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The Room (2012) - Steam Version Walkthrough Prologue - Tutorial

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The Room was originally a mobile game made for the iOs, then released on Android the next year and finally on Steam July 2014. It's a puzzle game with an eerie setting, but don't be confused by that as it is not a horror game.

For controls you only have the mouse, left button is for clicking, dragging, examining, etc. almost everything in the game, it's also used for manipulating the camera and zooming in, while the right mouse button is mainly used for exiting from a zoomed in perspective.

Follow the tutorial and spin around the box, then move your camera to the top of it and double click on the envelope.

Pull the letter out of the envelope by clicking on it and dragging it out. Now double click the paper, read the contents and take the key that's pasted on the wax.

Once you have the key, the game will automatically move your camera to a nearby chest. Click and spin the cover of the safe until the two circles overlap, then click and drag the key to the keyhole.

With the key now in place, left click on the key and drag it around to turn the key. Keep turning until the lock opens, then lift the lid and take the eyepiece inside. The small paper beside it is a clue to what you need to do next.