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Beginning - Main Menu

Click Campaign,then New Campaign.

If its your first time Recommended will be RECRUIT.

And its Recommended you do the ingame intro Tutorial


Follow your crew on to the enemy.

When you are shown to press X select your silencer from Barrel.

Only walk or crouch in Cloak Mode it keeps it from draining too fast.Go down and clear the area of enemies.

Search for a primary weapon dropped from the enemies.

Equip your Silencer and Reflex Sight on your primary weapon.

Proceed to the checkpoint and unlock the door.

When you get your bow,Press X and equip STRONG DRAW RATE for alot of power and funny ragdolls.You also have some other type of arrows and remember to recollect your arrows.

Proceed to clear out the area and move to the next checkpoint.

When you cleared you will run over a bridge and to your left will be a window.aim at it and press B and the F to hack the door.

Time correctly as you only get a limited time.

Resupply from these boxes.

Keep your eye on the enemies positions as they easily try to flank you.

Move on to your next objective.

You can use your visor (B) to lock on to enemies positions and keep it there for easy location.

When you get to the turret just run back and hack it.

Follow Psycho into your next area.

Take the upgrade node from the wall.

Press H and choos your upgrade.

Welcome To The Jungle

Just when you go right outside you will see a mine field just hack the field and proceed.

Watch out for that tower.

Go Cloak and silently move behind any object that out of the tower's sight."TIP"When the tower spots you,Go Max Armour (Q) and sprint to another safe area and then quickly go Cloak and move to another point then proceed"

When you seached all the points go to the back and jump off and you will find your weapon.

Take out those 3 guns on the tower.

Right after you took out the guns of the tower,There is another minefield.Then proceed to clear the area and follow the objective.

Follow Psycho into the room and jump down into the sewers.

Just follow the path of the sewers.

There is another Turret when you come out of the pipes.

When you have to jump to Psycho,Sprint and hold in space.

Jump over the wreckage and proceed left through a walkway,Then go open the door at the end.

Watch out for these stalkers.Max armor when you get to them.

Proceed upward after you killed all the stalkers.

Resupply and move up the stairs.

When you get to the enemies look for two turrets that are up high about in the middle of the area and hack them.

Proceed to the back and go up the stairs.

Head up to the line and attatch to glide out of the building.

Resupply and on the flat container is a heavy weapon.

Don't jump down yet, Look off into the distance in the middle of the area is a glowing object head to it and disable it.

Regroup with Psycho and get on that AGL.

after you are done killing the stalkers Hold in V to detach the weapon.

Follow Psycho down the path.

Follow Psycho up the railway and help him to push down the TrainCart.

Shoot Enemies as you go down.

The Root Of All Evil

Follow Psycho up and get to the supplies.

When you get to where the helicopter is shoot some enemies from above then proceed left.

On the bottom right of the Dam is an entry point which you can get to,Go there and go up.

When you get out on the Dam be sure to look for a heavy weapon after your first generator shutdown.

Head into this building and go down to shut down one of those generators.

Head down to shutdown the generator.

In the middle there is another turret.

Look out for a chopper.

Run a bit forward and look for one of these HMG's and detach it.

Shoot down the Chopper with the HMG.

Then proceed to the next generator.

Head down the stairs and go place the explosives.

Follow the river until you get to your objective's location .

There is a turret just where CELL stands.

Head RIGHT, around the building until you find a dropdown.

Jump down and head on into the pipes,Watch out for the lazers

head up the stairs and take the elevator down.

Head left and go Restore the objective.

Return and go right to activate the crane.

Jump on the pipes then the crane that moved.

Then Sprint Hold space and restore the next objective.

Take out the turrets to the right and return to the lift.

Safeties Off

Run through the paths to you objective.

"Get to the zipline and continue into the building.

Look for a pool table and open the door behind it.

Continue off to the cheph disruptor.

Watch out for these incinerators use electrics on them.

head off into the building just close by.

Try to avoid the incenirators with Cloak as you progress.

About 125m from the objective you head into a building.

You should have found supplies,Then head off and go to the cell building.

Go right when you reach the cell building.

Use the panel to lower the stairs next to it and get to Psycho.

Follow Psycho down.

Red Star Rising

Run over this broken tower just to the left.

Restock on ammo.Then fight on to the objective.

After you interacted,Pick up the PINCH RIFLE laying on the ground and just keep shooting.

Once you cleared the area there will be a BIG ceph alien that breaks through.Shoot him from a distance with the PINCH RIFLE.

After you killed the BIG ceph alien progress through were he came through.

Run past the buildings just straight on and jump off 2 edges.

You will then find a building on the corner enter it and move up.

Head out the building and get into the Buggy

Continue in the buggy to the next objective.

Ride over the broken bridge.

when you come across enemies get out the buggy and fight the path.

To your left should be an entry where you can go in.

When you get out,just below you is a red Triangle shaped Node-System open it.

After you opened it go down and to the left is another buggy.

Now this buggy also fires missiles when you see an enemy hold in the fire button to lock onto them.

Ride through 2 broken ships and watch out after the 2nd broken ship there is an enemy Light Armored Vehicle.

Ride down into the crater and fight those two massive cephs with the buggy.

Get out of the buggy and go to the left of the bridge and then go up the stairs.

There should be a control pad there to open the bridge.

Ride on until you find a bug broken pipe,Ride through the pipe to your next objective.

When you get to a broken down LAV get out and jump over it.

Run off to the rightside of the building then take a left..

Take a right and go to the objective.

There is a broken pipe,go throught the pipe.

Run to the right and continue right to the objective.

There is a turret about when you are 30m from the target,go hack it.

Just infront of the objective are some R.E.X. Charges take em and go blow up the objective,Remember don't jump off yet.

Go to the next objective and when the bridge pulls up run up the stairs just infront of the bridge and there will be a Control Pad and lower the bridge.

Head on to the door and unlock it and go in.

Only Human

Head to the blocked path and kick through the blockage.

After you took out the first defence go and take out the one on the right next.

Look out for the Ceph chopper if you fo out.

After you took out the second one go to the third and look for a tunnel kick the path clear and move through the tunnel.

Make sure to have a Rocket Launcher for these massive ceph aliens.

Head up to the right and go forward up the path.

Go left and rup up to the defence located to the left.

Clear out the area so Psycho can go land.

Head up to the VTOL and get in.

There are enemies flying around kill them quickly before they hurt you and take you down.

Then use the launcher to take out the enemies.

Return to the VTOL

When you get out watch out for this boss.Shoot those flying things around him and Shoot him in the head.

Look for these nodes and Power Up The Nano Suit.

He will pick you up and just tap space repeatedly.Now really aim for the middle where his weak spot is.

He will pick you up one more time and you will kill it.

Continue down into the building.

Gods And Monsters

Crouch under the car and kick the blockage out of the way.

Run over the path

Crouch under the metal.

Run down where the water is and just jump all the way down the stream.

Head up the path.

Hack the mines and turrets.

Make your way up to that core.

Look just before the core is a Reaper cannon.

Head into the core .

Clear the area and head up the path.

Restock here.

Move down to the next core.

Go right and go into the core.

Return and take the left path up.

the next core is just up-right the lower path.

Head down and go to the next objective.

Head into this beam.

Jump on that ledge there.

Shoot it in its eyes and take cover where you can.

Watch out when it starts to spin its head RUN!

When those areas are glowing like that shoot them.

It will pick you up and tap space repeatedly.

Hack these disabled turrets when the enemies come.

And look for these power up nodes too.

When you took out all 3 red areas just shoot the bow when it comes closer.Don't wait too long.

You are in space now.You must take out the mothership.

Use your walk keys to steady and aim then shoot the mothership in the red area.

Congratulations you are finished.