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Trine 2 Walkthrough "Mushroom Caves

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"Break the wall with an explosive barrel or throwing hammer. Carry the water from the Blue orb down to the sparkly ground.

"Jump your way up on the Mushrooms and leaves to the next area.

"Use hammer throw to take out the rocks and jump across, then water the sparkly ground.

"Oh look, I lied, more Goblins.

"Lift the log up and use a plank to get the water into the sparkly ground.

"Put a box on the spikey ball from the roof and grapple across it up the slide hill.

"Jump on the mushroom and over the spitters.

"Jump across the leaves while avoiding more spit.

"Pout water onto the sparkly ground to grow the leaves. Jump up them and use the throwing hammer to free the boulder. Use the boulder as a hold and make a runway of planks like in the picture.