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The Room (2012) - Steam Version Walkthrough Chapter 2.3 - Cog Seal

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Look at the left side of the clock and slide the broze switch to the left, then turn the handle until the mechanism slides up.

A small drawer will now be revealed at the top of the box. On the lower right side of the screen you'll find a small bronze circle with a dot in the middle, turn it around until the brown side is on the lower right.

On the right side of the clock face, there's a while piece with a triangle on it. Slide the piece up to reveal another bronze cirlce and turn it so that the brown part is on the lower left.

The left side of the clock (where the handle mechanism is) has the bronze circle with the pentagon drawn on it. Turn it so that the brown side is on the upper left side.

Finally at the top of the box, look for the silver knight with a mace and turn the bronze circle in front of him to make the brown part appear on the upper right.

Zoom in on the drawer that appeared and you should be able to pull it out now. Take the rubberband and the cog wheel from the drawer and go back to the left side of the clock.

Place the cogwheel on the first cylinder on the left and turn the handle. Take the screwdriver from the latch that opened.

Move over to the right side of the clock and use the screwdriver to remove the screws from the bronze plate.

Press the button at the right of the mechanism at the right time, to stop the machine in place. Make sure that you stop it as the broken parts of the gears are exposed, then take the key from inside.

Zoom out of the clock and spin around the box until you see the only golden knight at the top of the box. There's a weirdly shaped indentation on the box face underneath him.

Click on your key and arrange it into a half cross, with the same amount of studs on both the left and right side of the key. You'll have to place the second and third hands together at the left side to achieve this. Place the key into the indent afterwards.

Take the medium sized cog and place it on the second cylinder, then slide the bronze slider to the right and start turning the handle.

A third cog will be revealed, take it and place it on the lower bolt on the third cylinder. Now take the second cog and place it on the bolt above where you placed the third cog.

They aren't touching cause your cogs are not big enough. Place the rubberband between the two cogs and start turning the handle.

The clock works now, so press the button at the left side of the clock and the constellations will start moving. Wait for the clock to reveal the narrow steel tube, then take it.

Click on the steel tube and lift the top off to find a key and a photo hidden inside it. Behind the photo there's some writing.

Go back to the clock and focus on the right side. Use the small key that you found and place it on the bronze lined plate at the side of the clock to reveal another mechanism.

Equip your eyepiece and zoom in on the revealed mechanism. Place the square slider at the middle and start turning the circle until you reveal the Null symbol.

Take the small silver shield and take it up to the knights at the top of the box. Place the shield on the only golden knight and he'll give you a blue gem.

Bring the gem over to the clock and place it on the small oval hole at the middle of the clock, right below the dial with a star on it.

Equip your eyepiece and start turning the dial until you've punched in the time 6:05, which was indicated at the back of the photo. Now the last seal will open.