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Delta Force: Black Hawk Down Walkthrough Mission #4 - Gasoline Alley

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The mission will start off on an alley. You are going to be using the .50 caliber machine gun once again.

Shortly after joining the convoy, you are going to get attacked by the enemy. Use your .50 caliber machine gun to take out the enemies and protect the convoy against the RPGs wielders.

Once the convoy has made it safely to the perimeter area, you will have to make your way to the garage marked on the map.

After reaching the garage, take out all the enemies inside.

Once you've dealt with all the enemies inside the garage, an enemy vehicle is going to crash through the garage door; destroying it. You will have to use the .50 caliber machine gun inside the garage to defend your position against attacking enemies until the convoy arrives to help you out.

When the convoy has arrived, plant two satchel charges inside the garage and head outside to the convoy.

The mission will come to an end after destroying the enemy vehicles inside the garage.