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Cry of Fear

Warning: Cry of Fear contains lots of violence, language, and covers very strong themes such as sucide and death. Viewer discretion is advised!

A black cat walks down a deserted street. Andreas "ruMpel" Rönnberg: Lead Developer

A subway trains passes by. James "Minuit" Marchant: Lead Developer

Two cars pass by. Jordy "Sporkeh" Boerema: Modeler/ Animator

The railway. Stig "DragonNOR" Sydtangen: Voice Actor: Simon

The train Simon is riding continues along to it's set destination. Lasse "BerZerk" Holmen: Voice Actor: Dr. Purell

Aina Hatlevik: Voice Actor: Sofie

A flash of lighting in the distance.


Simon sits all by his lonesome on the train.

He has been depressed for the longest time.

Simon returns home from a long day of who knows what?

On the streets of Sweden...

Who is this and why is he crawling around the corner?

My reaction to the announcement of the Rise of the Triad remake.

Heart-attack maybe? I really love the cinematic angles in this game.

Until it zooms in on a car...

Uh oh...

Yeah this isn't good.

The car floors it torwards Simon.

Simon blacks out.

His mind tells him to wake up...

...from the inside of a padded room...

Simon wakes in his room, but something is wrong.

There's an X floating in mid-air...




There's an X in the far off distance...

Almost there...


It was all a nightmare...

And now the game begins.

Lost in a city WOOOO

Simon: Can't be bothered to get an unlimited plan.

Chapter 1 - Lost in a City

Simon gets a text from his mother to get home as soon as possible.

The phone works as a small flashlight; Simon is also carrying a pocket knife.... What? Didn't you as a teenager?

"Help me" What is going on here? There is a padlock on the door that we need to get the combination for.

We will be seeing this one a lot.

Sweeden is eerily oppresive.

Many of the locations in the game are based on real places, such as this one.

The clock tower strikes 12 times; so it is about 11: 50 as we start the game. We need to pick up 2 pieces of paper, here is one.

The other is down the small alleyway.

We enter these as the username and password on the computer inside the small shop.

I think the front door just opened...

What is...

Did you see someone....?

We then enter the code we got from the computer to unlock the door.

Someone seriously needs to fix the lights.

Is someone standing behind that door?

I guess so.

"Look to the right."

That door wasn't open a second ago...

Use the tape recorder to save your game.

The camera switches to a POV, a hand reaches out and opens a door.

Simon walks along...

No Simon it's ketchup.

Magical pixie dust Simon...

Yeah, because THIS isn't setting up anything...


*Heavy bassline*


It's like Psycho, only the roles have reversed.

This question is acually answersed! (Kind of)

112, I killed the hell out of a dude in the sewers. (That's the Swedish emergency phone number by the way.)

But of course you will call the police when you get topside right? RIGHT!?!?!?

Can't stop takin' dees pills... wait wrong game... Morphine will replenish most of your health, so use it wisely.

Oh yeah this doesn't look bad at all.



After fighting a 3rd enemy we get back into some light. Always save your game whenever you find a tape recorder.

The left has 1 enemy and a morphine.

There is a gate and a Slower around the left corner, kill it then move straight ahead.

There is a switch to open the gate down here but...


We get back outside for a breather, only to have to imediately go back into one of the creepier parts of the game.

Welcome to the apartments, one of the most frequenly visited parts of the game.

The elevator is stuck somewhere so we need to find a way to get to the forth floor... say what does this read?

"3 little kiddies playing in the park. Said the first kiddie let's go home before it gets dark. The first two went on their merry way home. The third stayed playing all alone. Come here child, come to me! The bushes whispered softly. They say curiosity killed the cat..."

First door you can open on the right. Left room contains a save so use it. Right room is empty. Living room is...

What is tha



I gotta say, this game is very pretty consitering it's running on a 15 year old game engine.

The top floor contains a syringe so pick it up.

Go back down and enter the 2nd floor. The elevator seems to be on the 1st floor.

Dark Hallways: The Game


Hah! You're not scary.

Last door on the right from that hallway.

Warning: Some seriously messed up shit incoming.

"Those little kiddies are so cute. They look so lovely! I just want to touch them... But then those parents come... That's why I have to kill them!"

I'm sure PewDiePie fans can relate to this guy.

The door on the left has a key and a syringe... and a lot of messed up pictures...

As soon as you pick up the key the window breaks and the door locks.

Oh what fresh hell is this?

Shoot it and shoot it quickly, if the Baby gets near you a giant metal spike is thrust out of its head doing quite a bit of damge to you.

So we use the key on the door opposite the room we were just in.

There's a Child on the right in the bathroom.

Hey what's blocking me...

He slid out from under the bed. wat

"Flying hiiigh nooow, flying looow noow." What? I can't be the only one singing it...

After picking up the syringe the wall in the last room explodes. Really?

I spy with my little eye...

How'd the dead body get up there in the first place?

"You Jill! The master of unlocking, better take it with you!"

A key also drops; just next to his foot there.

Oh hell yeah! The Glock 19 is the weapon we will be carrying through almost this entire game. There is almost a constant stream of ammo and can fire VERY fast. There's some ammo sitting in the back there so grab it.

We can now access the stairwell to get to the forth floor.

Although of course...

Upstairs... a note and...

Someone REALLY didn't want anyone to get through here.

Here we go again.... "Now... as I need to kill some kiddies, I stuck the elevator in the hall. So only the personel can acces [sic] it by a secret code. I guess no kiddie will find that out, so they will just have to take the stairs."

On the 4th floor (hallway door is baracaded by the way) the elevator needs the access code, but we don't have one... yet.

On the ground floor now.

Head into the second door on the right.

Ah ha! I caught you off guard!

There are some goodies so make sure to grab them.

At the end of the hall is the elevator, if you check in the basement on the right there however you can find a tape recorder and a locked door, remember it.

4th floor now, lets help that guy.

Oh great. Last one I promise.

"This one was a GOOD one. Very nice to kill. Easy to cut with my knife, like cutting food."

Oh you've got to be kidding, the one texting us is the pedo isn't it?

There's no one around...


"OH YEAH!!!" -- Kool-Aid Man

How would he have sprayed his blood all over that bathtub Simon?

I like how that's the one detail you notice.



So we can't get back out to the elevator.

Good idea Simon. How are you going to get down?


AH! What is it!?!?


The Faster will take you out bro. Protip: In order to kill the monsters, shoot them lots of times.

Well I guess we've solved our climbing problems.

I see you standing there!




Wait... how do?

Ehhh... something is really not right here...

Back in the apartment on the 3rd floor.



*BLAM!* This gun is so much fun.



Ehhh... I don't believe these were in the middle of the hall either...

This is the apartment were we found the gun.

We are looking at a vertical wall here.... let that sink in.

Let get out of he...


Don't scare me like that :c

Right, back in the stairwell. The key we got earlier was for the basement door, so we need to get there first.

Oh jeeze what even is this?

Is... is it flooding?

Isn't that window like, 10 feet off the ground?

Oh yeah, ground floor is 10 times creeper now.

Certainly nothing bad could happen down here!



Ehhh... "they" have blocked it?

Well there's the basement door...

Some pretty dark hallways I'll say.

Oh! Light!

Why hello there! The Drowned has 2 forms of attack: Force Simon to kill himself with his own gun and a baby that bursts from the "BELLY!!!" err sorry. Mike Myers flashbacks. The baby carries 2 knifes and attacks VERY fast making melee difficult.

If the Drowned starts to influence Simon to shoot himself you need to click MB1 very fast... then keep hitting it till she's dead.

*CLICK* Moving on...

There are 2 Drowned in this hall, though we are swimming in ammunition we should probably conserve.

Lure the one on the right toward you.

Once it is away, run past it into the door back there.

This apartment has a MASSIVE basement. What do they use it for?


There is a bloody videotape sitting on the counter, take it.

Something really went down here. I remember seeing a tape player! You remember? The one on the second floor.

Well here it is...

Right just use the tape on the player and

GAH! Stop sneeking up on me like that Faster!

Right... like I was saying...


Isn't that the guy we saw upstairs? It looks like he is torturing a dude...

What is he...?

oh no



Why the hell am I watching a snuff film exactly?

Oh of course! Because the code to the elevator is written in blood on the guy! How couldn't I have known!

*Ruffle ruffle*

*drag drag*

Yeah... I think something is wrong with the developer...

Someone is pounding on the door, begging to be let out... I am getting far away from here.




Bloody: The Game

There are mounds of ammo lying around this place, reload.


A tape in a very dark hallway? Yes please.


HELLO HEllo hello hello

Oh, nothing can go wrong here.


I hate you game. I hate you.

"Sup bro?"


There is a trick to beating Sawer: You shoot him till he kneels down...

...then you stab his eye many times. Rinse and repeat.

So once you kill him...


I told you this game had strong themes!

Dizzy Simon?

Sleepy time.


Justine Beb... wait

The first person I've seen all night; point a gun at them!

The Thing

Your doctor Simon.

Best conversation in the whole game right here.

The awful dialoge, the werid voice acting, it's perfect.

"There are terrible demons... ouch!"

So now you finally notice Simon?

I don't know man, you're the one that has been standing in that corner for 20 minutes.

Well I guess that's logical.

This is unbelievably funny if you know how the game ends.


And so ends the long Chapter 1.

Chapter 2 - Who is that Doctor?

Ah, the Croucher. A formidable foe... NOT.

Battle strategy: Jump on top of.

Melee to death.

The room on the right has a Croucher and a syringe. The room on the left has a Glock clip.

By far the best melee weapon in the game, the Nightstick is slightly slow, but is fairly powerful.

A bunch of Croucher decide to ambush you, they are not very powerful.

Unless of course they look like a bunch of spiders, then eugh.

Right on through to the other si

I don't know the code :c

Maybe this paper has something useful?

Lets call that phone number.

Wait... why are we calling a suicide hotline?

Isn't the town deserted? Who could have picked up O.o



I think there is some The Darkness in my Cry of Fear.


Simon you are the one who decided to call a suicide hotline to get a code for a door.

So there is our number.

Protip: It unlocks the door.

Kind of a strange place...

There is an ecco in here.


Hello that door was open.

*Chainsaw revs*

Right no time for that.

Get ready for the next enemy WOOOO

There's like 4 of these guys here but I skip them all, well, except this last one.

He just walked through a wall man!

They attack by whipping you about the face with their tongue.

Sewmos are seriously a pain.

Door looks fine to me Simon...

This is never answered :c

Keep taking the right path through those tunnels till you reach dry ground, turn left to the door.




A small constuction yard.

Behind the barrel is a ladder.

Uhhh Simon don't!

*SMACK* Nice one, you broke your damn shins.

A Glock magazine and a tape recorder, nice!

Eh not nice NOT NICE

Dats wun purrdy mouf u go deer.

Why do people always lock everything with an electric keypad around Sweeden?

The room on the left sometimes has a Glock magazine. The first door on the right is locked, the second door is open.

This guy almost always catches me off guard.

That door is locked with a rope (somehow...), the rope is apparently soaked in gassoline, so we need to find a way to light it.

"Jeff, welcome to the team! I'm sure your superperior has already gone over the basics, but here's a few things you'll want to know!... 4) ...the combination to the keypad is 279--- 'It's unreadable'"

What we need to do here is enter the 3 numbers we got, then guess the last one.

Small dark places... fun.

The Crawler. They are fast but take forever to attack. If you get hit by one... boy you're slow.

Somehow I don't think the shell would fly out to the right like that... There is a box of shotgun shells on the left, grab 'em.

There is a trick I like to do here...

Peak out from the hole.

Now move back and watch the Slower come to you.

Although of course there is usually the one hiding behind the... what are those? Dumpsters?

Well this is a nasty sight! Uh Simon... don't tell me you're going to...

Yeah of course. That lighter on the left could easily "burn the rope! And beat the whole damn gaaaame!"

There is an easter egg here...

Really Simon?

Don't smoke kids. Just look at Simon here!

"Hah! Dead bodies."

Oh Jeebus. Quick note: Get out the shotgun, it makes things a whole lot easier.

Then you light fire to the gas and, "BURN IT ALL DOWN!"

*BAM* The shotgun is the only weapon that doesn't get rid of the rest of your ammo when you reload, so reload as often as possible with this gun!

We can finally enter the room on the right. There is a key inside.

It is then used back on the door on the right.

The next place we have to go but of course it's locked, why wouldn't it be?

What's with all this water?



Said everyone to EA.

You're the one that bothered Simon in the first place GAH.

"GET ON THE GROUND!" Wait.. wrong game again...

"Sir, you're standing in my spot."

"What is this? 3rd grade? I'M NOT IN YOUR F-CKING SPOT!"

Wha.. Simon how would

*SQUICKSQUICK* There are valves around the room. Turning one of them enough generates a large amount of eletricity (somehow) killing Mace.

"Probably shouldn't have eaten that..."



The saw is in the room across from Mace.

Although a couple of Fasters spawn in once you start heading back.

"Cutting open giant monsters? FUN!"

Hmm... strange....

*BRZZ* Did... did you see something?

I guess it was my imagination.

So the game continues one like normal.

Haha, what an interesting story Mark!

Oh hi Denny!

Oh hi Lisa!

Oh hi Mike!

Oh hi Peter!

Oh hi Steven!

Oh hieh... ugh where am I?

Why's that Mr. Signman?

Kids, don't do drugs. BUT NOW'S A GOOD TIME FOR THEM WOOOO

You need to make a mad dash for the front door and drugs replenish most of your health and stamina.

Maybe it was the drugs...

This line is just as funny as it sounds.

But you will call the police right?

Spoiler Alert: He did.

Somehow I don't think that's it.

Chapter 3 - The City is Not Safe

It's starting to snow a bit.

Cone: The Anti-Cube. Brilliant.

There is a syringe up here if you need it.

This door is locked, take note of that.

So we need to take the subway to get home, that'll be the endgame.

"Rabbits. Everybody loves rabbits."


*SMASH* It kills you in one hit so stay away.

That dark hole past the door on the left there is a vent, go through it.

I see somethi



For some reason people seem to think you have to face these things head on. Just stand to the side and you will never be hit.

This next part can be slightly tricky, 4 enemies swarm you at once.

Just stay back, make sure you have plenty of ammo, and your health is above 75%.

I end up running out of ammo when there's still a couple left.

Once they are all dead, break the board covering the stairs.

HA! The guy on the wall just hit his friend!

This Sewmo starts at the end of the hall. There is also one around the first corner on the right.

Looks like the apartment from earlier...

*Chainsaw revs* Uhhh....



What I am about to do is very dangerous, the Sawrunner is the most powerful mobile enemy in the game being able to kill you in one hit.

If you can get around him you can get back to the door.

Go back through the door where the Sewmos where to trigger a loading point.

When you go back the Sawrunner will despawn and you can go into the room he was in for an M16.

Simon continues along normal.


There is no killing Sawrunner so you have to simply run away.

Someone didn't fix the bike texture :p

The right path has some ammo, straight ahead is where we need to go.

Also... BABEYS

There's another one around the corner so get it too.

Small Cramped Hallways: The Game


I swear, the Faster is the only enemy that does this.

There is also a BABEY in the room where the Faster came from, including an easter egg.


And more BABEYS. When you kill it a Child spawns behind you. The door on the right has some ammo.

Also a Faster spawns behind you.

The door on the right has some more ammo.

I think some thing is wrong with this clock...

Also when you get back out the this room...

this happens

There is 2 Sewmos once you hit these... crawl spaces... I have no idea.

This part of the game really throws all the Babies at you.

There is a little part where you can walk along to get past all this crap.

This is one of the prettiest parts of the game.

There are 4 statues around the park, they correspond to the 4 messages written on this board.

Horse: Up 1, Left 1

Owl: Down 1

Eagle: Right 1, Up 1

Lion: Left 2

The shed door unlocks once all the statues are in place.

There is a key and a Hunting Rifle. The Rifle is only really useful during one part of the game coming up.

Also when you get out of the room.

The key opens up the chainlink fence; if you dropped anything you can go back and pick them up.

The Hunting Rifle is the most powerful weapon in the game, unfortunatly, it isn't very practical making it almost useless. It is VERY useful, however, against the enemy up ahead.

The TL Trading building is locked so we need to find a keycard in Waspet Gardens.

So here is Waspet Gardens, one of the most system intesive areas of the game.


Someone is calling us...


I guess not.

Spoiler: The person calling us is just one the roof above us, the call should be going through.

New Objective: Get on the roof.

The call drops.

I have the max amount of syringes so I use one.

EWW Simon, holy shit man! Is that infected?

There is a lot of Slowers in the Gardens, so try to lure them out and shoot them from the gate.

There is like, 8 Slowers in here and the game may lag a bit depending on your machine.

Well what do you know? The doors are locked! What a surprise. I need a Jill Sandwich.

There is a shovel and a map of the area; the map shows different areas you can dig for ammo.

The key is found behind the bus stop.

Once you get into the building you can finally get up on the roof.

There is some M16 ammo down to the left.

Once you get to the highest part of the roof, the longest and most drawn out cutscenes of the game triggers. It is so very awkwardly acted, and on this 15 year old game engine it isn't any better. Let me some it up in 5 screenshots.






Anyway, the Hunting Rifle does absolutely incredable amounts of damage to Carcass. You can acually excape this fight by jumping down to where the window was when you first got up to the roof, but it changes the ending to the game. I'm going for the best singleplayer ending.


Well... there is the card for the TL Trading building....

Chapter 4 - Drowned in Sorrow

Then we finally find the TL Trading building and enter.

On the right is the exit, on the left is some ammo.


That guy is seriously one of the scariest enemies in the game and he only appears once in the entire game.

Also these are the only steps in the game that won't make Simon trip if he runs on them.

We meet our next new enemy around the corner...

The Suicider. They are the only monsters with guns in the game; they carry Glock 19s.

When they get close enough to you they do as their name implies and give you their gun. Their heads are also massive so it is easy to get headshots.

A common tactic I use is to hide and wait for them to come to me so I never have to expend ammo.

For some reason we need to find a fuse to operate this door.

There is an alley just behind the subway with another Suicider and Slower.

*Chainsaw revs* RAHGHGHH

You better run as fast as you can, the Sawrunner is after you again.

Once you hit the alley flip the switch to close the gate.

Just smack these boards right off the door.

Another one of the prettier scenes in the game, cool down if you need to from the Sawrunner.

There is a jumping section right here, but first...

If you go down the tunnel on the right you can find a VP70. It is a burst-fire pistol and fairly powerful, but I consiter it the most worthless weapon in the game next to the switch-blade.

A Slower crawls around the corner but the VP70 makes short work of him. There are also some babies so watch out for them.

Right, the jumping section. This is fairly straightforward but can be slightly confusing.

On the first platform, turn around and jump up here.

Now right on into the window.

Jump across first, then to the right.

Now up here.

Then finally take the leap to the walk just across from the window.

There is a Suicider in there by the way.

Now finally out the other window.

We are near the college, they probably have a fuse we can borrow.

There is a save over near this bus station.

The front entrence to the college... if we take the fuse these doors won't open will they :(

The side entrence looks like it may open though...

First off we need to take the panel off the fuse box, come to the first room where the classrooms are.

There is a screwdriver where (I'm assuming) the teacher's desk is.

The fuse box is back near the cafe in the wooden door.

Once you use the screwdriver pick you VP70 back up plox.

Because when you go to pick up the fuse....

All hell breaks loose. The Faceless are among the fastest enemies in the game.

Go through the college killing the rest of the Faceless with the VP70. Once that is done go back to the entrence to find the Classroom Key.

The classroom in particular is this one just behind the doorway.

At the back of the classroom is an emergency key for the fire escape.

Head all the way back to the side door to the college, that's the door for the emergency key.

Don't forget to go back and pick up the fuse.

Then from there, we simply backtrack to the subway.

Once you're in the hallway where the Sawrunner was, turn left down the corridor.

You'll run into this guy, take him out, then break the boards on the door.

Place the fuse and you can now go through the door.

So we are finally in the subway ready to get home. Unfortunatly it doesn't seem there are any automated trains around heading for Kirkvile.

It's that thing we saw earlier, stay away!

Hey! I like Spike and Barley... MISTAH MAN!

The Mod Team "Are deadlines wearing you down? Can't find the drive to get the job down?" Symbolism for the people who worked on this game for nearly 5 years.

Cry of Fear is a spiritual successor to a game called Afraid of Monsters. Now look at this poster: Intimidated by Abnormatlities. Brilliant.

You need to cross the station then go through the door back here.

The rooms have some Drowned but they are easy to take care of.

A Drowned may spawn right here so watch out. These two levers activate the eletrically controlled doors. The switch for the door on the other side of the station is only active for a short time, so book it over there when you hit it.

Don't let the stamina meter run out...

So we get inside but... what is that in the corner?

Yeah I guess it wasn't a good idea to keep it on for 4 hours...

A couple of Fasters may attack you in this hall.

I have a feeling I know what this switch does. Acually... of course I know what it does!

Oh yes.


Yous gonna die!

"Well today is not a good day."


Well that's a problem. No more light, and up next is the absolute darkest part of the game.

After clearing out the couple of Flygares that spawned into the map we can go through that door past the Human Flower... and yes, that is what that thing is called.


Are these...?

Oh boy. Ever play Alan Wake? You have just about as much visabillity.

When I said this is the darkest part of the game I wasn't kidding.


You can't hold a flare going up ladders so you have to drop them first.

There is ammo out there... but in the words of Admiral Ackbar, "IT'S A TRAP!"

You will eventually end up at these fans, this one moves slow enough for you to crawl through.

Another enemy is introduced, but they are only in this part of the game. The Citalopram are fast and attack fast; you better shoot fast.


This gate needs to open.

*HOOOONK* What was?

Yeah of course.


What are these trains self aware or something?

We are almost out of the tunnels.

Oh yeah, and scary stuffel wuffles.

When you get out of the tunnels take a left.


I'm pretty sure these trains ARE self aware.

At this point you can drop all your flares.


That crazy doctor!

I doubt that... but then again I know the ending to this game.

"He has a gun? Well now I really should follow him!"

I swear all this WILL be funny when you beat the game.

I think he went through that door.


Shits and giggles?

The battery is for the phone... what? Did the doctor know Simon was following him and purposely put it there?

Oh yes. We need to place 2 fuses here to open the door! Have you ever heard of something so stupid?

Replenish your ammo, save your game, then head across the station and out the automatic doors.

We have 2 options here: Go down Preston Road which will lead back to Ronald Street, or go back to Waspet Gardens. I choose the latter.

After getting 2 Sewmos to break out of a storage area we find out next new enemy....

The Tallers are massive and can absolutely TANK damage. M16 recomended.

After taking down the 3 Tallers and 6 Slowers we can finally move on and break the boards on the doors.

We find ourselves back near Sofie :c

There is a Faster around the corner by the way.

There are some Suiciders on the sidewalk. You should take them out from a distance with headshots.


We meet another new enemy in the Trading building... you can't see from this screenshot but he does exsist. The Stranger does damage the second he sees you so kill him a quickly as you can.

We get ambushed by a few Slowers but the shotgun makes short work of them.

Since I'm out of ammo for it, I drop the shotgun and take the fuse. From there, just backtrack back the exact way you came here and place the fuse.

Now once putting the fuse into the box, we head on down to Preston Road.

There are usually a couple of Suiciders in this tunnel before the bus, watch out!

You should be able to get up on that catwalk to the left of the Taller if your hurry.

"Not so tall now are you? HAHAH!"

In the apartment building head all the way down the stairwell for a surprise.

The Glock Tatical Light is the most powerful light source in the game.

The way you need to go is marked with the little green signs.

Eventually you reach this door; guess where it leads...

Yep, we are back on Ronald Street.

After taking care of 5 Slowers you notice these foot prints.

They lead to that door that was locked earlier.

This is where you use your key.

What proceeds is probably the worst part of the game. There are a MILLION Sewmos in this place, and hardly any ammo.

I end up using a clip and a half of M16 ammo on these guys.

Once you get to the section with the big open room, stick along the right wall and don't stray.

You will hit a ladder and fortunatly that's done for now.

We get back outside and... we're in front of the apartment from Chapter 1.

We need to get into the window that was open earlier.

The side alley on the right has a ladder, but a couple of Slowers burst through the storage area on the right of there.

The ladder is placed against the window.

This place is still flooding... really?

We need to get back down into the basement but it is completely flooded.

This time we can crawl over the trash in the middle of the hallway.

The ladder to get back out is sitting in the middle of the floor in the torture room.

You can now drop this ladder down in front of the window.

Head back up to Floor 2.

There are more bars in the hallway, so we need to take a right through the rooms to where we first got the Glock.

We then get up to the 3rd Floor where... it seems these bars have broken...

Uh oh.... there is only one place to go from here.

This is one bloody ass room.

The fuse should be right here...

Proceed the longest walking section in the game, let me skip that for you.

You eventually reach a door leading out.


The Faceless are pretty easy to take down, just do it fast.

It's the head we saw at the beginning of the game... well I guess they had to reuse it somewhere...

Right, after taking care of the Faceless pretending to play dead, head through the door.

And shit your pants.

Simon falls through the grating, keep moving towards the light.

Ah like I said, it was here after all!

Right then just backtrack back the way you came again. Remember, at the sewer part, stick along the left wall this time.

Once you have both fuses in place, you can finally get through the door.

We get to... what looks like some sort of unused station. There are a handful of Suiciders down here, but just try to get headshots and you'll be fine.

It looks like this wall can be broken, but I need something strong to do it.

"Please stand well clear of the platform and the gates, as the next train is not for public use." Uhhh... they are specifically holding the train on the left for Simon.... that is weird bro.

Oh you have got to be shitting me. We need to bring both fuses from earlier to open this gate. BRILLANT!

The back of the train has a... hammer?


The slegehammer should work on the wall.


Hammer time!

Something looks wrong about this wall...

I don't think they are supposed to curve up like this...

And I sure don't think this is how escalators work either.

What follows are mostly some jumping puzzles.

This part can be slightly confusing though... you need to jump down the middle walkway on the left.

After some more jumping puzzles you reach a door.

We are in a padded room with signs on 4 doors, and a note in the middle.

My Life. "That fateful night, the child lay upon the road, broken. 'Why did you have to walk that way so late, young man? Why did you have to be so foolish?' Dissillusioned and embittered by his parents' words, the child was broken physically, broken mentally. The men in white placed him in the rolling chairs, how he laughed! How he laughed! And so he lived what remained of his life. One day fate smiled upon the child, and so he came upon the implament of his destruction, decisions! Decisions! The outcome was not certain - Pro captu lectoris, habent sua fata libelli."

We need to go through the corresponding doors. "That night he lay upon the road, broken."

"The men in white placed him in the rolling chairs"

"He came upon his implement of destruction."

Have you figured out the plot yet?

Time for the bossfight.

Well okay, it's not really much of a boss fight, as you can't kill the "boss".

The Hangmen will kill you if you get close to them. This whole section is a maze, so the right wall trick should work.

It is easy enough, just don't run around corners and you'll get to the door.

Simon suddenly trips with a Hangman behind him.

You need to have some serious strength to lift yourself up open the door crawl through it then kick it close...

Well you saw it didn't you?


You don't think Simon?

Oh... much will happen before you get home, BUAHAHHAH!!!

Chapter 5 - Leaving This For Good

We take care of some more Suiciders on the way to the fuse box door thingy.

The tape recorder has suddenly dissapeared.... take the fuses. You should have 2 open inventory slots availble, if you don't, drop every weapon execpt the Glock 19 and M16. You don't need the slegehammer.

Then we simply head back through the door where the nightmare sequence was.

Once you get back out the yellow doors, GO STRAIGHT!

When you place both fuses the gate opens.

Simon gets on the train, it is his ride home.

Simon then begins to question everything that has happened that night.


Still more game to go.

The tape recorder is still at the front of the train, including the briefcase that wants it's foot back.

You might as well use the rest of your M16 ammo for this train ride. The Spitters here take 3 M16 shots to take down, you should use the burst fire.

When you get to the back of the train you finally find... the foot...

You are crazy.

It's hard to see from this screenshot but this game is still very beautiful at times.

Simply give the foot back to it's... "owner".

Something's happening with the train...

The train comes sailing out of a tunnel.

And promply derails... this is bad.

Simon hits the deck.

88 miles per hour! Wait... wrong movie...

Where did this cliff come from?!?!

Yeah, I don't think Simon is going to survive this one.

Chapter 6 - It's Not Over Yet

Remember when I said this was the endgame? I LIED!

The train is barely stuck on the side of the cliff that came out of nowhere. To get out we need to do some very quick jumping puzzles.

This isn't too difficult, but you want to hurry, the train WILL fall.



There is some morphine on the ground... really Simon, you need to get that wrist checked out.

There's no way back through the tunnel, we need to get through the forest.

A branch and a lantern. Welcome your two best friends for this next part of the game.

This is simple, follow the lanterns.

You will eventually hit these rocks.

Jump up on them, and cross over the fallen tree.

This forrest is higher than some of those skyscrapers...

There is a tape recorder sitting in the middle of nowhere... BAD BAD BAD.


I'm not going to lie; what follows is one of the hardest parts of the game post 1.6 patch.

In 1.6, the standalone version of the game, the enemy A.I. got a LOT smarter, to the point of downright cheating. The monsters will follow you absolutly relentlessly. What you need to do is, head in the direction of that arrow...

Go into your inventory, use the doorknob on the door, and enter. All while outrunning the Sawrunner, who kills you instantly, and makes absolutely terrifying noises. Remember, don't let Simon's stamina drain all the way, or you will move slower than if you have less than 10% health.

After getting through that painful exercise of reflexes, we get inside an abandoned house...

Another stupid thing about A.I. since 1.6... the monsters can walk through walls... yeah.

The Crazyrunners are fast and attack fast, but they don't do very much damage. Two hits with the stick will take them down.

We need to get both pieces of some scissors... yeah, BOTH. Apparently Simon doesn't know how to cut things with only one half of a scissor.

One piece (the grand line!) is sitting in the upstairs behind the table in the house to the left of the T.V.

The other piece is just behind the T.V. in that house.

You can now cut the rope.

*SMASH* By the way, there is no physics in the GoldSource engine.

Well certainly this means nothing!

Looks like a light back there....

AHHH!! The Hanger does quite an amount of damage, so you do want to watch out for the trees!

Welp, we're out of here.


Why is this here?

You know, I don't like the looks of this.

The door opens by itself...

Somehow I don't think this is how this works.

Right, we need to avoid falling into these doors... Take your time, don't rush it.

When you get to this part, again DO NOT RUSH IT. Try to walk a little slower, while still avoiding getting hit by the doors.

When they are open, press yourself against them.

Once you finally get to the final door... slams open revealing the loudest mother.... This guy is called the Upper. He is the same as a Slower.

Hey, it's the Doctor!

Where is he going? Well I guess that has been the question since this game began...

Oh goodie.


Of course it just happens to be raining! We need to open the shutter to access the upstairs. This requires restarting the generator.

The backdoor is the only way out of this place.

We need a key though...

The generator is way down in the basement.

Ohoho yissss. The flashlight will permanatly replace this stupid lamp.

Welcome the easiest puzzle in the entire game. A lot of people seem to have serious problems with this and I don't know why... When you press a button it moves the one to the right of it. All of the... whatever those things are need to be in the "down" position. The order is always: BC, CD, DE, AB.

The generator restarts.

Looks like some of the lights are on... the shutters are also open.

I don't even have a gun!

"Bowling Alley" maybe?

"Baseketball Court"

AHH! Oh hey, a gun!

There are a couple of Suiciders in the court area, remember to make them come to you.

There is a shotgun in here, but I'll save it for later.

Some ammo and a note in the bowling alley.

"There's something strange about DOCTOR PURNELL." Simon: Doctor Purnell... could it be...

A stranger and a Glock clip.

The Ruger P345. If you have an extra syringe or the shotgun, drop it and pick this up.

There isn't any ammo for it right now, but you need it.

Back on the 2nd Floor and to the right...


Heheh... yeah, sure Simon.

Simon: You got a gun! The guy you shot in the subway, remember?

"There is a new gun in the bowling alley, get it for me."

Doctor Purnell: Good, give it to me right now, it's mine! Then I'll give you the key.


"Now give me the key."

"Now it return, here!" *tosses keys*


Even if we didn't give him the gun this would have happened.

That looks like it hurts a lot :C

The doctor has locked the door he ran into...

The Staff Key stits next to the phone he need to find a number for.

There is some various ammo sitting about this floor, but be careful...

We meet our next new enemies: the Psycho. They move fast and hit fast, make sure you've got some ammo.

The Staff Quarters is just across the hospital on the 2nd Floor.

Not much here... there is a chair set up with a lamp pointed at it though...

This syringe may come in handy though... *SLAM*


The door eventually opens...

Looks like part of a tablet... it's missing the other half.

I wonder where...


This game is relentless with enemy placement.

We can jump out the window on the right.

The next part of the tablet is directly underneath where we jumped out.

But first, sneaky sneaky Psycho.

Combining the 2 pieces and headed back to the phone, we get the number: 51177816



It's ringing from across the hospital...

"The call is coming from the house!" Anybody else see that movie?

Sombody sitting in a wheelchair... seems... kinda familiar somehow...

We head back up to the upmost floor and enter the code.

Shit's about to down. "You're dead!"

While the voice acting throughout the game has been mixed, Stig's voice acting starts to get really good about here. Simon sounds REALLY pissed off.

And so begins the longest fight in the game. We have to whittle down Purnell's health a little at a time with every bullet weapon we have (2).

He finally goes down.

Simon, still completely enraged, curbstomps the doctor's head.

That look on his face.

Chapter 7 - Only Safe at Home

The key goes to the back door. Remember that?

Simon still needs to get home though... I think I see a house at the other end of this lake...

This is by far the coolest scene of the game, the music, the atmosphere, it's all perfect.

Very ominous...

Prepare yourself, there is some ammo and health here.

There are probably some monsters down that staircase.

*SMASH* Told you!

After battling some Sewmos, begins the swimming section of the game.

Once you reach this part, go down the right path.

You want to drop one of your guns here next to the door.

A key and an unopenable door... hmmm....


After unlocking the door with the key you can pick your gun back up.

Is that...?

Oh yes, fresh air!

Kirkvile is pretty simple, shoot everything that moves. You can stop caring about being conservative with ammo; expend it all :D

Oh yeah, you can duel wield pistols by the way... I never did it because it was never really useful.

HAHA! It's the endgame for realz.

Oh right... mom, I forgot about her...


Simon's mother doesn't seem to be home...

He heads up to his room. (Does this place look familiar?)


Figured out the plot yet?

The entire game was the plot to a book Simon started writing after he became paralyzed for life in a car accident. Already an emotional mess, he contemplated suicide for a very long time. He picks up the gun to blow off his own head...

When the character we have been playing the entire game bursts into the room.

Simon heads off to face his own inner demons.

Simon's mind is very twisted.

We fight Book Simon in 4 different forms. This time he has a pistol. Whenever Book Simon shows up, load him full of lead; when he dissapears again, reload. Don't worry, you will have enough ammo.

When he shows up a second time, he has a shotgun.

On the 3rd time, he has the donator only weapon: the MP9. It's fully automatic :c

"This is the final battle!"

Books Simon comes at you with the Sledgehammer, he'll kill you in a couple of hits, so make those bullets count!

Thanks for reading everybody, it was a lot of fun and frustration!

If anybody is wondering, here are my statistics for this walkthrough... not the greatest.

Alternate Ending! If you didn't fight Carcass and/or didn't give Purnell the gun ending 1, 2, or 3 triggers. This time Simon puts the gun to his head and pulls the trigger.

Chapter 8 - My Life Ends Here

While mostly straightforward, Chapter 8 is pretty messed up.

When you get to this part, take the left.

Now at the point where the path bends down, jump straight ahead.

When the path bends down again, turn right to find another path.

If this isn't metaphorical for anything, I don't know what is.

It's a jumping puzzle made out of books where Simon has scribbled: SUICDE over and over.

It's time for Simon to really die.

Sick Simon sits protected behind a cage, his last defence to keep himself from commiting suicide.

You need to dodge the various boxes and wood planks that Sick Simon throws at you, or Book Simon takes damage.

When you dodge enough times, the sides of the walls come down, revealing a bunch of Faceless.

One of them has a valve for a head.

When the Faceless are all dead, take the valve and stick it into one of the slots in the corner of the room. Rinse and Repeat.

When this has been done 4 times, the gate raises up, leaving Sick Simon open. What happens next is pretty messed up so I'm not even going to show it. Let's put it this way, Book Simon beats the ever living shit out of Sick Simon before choking him, ending the game.

Easter Egg - Heaven

Back at that first hallway from the beginning of the game, there was a door on the left we couldn't open. It's now unlocked.

If you have unlocked anything here, they will show up on the tables.

There's also a little closet for the different costumes you've probably unlocked.

What's up with that painting anyway?

"What the... it's addressed to me... Hmmm... should I take it?"

We now have the Weird Package, continue the game as normal.

Back just before the school we can drop off the package.

There is a very curious mailbox to the left next to the bus stop.

*clink!* Continue the game as normal.

The next event occurs at the house.

There's that package...

"What's in the box!?!? WHAT'S IN THE BOX!?!??!"

Oh... no Simon don't...

Oh great, we are in the nightmare sequences from Afraid of Monsters :C

There was SO MUCH JUMPING in Afraid of Monsters. It doesn't help that jumping in this game wears down your stamina.

After getting past that madness... "Follow the RED."

We need to follow that exactly. If you don't, you die. Also be careful...

If you go too fast that happens. Fall down there, you die. Afraid of Monsters was a lot less forgiving than Cry of Fear.

AHH! The Twitchers are the first enemies you met in AoM.

After getting past the ladder, there is a path on the right where you can get David's Axe. Unfortunately I believe you have to get all 4 endings to get it first.

If you have done that... the code is: 26, 16, 4, 17, 49, 2, 32, 45, 12, 23. I haven't :c

After a screamer...

The game throws a battalion Twitchers at us.

GRAGHH. More jumping puzzles D:

Just like in AoM, the pills will heal you.

The button opens up the cage in that room before.

There are cages all around, just jump to the nearest cage to you.

Believe me, AoM was just as messed up as CoF.

Again, in 1.6 the enemies can run through walls.

They can sneak up on you like this >:|

After saving and climbing a ladder, "Follow the RED."

You end up near some sort of... Silent Hill inspired area...?

This was already one of the hardest parts of AoM. Hope you brought lots of guns and ammo :p

The game throws many MANY Twitchers at you, in waves. If there is only one monster and you need to reload, do so first.

We get some pills and LOTS of these guys.

Like I said, CoF is forgiving...

I am absolutely surrounded >:[

"What's wrong with youuur faaace?"

After that's all done, FOLLOW THE RED or something

A light at the end of the tunnel...

What is that?

It's fading...

Wait a second...

what the shit


My exact reaction to this... hey! We've come full circle!

You always were man.

And so ends Cry of Fear for realsies, I like to think this is cannon. See you next time.

Again for any one wondering, here are my statistics. Little better this time, not an S rank.

I unlocked the Camera of Death for beating the game under 2 hours 30 minutes. It instantly freezes monsters in their place. "Can you find the rest?"