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The Room (2012) - Steam Version Walkthrough Chapter 2.1 - The Eye Seal

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Equip your eyepiece and move to the back of the box. Here you'll find some hidden lines glowing in cyan. Move your view to the top, left, right and bottom to reveal all 4 numbers.

Then remove the eyepiece and insert all four numbers into their corresponding cog (top is to top, etc.) The numbers are Top - 2, Left - 5, Right - 7 and Bottom is 6. A switch will be revealed after you punch in the right numbers, pull it down.

There's nothing you can do with this machine at the moment. The only thing worth while is a letter from whoever it that's writing to you.

Equip your eyepiece and again and move over to the right side until you see three fingerprints on the side of the box (beside the four bronze square cogs). Double click on it and a book will be revealed.

Turn your attention to the nearby bronze cogs and put the following symbols on them: Top left - Circle with a line down the middle sections, Top right - Swirl with a cross on top, Bottom left - an X with a T down the middle and the Bottom right - a U with a line down the middle. Take the iron key that will be revealed after putting the symbols in.

Click on the book that you found and move the upper and the lower circle so that the empty halves are at the center, then move the center piece so that it's standing upright. Finally turn the right piece 180 degrees to open the latch. Take the winding key inside.

Spin around the box again and you'll find an odd bronze piece on top of the left pillar beside the keyhole with square cogs on top of it. Zoom into that pillar and start turning it to reveal the mini telescope hidden on the top part of the pillar.

Click on the telescope and align the two arrow drawings on it to allow the telescope to take on a proper shape.

Go back to the odd looking mechanism and place the mini telescope on the bronze half circles.

Zoom out and turn your camera so that you can see the left hand side of the machine. You'll find a small latch there, lift it up and fling the door open.

Then take the winding key and put it in place. Start turning the key and it will power up the machine, but still you can't use this yet.

Turn to the right side of the machine and you'll find another bronze part that sticks out. Zoom in on it and start turning the circle to reveal a hole behind the bronze circle.

Take the cotton piece and go back to the machine. Zoom in on the right side of it and place the cotton piece on that part that looks like a lightbulb socket.

Flick the round metal part on the left side of where you put the cotton piece and it will light a fire, also a small rod will stick out on the right side of it. Click and drag that up to bring the fire up.

Now that the machine is fully functional, equip your eyepiece and double click on the mini telescope. It should work this time and give you a clue.

After watching the film a small circle will open on the left side of the mini telescope. Equip your eyepiece to see the hidden drawings on it.

To solve the puzzle, turn the wheels so that the image they produce is a skeletal goat with squiggly lines around it. Now take the bronze L from the compartment that opened.

Zoom out and turn to the left until you are at the face with a keyhole and 5 square cogs on top of it. Zoom in on the cogs and place the L at the very end of the sequence, then turn the cogs and form the world "TRIAL."