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BioShock Walkthrough Welcome To Rapture

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Here's a map of the level. Map - Welcome to Rapture 1. Electro Bolt - Plasmid 2. New Year's Eve Alone - Audio Diary 3. Hole In The Bathroom Wall - Audio Diary

This still from the opening cinematic shows Jack with a present from home. And a bit of foreshadowing.

The plane crashes, but Jack (you) survives. Surrounded by flaming wreckage, the only path forward is through the opening in the flames seen ahead.

More flames block your path, but you can see this building to the right of the plane's tail section.

Swim to the building and climb the stairs. If you turn around and wait long enough you can actually witness the plane's tail section sink into the ocean.

Enter the strange building here. The door closes behind you.

This statue and slogan are your first introduction to the philosophy of Andrew Ryan.

The lights come on automatically as you descend the stairs to the bathysphere. Step inside and pull the lever.

The door closes and the bathysphere descends into the sea.

This kitschy film strip gives you further introduction into Andrew Ryan's philosophy. Note the ambiguity of the phrase, "petty morality." Is this a a criticism of morality in general, or only those attempts to define morality which Ryan rejects?

And here is Ryan's creation, the undersea city of Rapture.

The bathysphere carries you into Rapture. This is one of the best openings to a game since Half Life's tram sequence.

Wonder turns to horror as you witness Johnny's slaughter through the bathysphere window.

Take this radio so you can continue to receive instructions from Atlas, BioShock's counterpart to System Shock 2's Polito.

Exit the bathysphere and find this Vita-Chamber to the right. You will respawn at the nearest chamber upon death, making constant game saves unnecessary. The game world will continue uninterrupted upon your respawn. All enemies will retain damage but your spent ammunition will not return.

Ascend these stairs on the left.

Atlas has a security bot chase the Splicers away. Jump over the debris in front of you.

Grab this wrench and use it to smash the debris blocking the door. Crouch to squeeze through, then avoid the flaming furniture as you ascend the stairs to the lounge.

This Thuggish Splicer is at the top of the stairs. Finish him off with your wrench. Thuggish Splicers are identified by their melee weapons, and are vulnerable to melee attack. The females sound like Toot Braunstein from Comedy Central's Drawn Together.

Once defeated, Splicers' corpses can be looted for health, ammunition, and other supplies.

You can also find supplies scattered around the levels, like this Pep Bar on the couch. Pep Bars give you a small amount of health (the red bar upper/left) as well as a small amount of EVE (the blue bar upper-left). Another Pep Bar and a bag of chips can be found on the table near the lamp seen on the right.

Climb the nearby stairs and find your first Plasmid at this Gatherer's Garden.

After the cutscene, press your controller's left trigger while aiming at the door control. Your new Plasmid, Electro Bolt, will open the Securis door.

The plane's tail section crashes into the walkway.

Enter the plane's fuselage then exit here on the right.

The door on the left is flooded shut. Continue to the other door at the end of the walkway.

The room on the left has a Vita Chamber, an EVE Hypo, and Arcadia Merlot. Alcohol and cigarettes will increase your EVE slightly at the cost of a small bit of health. A storage crate is in the far corner.

A Thuggish Splicer busts in as you move to the opposite room. Atlas advises stunning the foe with your Electro Bolt, then finishing him off with your wrench. Atlas calls this stun-and-smash tactic the, "one-two punch." Note the EVE hypo by the body against the window.

Defeat another Thuggish Splicer as you exit out the now-available airlock.

Ascend the stairs then witness a flaming elevator crash to the ground. Defeat this Thuggish Splicer then continue through the doors ahead.

Enter this elevator. Hopefully, it won't suffer the same fate as the other lift.

As you ride the elevator up, Atlas gives you a new goal: go to Neptune's Bounty.

Step off the lift and turn left to find this First Aid Kit and a Pep Bar.

Turn right to witness this disturbing scene. Finish off the Thuggish Splicer and grab the revolver in the baby carriage.

The game begins in earnest here in the Kashmir restaurant. Descend the stairs on the right and defeat the Thuggish Splicer pounding on the door.

Here's the target of his angst. Meet your first Leadhead Splicer. These gun-toting foes are vulnerable to gunshots themselves. Search the counters for a First Aid Kit and cash. More funds can be drawn from the cash register near the corpse on the floor.

Two Splicers are in the water outside the kitchen. Zap them with your Electro Bolt to earn the Toaster in the Tub achievement.

Diane McClintock's audio diary, New Year's Eve Alone, can be found on this table, alongside an EVE hypo and some cash. A First Aid Kit can be found along the bottom of the curved window.

A Pep Bar is found here and another EVE Hypo is at your feet. The Footlight Theater door is blocked. A First Aid Kit and cash register are behind the bar by the neon cocktail sign on the right.

Return upstairs and defeat another Splicer as you turn right into the ladies' room. (Search the nearby pay phone area for a First Aid Kit and some cash.) Witness this sorrowful soul then listen to Steve Barker's audio log, Hole in the Bathroom Wall. Find a First Aid Kit in the farthest stall on the right. A Thuggish Splicer is in the closest stall.

The hole mentioned in the audio log is in the neighboring men's room, the last stall on the left.

Follow the catwalk over the Little Sister below, then descend the stairs on the other side of the room as Atlas explains it all.

This Splicer is threatening the Little Sister, but she summons a Big Daddy.

Once the Big Daddy has finished off the Splicer, smash the lock and chain with your wrench to proceed through the gate on the right.

A Vita-Chamber is here and that can only mean one thing - combat! Search the corpse on the left for supplies before heading right. Ready your pistol for a Leadhead Splicer female.

Defeat the Leadhead and her Thuggish companion before descending the stairs to zap these two with your Electro Bolt.

Before approaching the entrance to Neptune's Bounty on the right, search the men's room ahead for bandages near a toilet.

Be ready to back away once you approach the entrance to Neptune's Bounty. A security lockdown is triggered and a flamethrower turret is activated. It's showtime!

Two waves of Splicers attack. The nearby Vita-Chamber makes for convenient respawning should you have difficulty.

Make life easy for yourself and stay close to the water. Three Splicers from each wave will jump in, allowing you to finish them off easily with your Electro Bolt. Continue to the gate on the right after searching three crates to the left of the water.

Hop over some debris then approach the pressure door seen here to trigger the next sequence.

Watch this message from Andrew Ryan. More Splicers attempt to get to you, but are held back by the safety glass. Atlas is able to re-activate the pressure door. Use it to advance to Medical.