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Trine 2 Walkthrough "Petrified Tree

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"When heated by fire, pots will make bubbles. Ride one up to continue.

"Time to start thinking with portals. Grab a switch to take control of a portal. Put the metal ball through the portal and onto the button.

"Oh noes, a new enemy! You'll be fighting these spiders for a while, but at least they're better than goblins.

"Connect the fire to the pot and ride a bubble up.

"Push the button and run along the top of the rotating platform.

"Use the portals to move the gust and then ride it up.

"Looks like I had spoken too soon, more goblin friends to hit.

"Shoot arrows through the crack to break the rope and let the box fall on the button.

"Time for FIRE! The Knight's shield blocks fire. Keep moving ahead to the portals.

"Move the portals so the fire burns the pot. Ride a bubble up.

"Move the stationary fire out of the way, and then time the moving one good so you can pull the lever.

"I've ran out of things to say about the goblins, so I'm just gonna stop warning you about non-new combat.

"Swing up too, then jump over, the pressure platforms.

"Create a box to land on, then jump down onto it.

"Use portals to stop the flame from bursting the bubbles, then ride on up.

"Get up top and pull the lever to open the door.