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The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Walkthrough Welcome to XCOM

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You'll meet Nico DaSilva. You both work (and sleep) out of the same office.

After talking to DaSilva you can read Carter's file on his desk behind where DaSilva was standing. You can also read DaSilva's file on the desk behind you.

After you're done reading the profiles on Nico and Carter head through the door for another cutscene.

After both the cutscene and you're done talking to Nico head behind him and use the radio to hear the transmission. Carter will write what it says on a note next to the radio.

I am providing a picture of it here as you do need to remember these coordinates for a short side mission coming up in just a second. TWO... FIVE... ZERO... NOVEMBER... EIGHT... NINE... TWO...

When you're done checking that out head across the way to the other room.

In here you can meet Officer Chulski who is the Chief Information officer. She seems to get less sleep than Carter does.

You need to tell Chulski that you heard a strange signal. Then give the Range of 250.

Set the Direction North.

Set the Frequency to 892.

If all goes well Chulski will pick up a radio transmission and will take it from there (thusly saving some people who managed to get a broadcast out and finishing that investigation mission).

When you're done talking to Chulski turn around and you can read a paper on the cork board.

You can head out of the communications room and towards Ops (the other way is blocked right now) and take a left and go up the stairs.

From the stairs go to the right and then left again to go into Angela's office.

There is a reel to reel you can use in here to get some info on Angela Weaver's qualifications.

When you're done with that turn around and head into Faulke's office and read the note on his secretaries desk.

Then head into Faulke's Office proper. Before talking to him, though, head to the left and listen to another reel to reel that lets you in on a little bit more info about Faulke.

When you're done you can talk to Faulke. This conversation is mainly about why Faulke picked Carter for XCOM (since apparently Carter is burned out so he isn't sure himself why he was picked) and that he expects great things, ultimately, from Carter. They also briefly discuss how they first need to bring XCOM HQ up to snuff (as it's still technically a week out from being operationally ready). He also vaguely mentions how he wants to incorporate alien technology for use in this war.

When you're done talking to Faulke head back out and down the stairs on the left.

Make a right at the bottom of the stairs and a right again to go towards the central crossway that leads everywhere else in the base (it was blocked before but now it's not). If you walk towards the guards they will part so you can pass.

From this door head to the right all the way down where some agents are talking and then head to the left.

From here head fowards, and walk down the small stairs on the right.

Under the chalkboard, to the right of the stairs, there is another reel to reel you can listen to. There is also a picture on the table on the left.

After all of that stuff you can turn around and talk to DaSilva by the Agent Roster. You need to pick some agents to go with you on your next mission.

Before you do, though, walk behind DaSilva and read the letter. Then go ahead and use the "Agent Roster."

There's a few things, here, I want to let you know. The first thing, which you can also find from loading screens, is you lose the game if all your agents "die" in the field so it is recommended that you always have the roster full. However, don't worry about that right now. We won't be needing anyone else just yet and there's no point having them sit in the roster unless you are playing on a harder difficulty.

You should also know that if you select an agent, and go to customize, you'll see that you can change their name as well as the color of their clothes. You can change the color of Carter's clothes also.

After you finish choosing and customizing your agents head to the door to the right of where DaSilva was and head right to the skyranger elevator.

Use the button panel to head up to the skyranger helipad.

When you get there first head to the right to read the letter on the boxes.

Then turn around and head towards the infirmary in the back.

The nurse here tells you that Nils ordered everyone out and headed in alone. Go into the door ahead.

Continue to the left and towards the door ahead.

Veer left, first, and get the note on the cabinet in the back of the infirmary.

Then go back and head through the door.

Head left here and then right at the next corner.

In the mortuary head to the right and follow the blood into the room ahead. This will trigger a cutscene.

When the cutscene ends your squadmates have run in from the front left so you'll want to reposition them behind cover.

The infiltrator will call in Sectoid reinforcements occasionally. You'll need to take them out and then take the infiltrator down in order to finish this fight.

After taking down the infiltrator Carter will inform Faulke.

Head back out of the Morgue.

When you get back to the Skyranger bay Carter briefly discusses the loss of Nils with DaSilva.

Head back towards the elevator when that finishes.

After the elevator gets back down to the bottom head to the right towards the firing range.

You can meet the acquisitions officer on the right behind the desk in here.

From there head to the left and theres a note you can read on a door at the bottom of the stairs that go towards the firing range.

From the firing range stairway head to the right back into the ready room.

You can meet Private Percy in here now. Hes to the right of the entrance next to the "Agent Roster."

From the ready room (either the bottom or the top way out, doesnt matter) head to the right.

You'll be stopped by Dr. Heinrich who will quickly introduce Carter to some Alien technology they have acquired.

Before going back to Operations turn around and head to the back area of this corridor.

If you go all the way around the back side behind the boxes you'll find another letter you can read.

When you're done you can head back into Operations and talk to Faulke by the mission terminal in the center of Operations.

Carter is pretty pissed that Nils died.

When you're done talking to Faulke turn around and head back to the right and left up the stairs.

You'll find Angela's office door is open again so you can now talk with Angela. If you want you can apologize for blowing her Op earlier- or don't.

When you're done talking to Angela head back down to where Faulke is and use the panel behind him.

This opens the Mission Select Map. You can also manage your agents from here if you haven't already done so.

Right now there is only one mission so when you're ready go ahead and select it.