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Delta Force: Black Hawk Down Walkthrough Mission #1 - Marka Breakdown

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The mission will start off in a village.

Protect the convoy against enemy technicals as you make your way to the rest of the convoy which has broken down.

After reaching the rest of the convoy, you are going to get attacked by more enemies. Use your .50 caliber machine gun to take them out quickly and defend the convoy.

Once you've dealt with all the enemies, get off the .50 caliber machine gun and meet up with the rest of your team at the place indicated on the mini-map.

After meeting up with your teammates, follow them to the enemy command post.

Take out all the enemies at the command post.

After taking out all the enemies at the command post, get on the friendly helicopter.

You will have to use the mounted minigun and protect the convoy from the enemy technicals.

The mission will come to an end once the convoy has reached the town.