in your squad to level up just fine (and faster) later- as long as they aren't dieing on you they level out quite easily.

To the left of the resupply, inside the bookshop, is another examination point you can look at.

When you're ready go back outside and jump into the hole to the right (in front of the resupply crate).

Be careful moving forward here as there are enemies on the right patrolling.

You can begin giving orders now to get setup quietly and get the drop on the Outsiders before they see you.

Remember also that you got the new lift ability. It makes taking out enemies way easier and you get more XP (they call it a combo kill) when you do.

When you're done killing head up into the alien fortification and to the right side.

Then head inside the door on the left.

Keep heading forward and then jump down into the pit on the left.

Theres some grenades and ammo inside the pit if you need refills. Then head forward.

Be careful here as there will be more enemies ahead. Run towards cover and you will trigger a cutscene.

You'll be introduced to the Muton.

Muton's are a pain because they have heavy armor and just keep walking towards you pumping you full of alien shotgun laser bullets.

I recommend using a lift on any Mutons and hitting them with everything you got ASAP (it will vary depending on who you have, but the best abilities you can hit it with the better).

Also remember that you can order your squad to make the Muton a priority. It should go down quickly if you don't let up.

Once the Muton is dead you can then take out any remaining outsiders.

After taking out the closer Outsiders I usually set my squad a priority target and then take position inside the alien building on the right and take out the Outsiders in the back from there.

When they are all dead head inside the building.

Go through the red door on the left.

Keep heading down the hallway, to the right, and then to the left.

You'll meet Laurence here. He is the assistant to Dr. Weir.

He lets Carter know what Weir is doing and where he is. Carter tells him it's safe to leave but he refuses and says he'll meet with Weir up ahead. Strange.

There are two photos behind where Laurence was standing that you can look at.

When you're done in here head out the door on the right side of the room.

Once you get outside you'll see a weapon on the ground on the left side.

Pick it up to add a scatter laser to your arsenal. This is the alien equivalent of a shotgun. You don't have to use Alien weapons (there's at least one achievement I can recall around it for one level if you don't) but I found them to be stronger than human weapons so they are better to use. It's up to you if you want to or not, though.

When you're done getting a new toy run up the stairs ahead.

Be careful as there are enemies waiting for you ahead. If you get into cover quickly they shouldn't notice you just yet.

Also notice in the distance there is a gun turret here so keep in cover. You may not be able to take it out yet as there is alot of enemies here so take out the closest enemies first as they are technically more dangerous. When you can, though, take out that turret.

About this time (or around here) you'll probably notice your agents gained a level. Unlike you, your agents can only level up to 5. You can level to 10. I recommend picking whatever abilities you find most useful. They all work well depending on how you want to go about using them.

When you're done taking out these Outsiders head up to the area where the turret was and to the right.

Go inside the gate and run to cover ahead. This will trigger a cutscene.

You will be introduced to the Sectopod.

This enemy is a pain mostly because it's so big and the areas seem to cramped for its size. I recommend with these to hit it as much as you can in the glass area where the alien sits inside. When it breaks open you can then take it down quickly.

For any remaining enemies keep in mind the red alien barrels around here are explosive so you can use that to your advantage.

When they're all dead, and you have all the ammo you need, head towards the back gate.

From there go to the left.

Head left from there towards the staircase going down.

Move on through the tunnel below.

You'll come up on a resupply drop. You can pick up a backpack schematic "Sharpshooter Pack" sitting on a resupply crate here.

You can equip all your squad members with both weapons and different backpacks. As far as weapons go they are limited to weapons for their class (of which there is a human and alien variant of all weapons). With backpacks you can pick whichever you find most useful.

When you're ready to move on head up the stairs on the left.

Drop down into the trench at the end of the alley and keep moving forward.

You'll come up on another terraformed alien base. Be ready here as more enemies are going to be in the area ahead.

You can order both your squad members into cover and run into cover yourself. If you're quick they wont see you yet.

I believe it's about this point the game tells you how you can scan things on the battle field for more info on them. I didn't really find this useful, but there is an achievement around scanning a certain amount of unique (different) enemy types and items so you can if you want.

The first thing I recommend you take out is the turret in the back. At the moment that is the most dangerous thing out there.

There will be a couple waves of enemies, including one with an elite, so take your time and move around. When they are all dead head through the door all the way in the back.

There is another one of those strange power sources here. Carter determines they are some form of terraforming "seed." They do supply power but they also setup the alien buildings.

After speaking to Faulke about the "seed" head to the left through the door at the end of the path.

On the other side of the door if you walk a little forward you can find another examine point about the middle of the railing on the right of the walkway.

When that's done head to the left.

Head up the stairs and to the right.

There's another door you can go through ahead.

This opens to a long pathway.

I recommend stocking up on any ammo (if you need any) but in this hall there's only alien ammo.

When you get to the end of the long path there is some stairs that lead down on the left side.

At the bottom of the stairs is a pack of human ammo if you need some. Then head around the corner ahead going to the right.

You'll reach the lab area here. Head all the way to the far side and go to the stairs. This will trigger a cutscene.

After a couple cutscenes you will be introduced to the Gunship. While it does drop off enemies, it is also an enemy itself (as it will attack you and stay on the field until it dies) so take it out as quick as you can.

The problem I found, here, is there are so many ground troops if you focus to much on the gunship you will get tore up. I recommend taking out closer enemies first, and shoot the gunship when you can.

Head forward a little (towards the pillars) and take out enemies hiding in here. Don't forget the gun ship.

Eventually the gunship drops more enemies on the right side of the courtyard. This seems to be the best place to shoot it up full of bullets the most as it's low and less agile when dropping off enemies. Be careful, though, as the other enemies will still continue to shoot at you too.

When the gun ship drops a shield commander make sure to take it out as it will make your life more difficult if you ignore it.

A few more shots into the gun ship should take it out. After a short conversation with Dr. Weir the mission should then end, and you'll go back to the base.

After a cutscene (and a short conversation with Angela) you'll be back in your office. There are two pictures you can look at on DaSilva's desk.

After that head out and over to the Information Officers office across the way.

Theres a file folder on the desk on the right you can read.

After that you can catch up with Chulski- she'll have a few more new things to talk about.

Then head out to the left and then to the right side of the central operations room.

You'll see the guy with a speech bubble over his head on the right. This is Analyst Krul. He's basically an intel analyst and you can speak to him about his theories on the invasion. It's mainly exposition (and you could ignore it) but it's interesting if you care at all about lore.

When you're done talking to him you can run upstairs into Faulke's office. There is a new reel to reel in the back to listen to.

There is also a picture on his desk of a UFO. Looks like XCOM is making a UFO of their own.

Head back down stairs and go to the left (the center of the Ops room) to talk to Angela again.

She has a few new things you can talk about (handle it how you want).

Then go ahead and use the mission panel. There are two minor operations listed now.

We'll go to "Operation Guardian" first, as it's one that is intended to prevent a nuclear missile launch. I want to quickly point out that while it implies you can only do one mission and you wont be able to do others, in my play through I was able to do all missions. I don't know, though, if this is affected by difficulty.