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Delta Force: Black Hawk Down Walkthrough Mission #3 - River Raid

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You will start the mission in a helicopter, on your way to the town.

After getting out of the helicopter and making it into the town, head over to the weapons warehouse.

Once you've made it to the weapons warehouse, eliminate all the enemies inside.

After eliminating all the enemies inside the warehouse, head inside and retrieve the documents.

Once you've retrieved the documents, get on the truck which is going to be parked behind the warehouse.

The truck will take you to rendezvous with the support team. However, on your way there you are going to get attacked by some enemy technicals. Shoot the vehicles to blow them up and get rid of them.

Shortly after dealing with the enemy technicals, the truck will come across a mine field. You will have to make it past the mine field to the support team on foot.

You will have to make your way along the white wood sticks.

Once you've made it to the rest of the team, proceed down in Deka.

After reaching the town, fight your way to the docks.

Destroy the boat that is transporting weapons and don't let it get away.

The mission will come to an end after destroying the boat.