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Tip of the Spear Welcome to Delta

Gears of War 2 is a rail shooter. The game is on rails. Through almost all of it there is only one way to go, so I'm going to say continue forward a lot
instead of talking about which direction you need to go. I'll throw in a couple screenshots here, to display the movie quality of the game.

At the start of this chapter you will be asked if you want to skip training or not. Do the training if you need it. Nothing really happens there. You get
a couple extra grenades and they teach you how to fire your weapon and stuff.

Tip of the Spear Desperation

Through this game you will be prompted to hit the Y button. Doing so will center your screen on the direction you need to go, or something you need to do.
Hit Y, you will see that it points you at a set of doors. After you are through the doors you will meet one of your buddies, follow him.
You will eventually come to a balcony overlooking a large court yard.
In the center of the court yard are some tanks that you can blow up when enemy appear. Grab some cover and wait for them to arrive.
Wait for the grubs to cluster around the tanks in the center of the court yard, and then let them have it.
When they are all dead, follow your friends to the next court yard.
Walk to the left, and two more grubs will appear. Take them out.
Continue forward.
Once again two more grubs will appear. Some kind of friendly chopper will take those grubs out, and your two friends will go down a different hallway. Continue forward.
You will come to a room with two grubs inside of it. Go in to the room grab some cover, and take those grubs out.
There's another grub hiding in the hallway out of this room with a couple of grenades. Kill him and grab the grenades. Continue forward.
You will come to another room with a couple of grubs in it. Take them out, and you will join back up with your friends.
Continue forward.
You will come to an ammo box by a door. That lets you go outside of the building.
There are a couple more grubs in the court yard here. Start taking them out.
Half way through this battle a Reaver will come in to the middle of the court yard, fire some shots, and the jump away.
Finish off the grubs in the court yard and then pick up the ammo box on the other side of it. Go through the door close to the ammo box.
You will meet a couple more grubs in yet another room. Take them out and keep moving forward.
You will come to a rather large room with two more grubs in it. When you have taken them out, move to the very end of the large room.
Two grubs will appear on a balcony above you. Walk up there and take them out. There is a box of ammo hidden on the top of the balcony. Continue forward.
You will come to a door that Jack needs to open.
When this happens grubs will hit you from both sides.
They will come from one side at a time, so they are pretty easy to take out. When they are gone, Jack will open the door.
As you move forward, your rookie will be waiting in the hallway for you. Okay, now it's time to go outside.
There are a ton of grubs out here this time.
Go to your left and down in to the street. Start taking out grubs. Move forward as you take them out.
You will eventually come to a barricade with a bunch of grubs behind it.
If you go to your left you will see a small window you can jump through. Crouch under the window and then
pressing forward to see the option of jumping through it.
You can travel through this area to get behind the grubs that are behind the barricade. Keep moving forward, when you have killed those grubs.
You will encounter a couple more grubs dodging behind the trucks as you move forward, and then get a large cut scene to end this section.

Tip of the Spear Rolling Thunder

You start this section off riding Betty, a vehicle for the gears.
If you look around there is a ramp that leads up to a heavy gun on a turret. Get on that gun.
Your job is to take out the mortars that are being sent your way. If you fail to do this you will be forced off to cliff to a fiery death.
After you take out the mortars, you will see a bunch of reapers heading your way.
One will start attacking Betty from her left side. Use the heavy gun on it to take the reaper out.
Betty breaks down from all the damage she's taken from the mortars and reapers. It's time for Dizzy to fix her.
You get to defend Dizzy while he makes the required repairs.
Go over to the barricades and get ready for a bunch of grubs.
There will be two emergence holes right in front of you.
After the second emergence hole appears, another friendly vehicle will appear. They will swing the balance of the fight in to your favor.
The grubs will try to flank you by climbing the ledge to the right. So take them out when they get up there. There will be quite a few grubs up on the ridge.
Keep taking them out until Dizzy says Betty is ready to go. When he says that a bunch of grubs will appear.
Run straight for Betty's ladder and climb on board. There are a couple ammo boxes and some grenades near Betty. You
might want to pick them up on your way. You should once again be riding Betty.

Tip of the Spear The Big Push

Betty is rolling through an area that is about to erupt with grubs.
The grubs have grappling hooks and can climb up on to the deck.
Another vehicle has been overrun with grubs, and will end up coming right alongside Betty.
Grubs will jump from that vehicle on to Betty. The troops that are with you will end up taking them out.
The best thing for you to do is to run up and get on the main turreted gun.
Use this gun to take out as many grubs as possible, before they make it on to Betty.
You need to take out the driver of the rig that is next to you. Betty will eventually crash in to the glass that is protecting that driver and break it.
Use the turreted gun to take the driver out. The other rig will be forced off of the cliff.

The next section is full of Brumacks, creatures that look like large trolls with guns on their backs. The first one will appear to your left.
Hit it as often as you can in the head. Always shoot these things in the head, as those shots do the most damage.
The first one will square off against another friendly vehicle.
Another one of the Brumaks will appear aiming right at Betty.
Sink as many shots as possible in to it. It will eventually die.
Further down the path a large hole will open up on the ground. A Corpser, a creature that looks like a huge
spider, will spring from it. When it lifts up its legs shoot it in the head a couple times to make it run away.
Further down the path will be another troll directly in your way.
Shoot it's head to take out its eyes. That way it cannot fire at you.

Tip of the Spear Road Blocks

Road Blocks. Well we'll see about that.
There is a door you can kick in directly ahead. There is plenty of ammo scattered around here, so fill up.
The area up ahead is completely infested with tickers. These little creates are like walking land mines.
Luckily it only takes a couple shots to take them out.
If one gets too near you, it will start to shake. Just run away from it to avoid damage.
Make your way forward while taking out every ticker that comes your way.
Walk outside of the room you are in, and across the street. There is a path that takes you behind a building and then back out in to the road.
You will have to cut through some boards that are barring your way to get back in to the road.
Once that is done you will be rushed by a bunch of tickers, so grab some cover. When the tickers are gone Betty will be able to move up. Continue onward.
At the top of the path you will be pinned down by two gun turrets and a bunch of grubs.
I position myself behind the right most barricade and take out as many grubs as I can.
Once the grubs have been thinned out, concentrate your fire on the gun turret on the roof in front of you.
When that gun has been taken down and the other grubs have been shot, a couple of vehicles will come up and take out the last gun turret.
Refill your ammo, and then follow the rest of your troops over a nearby wall.

Great a tunnel where you can't see the tickers that are coming at you.
Dizzy will eventually turn on the lights so you can at least see a couple feet in front of you.
You can barely see the tickers at all, but you sure can see the dust that their feet stir up.
Put shells in to anything that moves, and you shouldn't have any problem taking out these tickers.
Slowly crawl your way forward as you are taking out tickers.
About half way through you will have to enter a side tunnel.
Two tickers will attack in that side tunnel. After that you will be back in the main tunnel taking out tickers as they appear.
Eventually the tunnel will get lighter, until you can see again.
When this happens a reaper will appear at the tunnel exit. Take the reaper out by empting clip after clip in to its head. It will eventually fall, and the tunnel will be clear.

There are mortars being fired at your current position, and Dizzy will not leave the tunnel until the mortars are taken out.
Here you are given an option, you can choose to proceed through a Hotel, or over a rooftop.
I always figure a hotel will be a little bit safer than a roof top when it is raining mortars.
When you enter the hotel you will encounter a single grub.
Past that grub is a door that opens on to a balcony with three more grubs on it. Take out the grubs you encounter. There will be several ammo boxes scattered about.
If you look outside you will see the other team of gears taking out grubs on the roof top.
Give them a hand by sending some bullets in to the grubs as the hide. Continue forward when they have been taken out.
There are two grubs in the next room.
When they have been taken out go outside, and kill the grub that is on the balcony there.
Grab one of the large guns laying about. A Brumak will appear from the tunnel.
Use the weapon you just picked up to take it out. That might take a couple of shots.

Tip of the Spear Digging In

Well we get to protect the drill rigs, while they get to ready to send us to china.
Go up the ramp and take over the turreted gun.
Use it to take out the grubs that come out of the emergence hole. Stay on that turreted gun until you hear someone say something about boomers.
When you hear the word boomers, leave the gun and go down to the main deck.
Pick up one of the large guns there and start laying waste to the grubs.
Eventually there will be a couple Reavers that appear.
You can hit the Reavers with the large gun by holding the trigger down longer to adjust its range.
Otherwise, you can take out the Reavers using your standard weapons. When you are done with that this section will be over.

Denizens Scattered

Well you've made it in to the grubs network. Let's see what kind of havoc we can cause down here.
It looks like Carmine, the rookie, also made it down here. It's time to go find him.
Pick a path and walk forward. You will see grind lifts dropping in all around you. Just keep moving forward and looking for Carmine.
You will eventually come to some roots that you have to cut through.
On the other side of those roots you will see a bunch of grubs attacking Carmine.
Take them out and then go up to Carmine's grind lift.

You need to create a path through the wall here to get to where you need to go. There is a broken grind lift laying on its side, and you want to use it to cut a path through the rock.
Jack needs time to fix the grind lift and you will have to defend him while he works on it.
There are three or four emersion holes that will open up while Jack is working on the grind lift.
Take out the waves of grubs that come your way.
About half way through the battle tickers will start to appear. If you can hit them while they are still close to the grubs, they will take
a lot of them out.
When you've cleared all the grubs the grind lift will work and cut a path forward. Just walk up to it and hit X to activate it.

There's a squad of troops being attacked on the other side of the tunnel you just created.
Run to them and help them take out the grubs and tickers that are attacking them.
Close to the end of the battle two boomers will show up. Take them down as quickly as you can, because they can do some damage with those big guns.

Ahead is a really dark area. Some wretches will attack in this area.
Wretches are very small creatures who are pretty fast. They swing at you quickly, and die just as fast.
Wretches are all about hand to hand combat. The only thing that makes them difficult in this area is that you can't see them while you are standing in the dark.
Run from lighted globe to lighted globe. That way you've at least got some light, so you can target them.

Denizens Indigenous Creatures

Okay we've encountered the stone worms. They eat the red glowing plants that are growing down here.
Shoot the orb so that it falls, and the worm will move to eat it. Basically every time you see an worm, there will be orbs nearby. Now continue on your way.
There is another worm and fruit up here. Shoot the fruit so that the worm moves out of your way. Stay away from the
worms head, because it will attack you, if you get close to its head.
Your troops will split up to attack a grub barricade. There's a gun emplacement up ahead. Take it out as quickly as you can.
Once it is down the other grubs will fall easily. There will be a worm that comes out of the wall.
Use it for cover as you approach the gun emplacement. When the grubs are all dead, refill your ammo, and then climb the nearby ladders.
Up ahead, there will be another worm. Grab some cover behind it, because there is going to be a grub hole that opens up.
Take out all of the grub that come out of the hole, and then continue onward.
There are some snipers up ahead. Grab some cover and take the snipers out as you go.
After you take out the first two snipers, you will see a worm appear. Grab the sniper rifle, you will use it in just a bit.
Take cover behind the worm and work your way across the bridge. Keep throwing shells at the grubs across the chasm.
On the far side of the bridge you are on, you will see an explosive container you can hit to take the grubs out, if they are not already dead. The worm will move
along the bridge, so you will have cover on the way across.
After you have finished those grubs off, your team will split up. Go to the left.
You will see some grubs moving down below. Take out as many as you can with your sniper rifle. Then continue up the path.
You will eventually come to a large barricade area totally overrun with grubs. There are two gun
emplacements here.
Use your sniper rifle to take out one of the gunners.
Then move forward, and take out the rest of the grubs hiding behind the barricades.
When you do that a Reaver will appear. Take the Reaver out by shooting it in the head. There are some large doors that are about to open.
Go to the gun emplacement, and get ready to man it. Take out the wretches that come towards you, then man the gun emplacement.
Use the gun emplacement to take out the two boomers. Refill your ammo, and move forward through the doors that opened.
There's a smaller grub barricade up ahead. Take out the grubs, and then jump on the gun emplacement.
You will see a large group of grubs besieging some gears down below. Use the gun to root out the grubs.
Then continue on down the path.

Denizens Disturbing Revelations

Walk forward.
You will come to a place that looks vaguely like some kind of temple.
There is a locust that looks like a priest up on the catwalk above.
Shoot him until he comes out the doorway below.
Use your sniper rifle to shoot him until he dies. When he dies the grubs that are assisting him will run away.
There is a red glowing fruit on the ceiling. You can shoot it to have a worm come out, if you need more cover.
I don't really bother with that. I just take down the main guys. Go through the doors that the priest and he wretches came out of.

You will be asked which path you want to take. I chose the left path.
There are some red fruit you have to shoot, I think there were three of them. I would assume that they are to bring
worms out for your comrades below.
Once you do that you will face a ton of wretches.
I just fire up the chain sword on your gun, and take them out. They are pretty easy, and they can't hit you when you are chain swording one of their fellows.
When all the wretches are eliminated, pull the lever next to the door to open it.
There is a guy beyond the door that you will need to use your sniper rifle to take out. Alternatively you can wait for Dom to chain sword him when he gets to there.
Go down the ramp.
Take out the guy manning the gun emplacement.
There's another one of those flippy preachers along with a bunch of other grubs behind the barricades further down the path. Use your sniper rifle to take out as many of them as you can.
When the main guy dies, the doors will open up revealing some more grubs, along with a boomer. Use your sniper rifle to take the boomers head off. Finish off the grubs however you see

Denizens Sinking Feeling

Continue forward down the path.
You will see a collapsing building falling from above.
You will come upon a couple of grubs along with a Bloodmount. The Bloodmounts are really dangerous. Stay away from
the front of them.
I usually attack them from cover, and hope they don't come around or over what I'm hiding behind. Just ignore the grubs and concentrate on Bloodmount until it is dead.
Then finish off the grubs.
After you take out the first Bloodmount, there will be a second one. Take the second one down, and finish off the grubs that came with it.
As you go further down the path, a Reaver will attack you. Take him out by shooting it in the head.

Continue on down the path. You will see a bunch of grubs coming down some stairs.
They will fire at you from across a gorge that they cannot cross.
Shortly after battle starts a Reaver will appear and attack you. Take out the Reaver. Then finish off the grubs on the far side of the gap.
When they are all dead a way across will magically appear.

Proceed on to the choppers crash site. Just like Cole said you will be ambushed here.
Grab some cover, and start taking out grubs.
Cole will show up when you've killed enough grubs, and finish the rest of them off.

You'll start walking towards what looks to be tombstones of a graveyard. Take cover behind the tombstones.
A Reaver will drop in and start attacking you. Why do they always focus on you
and ignore the other members of your squad? Ah well, shoot it in the head until it is dead.
As you walk further up the graveyard you will encounter a couple of grubs.
Next you will start to see some tickers coming your way. There is a bridge at the top of the graveyard.
When you cross it you will see one of those enemies that likes to flip away from your bullets. I've called them priests in the past.

Denizens Captivity

The grubs have been taking your people captive. It's time to get a couple of them back.
Continue forward you will find a gear named Baird stuck in a cage.
Move forward a little further and you will find a couple grubs with a boomer. Take out the grubs and then work on the boomer.
Board the beast barge.
Shortly after you board the beast barge, a boomer will come down on a lift from above. Grab some cover and take him out.
Then use the lift to go up a level.
Flip the switch to open the cell doors on this level. Go up another level.
You will find two grubs up here.
When you have taken them out, a Reaver will appear. If it hangs around long enough, take it out.
There is another switch close to the center of the platform you are on. Flip the switch to put the beast barge in to motion.

Eventually your beast barge will crash in to another beast barge. When it does board it, and start taking out the grubs on top of that beast barge.
Once they are done, go to the next level down. Flip the switch in the middle of this platform to release the prison cell doors.
You will get a large cut scene about Tai. After the cut scene, you will be back on the bottom deck.
Grab some cover because there will be quite a few grubs rushing you. When the ramp to the beast barge comes down, run up it.
Start taking out grubs as you can.
There is a boomer up here. Take him down, and then continue on your way.
Eventually you will come to another priest. Keep moving forward.
As you start to head down you will face a group of grubs.
There will be a couple of Bloodmounts that come with them. As always, kill everything in sight.

As you move forward you will come to another Bloodmount and a priest. Take them down and continue ever onward.
You will come to an area that looks like a burning city, and encounter a couple of grubs here.
As you move forward you will encounter another group of grubs.
They will be reinforced by a Bloodmount and a Reaver.
Keep moving forward. You will find two more grubs.
As you continued forward there will be another set of three grubs, with a couple of reinforcements. Go up the stairs of the building you are going to be using as a landing zone.
You will be rushed by grubs from all sides, with the occasional priest. So find a comfy spot and settle in.
When you've killed enough of the grubs, a chopper will show up and evac you out. Well it will try to evac you out anyways.
The chopper actually gets eaten by the giant worm.

Denizens Intestinal Fortitude

Ah great. We are stuck in a giant worm.

You need to avoid all the teeth. Time the first couple of teeth, so you run through them before they chomp.

You will come to large series of teeth that are chomping at different intervals. All you have to do, is to just run through them. Do not stop running.
If you stop running you will stand up and die. So just keep running and they will not hit you. It's not a matter of timing. Just keep running as you go through this group of teeth.

The next series of teeth have gaps big enough for you to fit in between them. So just wait until a tooth is starting to open, and then run through.
Then wait for the next tooth to open. Then run through. So on and so forth until you are beyond that set of teeth.

A little bit further on you will see a bunch of green creatures erupt from a hole in the ground. Kill them before they reach you. You'll get a cut scene about Carmine.
After the cut scene, Cole pisses off the worm. Stuff is moving inside of the worm, and you are going to have to run as fast as you can to get away from it.

Run down the path away from what's coming at you. Be sure to avoid the little white spikey things that line the side of the path.
Eventually you will come to something that looks like a giant butt hole. Shoot it to open it. Then run through.
Once again run down the path, staying away from the spikey things.
Next you will come to a membrane that you have to saw open with your chain sword.
Further down the path is another butt hole looking thing. Shoot it to open it.
Keep running down the path.
When you see your troops stop, look up. You will see a car. Shoot the car to make it fall. It will create a path across the white spikey things.
Now continue onward. You will come to one more membrane you need to cut. Cut it and you will be past this part.

Welcome to the worms stomach. You will see some sacks hanging from the ceiling. They spew green acid.
If you shoot them, they will stop spewing green acid. When they stop, you will have enough time to run by them.
If you are low on ammo, take the path to the right. There is some ammo there. Then come back and start down the main path.
There are a whole series of acid nozzles. Just keep shooting them and moving forward.

Next you will come to a green misted area. It's hard for you to breathe in this stuff, so taking the right direction is pretty important.
At the first fork take a right.
At the next fork in the path take a Left.
You will come to an area that has three branches. Take the one in the middle.
You should be able to see a fairly well lit area now. Make your way to that area.
It's pretty much straight ahead.
You will find a membrane to saw through in this area. Saw through it to move to the next section.
Continue forward.
You will get to a membrane you have to cut through.
Then you will see the first heart.
Go ahead and cut the two arteries. After they are cut a door will open. Move through it. When you cut the arteries to a heart, blood will start to pour out.
You need to make it out of there before the blood gets too deep. It's pretty easy to do. Anyways, continue onward.
You will come to some more of the little green things that spring out of the ground. After you finish them off, continue forward.
Once again you will be attacked by the green things. They are pretty easy to kill.
Eventually you will come to another membrane you have to cut.
Alright you are at heart number two.
Cut the three arteries to it, and another door will open. Continue forward. You will come to a large room with the last heart in it.
As you enter the room you will be attacked by a group of the flesh colored creatures that come out of the floor. There's quite a bit of them.
They seem to just keep coming, but eventually you will kill them all.
Go over to the heart, and start cutting away.
You need to cut all four arteries, to take out this heart.
When you are done with that you will get a cut scene ending this chapter.

Gathering Storm Dirty Little Secret

You are in some kind of odd little compound.
Walk around until you find a door to the inside. Go on in, and see if anyone is home.
You will eventually come to a large door that looks kind of like a bank vault door. After that you are asked to restore power to the area.
You will start in a corridor that starts right by the door that you need to blow open.
Continue down it, you will find a flame thrower followed by a big switch. Flip that big switch to restore power. Now you need to go back to the Centar. Go
back the way you came.
A little bit past where you found the flame thrower, there is a door you can open by flipping a switch by the doors side.
After you enter the next room you will be attacked by a bunch of wretches.
Chainsword the wretches as they come at you. They are pretty easy to take out this way. There are a ton of wretches in this room.
Just keep chain swording them, and moving forward. There's a bit of ammo laying around, so you should be able to fill your ammo up to the max in here.
When the wretches are all gone, you will come to a door that has a wheel you need to spin to open it. Open it and go outside.

You will pick up a bomb from Baird. It takes two of you to carry it, and you cannot set it down.
You will be attacked by wretches when you get back in the building. You will have to take them down with your pistol. When they get too close in, melee with your pistol to kill him.
Anyways, go back in the same door you came out of. Take out all the wretches that attack you. Jack will open the next door. Proceed through that door.
Once again you will be attacked by wretches. Continue forward, and eventually you will see the hallway that leads to the
door you have to blow up.
As you move down that hallway you will be attacked by wave after wave of wretches.
When you get close enough to the door, you will get a cut scene of your planting the bomb.

Gathering Storm Origins

Move on down the path. You will start getting more and more recordings from their security system.
You will come to a large room with some ammo in it, and a door that Jack has to open.
Wait for him to open it and then move onward.
Eventually you will see some wretches trapped in a room. If you back track a little bit, there is a door you can kick in.
You will find a switch that turns on the automatic defenses. Flip the switch to get rid of the wretches.
Then turn the defenses off, so you can go through that area. Continue onward.

You will come to an area with an automatic turret facing you and some filing cabinets that will provide cover for you.
Bounce from cover to cover as you move closer to the turret. You will see an open door to your right. Go through that door.
There will be a switch in this room that allows you to turn off the security system. When you turn off the security system Dom will join you.

Continue forward.
A group of wretches will attack you here. I just chain sword them like ususal and then move further in to the room.
It looks like you are in an abandoned locker room. There are two turrets in this room.
Take cover behind the lockers, and move to the right.
Then take cover behind the lockers that are right beside the turrets. Bounce from cover to cover
as you move to the left. You will move by the turrets so fast that they do not have a chance to shoot at you.
You will find another switch you can use to shut off the turrets. Dom will join you once this is done.
Continue forward.

The next set of turrets is much harder to get by. There are two turrets pointed your way, and one more on the ceiling.
Fortunately there are a couple of cabinets that will provide cover for you. Jump from cabinet to cabinet as you move forward.
There is a switch in the middle of the hallway. When the lights are not pointed at you, get up and flip the switch.

Next you will find a open courtyard with a couple of wretches in it. Take them out and continue onward.
When you open the door, you will be facing a big group of wretches that will all spring on you at the same time. Take them out as best you can.

Continue forward. You will come to another single turret. Just run by it in to the next room.
This room will have two turrets in it. Wait until the turrets lights are not on you, and then run to the side of the turret.
There will be some wretches that attack you here. They are pretty easy to take out. After they are dead, run to the other side of the turrets.
You will duck as you run so the turrets will not see you. Wait until the light of the turrets swing out of your way, and then exit the room.
There is a switch to turn the turrets off just outside of the room.

Continue forward. You will see a couple turrets hanging from the ceiling.
If you go to the right, you will see a switch on the wall. Flip the switch and go in to the door that is close by.
There is a flame thrower here, along with a document you can read.
Go back out in to the main room, and you should get attacked by a couple of wretches. After you kill them, go to
the left side of this room.
Wait for the turrets lights to swing to the right, and then run under the turrets. Go to the right and out of that room. Dom will join you.
Continue forward.
You will see a bunch of turrets lining a hallway.
Wretches will attack you in this hallway. Once they are dead, run down the hallway.
You will move fast enough and low enough that the turrets will not see you.
Continue forward.
You will be asked to split up. Take the left path.
Flip the green switch. As the switches turn green, flip them.
At the end there will be another switch that opens to a door to get past this area.
Move forward.
You will come to some statis tanks, and eventually to a switch you need to flip.

Gathering Storm Rude Awakening

Alright, you've awaken something called the Sires. Looks like you've got a bit of a fight coming up. These are actually pretty tough.
Luckily you've got a flame thrower with you. Your flame thrower will take them out quite easily. Okay move forward. Your goal is to reach the centar.

Make your way through this room. There should be four sires in this room. These things are very tough.
They fall down and then get back up a couple seconds later. So don't expect them to stay down once they've fallen down.
The flame thrower does a pretty good job on them though.

In the next room you will be attacked by more sires. Make your way through this room, taking out this sires as you go.
When or if you run out of flame thrower ammo just use your chain sword. I don't know how many sires I killed in that room, but it felt like all of them.
I think there are about 12 that come at you usually two at a time.
The chain sword works surprisingly well on them. There is some flame thrower ammo and some regular ammo by the exit of this room.

Okay now on to the next room. This room is just like the last one. You will be facing about twelve sirens.
Just keep killing them until they stop coming.
Then spin the cranks on the doors to let yourself out of this room. Continue forward.
You will see a big switch that you have to flip to switch the computer off. After that keep moving forward.

A hole will be blown in the wall and you will be rushed by locusts.
Watch out some of them have flame throwers. Shoot the tanks on their backs to blow them up.
There will be about six or seven grubs attacking you here.

In the next room you will be attacked by two more grubs. There's a door and a hallway in this room.
There is a turret facing down the hallway.
Through the door there is a switch that you can flip to turn the turret in the hallway off.
It also turns a turret in the area the grubs are hiding in on. That really helps to take out those grubs.
Keep moving forward.

You will have to fight your way up these hallways as you go.
There are a mixture of grubs and grubs with flame throwers guarding them. The whole process is not too tough.
Eventually you will come to a door to kick in.

Past the door is a grinder, a really big guy carrying a machine gun. Shoot him in the head until he goes down.
When he goes down the roof will break and it will start raining ice shards. The grubs
will be caught in it and sliced to pieces.
We are going to be heading outside now. Stay out of the rain, it will slice you to bits.

You need to get to the rail cars. Go to your left and to the building there.
Shoot the grub waiting in the car for you. Then run to it and hop in.
A grub hole will open up nearby. Take out all the grubs that come out of it.
Then flip the switch in the rail car that you are in. The rail car will start to roll.
Shoot every grub you can as the rail car is rolling. When the car stops rolling, exit the car.

There are a couple concrete barriers. Use them for cover.
Grub come out of another grub hole. Take them out, and then go to the right.
You will find a path to another rail car. Jump in to the rail car and exit on the other side of it.
This path will lead you to the grubs you just killed. Pick up any of their ammo that you want and then proceed onward.
There are two grubs to kill up ahead.
When you've take them out, walk over to the wheel on the door and give it a turn. It will raise the garage door, which will provide some shelter for you.
Grubs across the way will open fire on you through that door. Take them out.
There is another wheel for a door on the other side of the concrete barrier the grubs were hiding behind. Give it a turn.
Keep turning wheels as you make your way through this area. Eventually you will have to weather the storm for a couple feet at you make your way to the next cover.
You will find yourself at another rail car.
Jump in it and kill all of the grubs around you.
Then flip the switch so the rail car will roll to the next shelter.
As the car rolls forward there will grubs on each side of the train. Take out as many as you can.
After the car stops, stay in it and take out all the grubs you can.
Then exit the car and finish off the ones you couldn't get from inside.

Climb the ladder on the side of the building, and then move forward.
Run across the open area to the next cover. There will be a grub hole that opens.
Kill everything that comes out of it.
Then run across the open area to the next cover.
Another grub hole will open here. Kill all the grubs that come out of it.
Then run to the next covered area.
There will be a couple Mauler Boomers making their way to you, and hiding under their shields. Shoot them to take them out.
After you take them out, the weather will change for the better. Now you can walk out in the rain.
Another grub hole will open up. Take out the grubs. This will be a little bit easier since you can walk anywhere now.
Move back to the centar.
You will have a bunch of Reavers that attack you at the centar.
Take the one out that lands on the ground by shooting it in the head.
There will be three more that keep flying over head. Keep shooting them until you take one of them out.
When you do this section will be over.

Gathering Storm Ascension

You get to pilot the centar for this mission. Driving this thing is a lot of fun.
Go forward and take the road to the left.
Up ahead you will see a make shift barricade. Blow it apart. The centar has unlimited ammo, so you can reload as many times as you want.
Behind the make shift barricade you will find a boomer and some grubs. Take them out, and move a little forward.
To the right and up pretty high you will see a turret.
As you move a little further you will see a Reaver that lands in the road. Shoot it a couple of times to take it down.
If the centar is damaged after this battle, wait just a little bit and it will be repaired.
Continue forward.

You will come to a jump. Hit the A button to get a bit of a run at it.
When you land there will be a building to your left. There are a bunch of grubs pouring out of it. Go ahead and take them out.
There is a turreted gun on top of the barricade. Take it out with a shot.
Continue forward and shoot the sheet metal barricades. Continue forward.

You will come upon a Reaver, a boomer and a bunch of grubs. Take out the Reaver with two well placed shots.
Then take out the boomer.
Finally take out the grubs. Roll forward a little.
On a little platform in the center of the building is a stationary gun. Take out the guy manning it.
Then blow your way through the next barricade, and roll forward.
You've got a jump to make a little ways down the road.

You will come to a frozen lake. There will be some mortars fired at the lake as you try to make you way across.
There is a path through the ice. The ice is slick so you have to move somewhat slowly, or you will slide off in to one of the holes.
Start by going to the left, and then to the right across the lake.
Here's another picture of the path through the lake.

When you are across the ice, there will be a couple Reavers to your right. Go ahead and take them out.
After you have taken out the Reavers you will have to go across another lake. There
is a path across this one as will. It's kind of shaped like a question mark and you start at the dot.
On the far side of the lake there will be a Reaver waiting. Take it out as you cross the lake.

Once you are across the lake, you will face three boomers. You can take out all three with a single well placed shot.
You will have a small jump here.
Then you will be attacked by two Reavers one at a time.
Continuing forward you will see a boomer way down there. Take him out and then move a little closer to the buildings.
You will find another boomer. There will also be a whole bunch of grubs.
Last but not least there will be a turreted gun. Take them out and then move forward.
Up the path a little ways are two Reavers. Keep going up the path.
You will have to take out another Reaver.
Then there will be two seeders on the side of the mountain. Shoot them each a couple times to take them out. The seeders really crank out the damage, so
you will probably have to rest here a second for repairs.
As you move forward two more Reavers will drop in to view. Take them out.

Up the road you will find a broken bridge.
To the right is a jump that will allow you to jump the gap. After you've jumped the gap, go to your left. An avalanche will block your way back.
You will meet two Reavers that plop down right in front of you. They will come one at a time.
Then one will land on top of a cliff to your right. Take them down as they come to you.
Keep moving forward. It's slow going but at least you are making progress.

The next area that you come to will have a large tower.
A Reaver will attack you here. There will be a bunch of ground troops as well.
Take them out, and then start firing at the turrets in the tower. There are three or four of them in or around the tower.
When you've taken them out the tower will fall. When it falls it will crush the gate, and allow you to
continue onward.

You are going to be entering a tunnel where it is really hard to see.
A Corpser will appear in front of you. If you shoot it once, it will vanish as quickly as it came.
It gets pretty hard to see in here, even with lights.
Keep going. You will see a Brumha walking about the tunnel.
Then you will make a large jump and lose power.
When you've got power back, there will be three Corpsers surrounding you.
Take out the one in front of you when it raises to strike.
Then take the one to the right of you out.
Then swing to the one to the left and take it out as well.

Keep moving forward.
You will find two Brumaks waiting for you. Unload on one of them.
Then reload, and take the other one out. They are actually pretty easy to take out.

Gathering Storm Displacement

Go down the path.
You will eventually come upon a Theron. Take him out.
There's a little cave nearby with a tork bow in it. Continue forward.

You will encounter a couple grubs as you make your way forward.
A locust boat will show up as well. I think it dropped a couple of grubs off, but I'm not sure. It was pretty far away.
Anyways, take out the grubs and move forward.
As you move forward a couple wretches will come at you.
Then you will face another group of grubs.
The grub boat will show back up, and start shooting at you.
Shoot it until you hit one of its gas tanks. It will blow up and run forward out of control.
When it stops, it will provide you with a way to cross a river down here. When you cross the broken boat, another locust boat will show up.
It will drop off a couple more grubs in front of you. Take them out.
There will also be a priest in front of you. When he's dead continue forward.
A blood mount will be in your path. Take him out before he can get to you.
Then there will be a couple more grubs.
They will be followed up by a locust priest.
On the dock you will be attacked by a couple of grubs and a grinder carrying a machine gun. Pick up his gun and then go to the end of the dock.
A locust boat will shear off the end of the dock and you will start floating.
The boat will be firing on you, so use the big gun you just got to mow all the grubs on that boat down.
More will appear after you killed the first set. Mow them down as well. It's amazingly easy to do with this gun.
Your raft will float forward.

Another locust gunboat will come right up to the side of the raft.
This one has a grub with a flame thrower on it. Take him out and then board that gunboat.
Grab some cover. You will be attacked by four locust gunboats now. They will come one at a time.
The first one will come from the right. Kill all the grubs on it. They go down really fast. One or two shots will put them down.
Then a gunboat will come from the left. Take out the grubs on it.
Then another gunboat from the left.
Finally a gunboat will come from the right again. As I said all the grubs are super easy to kill.

Gathering Storm Brackish Water

You just went off a huge waterfall. You're stuck on a boat that's not moving, and now you are being attacked by a giant fish.
It will try to grab the boat with its giant tentacles.
When it does this, just use your chain sword to cut them off.
Eventually it will bite down on the front of the boat.
Shoot one of its eyes and it will open its mouth wider.
When it opens its mouth wide run inside of its mouth.
Inside of its mouth you will be attacked by several blue tongue things. Before they attack they swirl. When they do this shoot them.
After you shoot enough of them the center of its mouth will come out, and start reaching around.
Switch to your grenades and let it suck on that. It will leave the boat for a second, and then come
right back. As my dentist used to say, rinse and repeat. When you've done that three times, the big fish will die.

Hive Priorities

You get to move forward a long ways here, before you get in a fight. There are quite a few cut scenes.
You finally decide to go to the labor camps, to help find Maria.
You will come to a section that is barred by running water.
If you look to the left, there is a water control valve. Turn it to remove the water. Jump over the barricade.
A bunch of grubs will show up on the other side of the water area.
One of them will be trying to turn the water on again. Shoot that guy.
Then take the rest of the grubs out. This is most easily done with a grenade.
Once again continue forward.

You will come upon a group of wretches, and a Mauler Boomer.
Take the wretches out first.
Then start putting shells in to the big guy. Wait until he starts swinging his mace, and then hit him a couple times. Repeat that until he goes down.

Further on you will come to a turreted gun. There will be a bunch of grubs around it.
The worst thing about this is there is a spot light shining right in your face. Shoot the spotlight to get rid of it. Now at least you can see again.
I used a grenade to take out the mounted gun. It's just too hard to shoot the guy behind it with all the bullets coming your way.
After that gun is gone, the rest of the grubs are a cinch to mop up.
After the battle you will find a Locust terminal off to the left hand side.

You need to find the matching locust terminal. Just walk along the path following dom. Checking each terminal as you go.
I think you will check five of them before you find the correct one. When you do you will have to wait for Jack to find Maria.
During this time you will be attacked by a Bloodmount and a bunch of wretches from the right.
Then a blood mount and some grubs from the left.
After that will come a boomer and some more grubs from the right.
Then a priest guy with a tork bow from the left.
When you've taken them all out, Jack will open the container he found.

Hive Hornets Nest

Move forward. You will find a door you need to kick through.
After that you will encounter a lot of locust you need to fight through.
There will be some above you.
Followed by some more on the ground.
Then there will be a sniper up above you need to take out.
Along with a couple more grubs on ground level.
Then there will be a couple more grubs that come down the nearby stairs. Take them out. Go up the stairs.
There is a little room up here with a switch in it.
When you flip the switch a couple flame thrower guys and a Theron will come charging at you.
Run over to the balcony overlooking the court yard and the stairs.
You can take them out as they are climbing the stairs. Then go the way they came from.

You will be facing a couple grubs along with a Bloodmount next. Take the Bloodmount out first. Those things can be nasty.
Then take out the grubs and continue forward.
There is a set of stairs that goes down to a dead end and a couple of grenades.

Walk out in to the next section and pull the lever. It will raise some barricades for you.
There are a ton of grubs across the way, with barricades of their own.
Above them will be a grub running for a switch to lower your own barricades. Take him out before he can do that.
A Reaver will land right in front of you. Take it down.
Then start working on taking the grubs out. There's a bunch of them, so this will take a little while.
When they are dead the doors that are behind the grubs barricades will open and a couple of grinders, the guys with the machine guns will come out.
I picked up one of the machine guns the grinders drop.

In your next battle you will face a couple big guys with cleavers. I bet they would be tough if you weren't carrying one of the machine guns the grinders dropped.
Take out the big guys first, and then start working on the rest of the grubs.
There are a lot of grubs here.
Along with a couple priests. There is lots of cover here as well. Jump from cover to cover as you move forward, taking grubs out.

When they are dead, move forward again.
There will be a couple grubs above you here.
One of them is a flame thrower guy, so take him out first if you can see him.
There is a big guy with knife on your level that will come charging you, so watch out for him. Take him out when he gets to you, or when you've finished the guys up above you.
Then move forward. There will be another big guy with a knife or hatchet that will charge you.
There's also a couple grubs in your path. They are pretty easy to take down.

When they are all dead continue onward. Pull the switch you come to. That will put up some barricades you can use for cover.
There are a four or five grubs across the way. It's probably better to take them out from a distance because they carry shotguns.
I charged them. Anyways, take them out.
Jack will deploy the beacon. I'm sure you have to defend this area until reinforcements arrive next.
Isn't that always the case?

Sure enough. You'll be facing some grubs along with some tickers. Take them out as you can.
The tickers move damn fast, so shoot them asap. You will see a couple of Reavers buzzing over your head.
Shoot them when you have the free time. Eventually one of them will land.
Shoot it in the head to take it out. When it lands, don't get distracted by anything else, just take the Reaver down.
After you take the first one down the second one will land. Take it out as well.
When they are both dead a gate will open. There is a boomer behind the open gate.
Move forward and take him out. If you do not move forward, you will be hit by a bunch of rockets and die.

Move through the gate that just opened. You will see a lever that will raise some barricades. Get behind the barricades that just popped up.
There will be a bunch of grubs attacking you. Take them down.

Move forward a bit and you will see another lever to pull. Pull it to give yourself some cover.
Another group of grubs will attack you here. Take them down.
When they are dead all the barricades will sink back in to the floor.

Pull the switch to raise some of the barricades again. This place is really tough.
I run back quite a ways to put some distance between me and the tickers and mortars.
You will be facing two grinders here, along with a bunch of tickers. There is also a guy way in the back launching mortars at you.
Dom will go down almost right away in this one.
So it's pretty much up to you. Once the tickers are dead move in and finish off the grinders.
When the grinders are gone, move forward and take out the guy calling in the mortars.

Hive No Turning Back

You are riding a cable car.
Reavers will come and try to knock it off of its cable. Shoot them to knock them out of the sky.
Your cable car will keep creeping forward. Another cable car will come out to meet it.
Take out the three grubs on the other cable car, and then hop over on to it.
There is a switch on this car that will cause it to move in the direction you want it to go.
Once again you will be attacked by Reavers. Shoot them as they come near.

When you are off the cable car, continue forward. You'll have to go a long ways before your next battle.
When you find it you will be facing a priest, some grubs, and a couple tickers.
Pull the switch that is in the middle of the floor to raise some barricades.
The tickers are really hard to see, because they hide behind the barricades and then blow up right on top of you.
The key to this is to take out the priest. When you see a ticker ready to blow up, roll out of the way.

There's a switch to pull on the path. When you pull it you will ask if you want to go left or right.
I always like the big guns, so I chose to go right. You are riding a lift with a troika gun. You get to provide covering fire for Baird and Dom.
Shoot everything that moves. You will go down floor by floor.
Each floor will have a bunch of locust on it. They will mainly be concentrating on Dom and Baird.
That makes for easy picking for your gun.
When you've cleared the last floor, leave the lift. Go forward and flip the switch so you can rejoin Baird and Dom.

In the next area you will be overlooking a bunch of grubs. There will be two boomers and one priest.
If you bothered to pick up one of the machine guns, the grinders were carrying this will be easy.
Go to the right across the bridge. There's a switch there that will drop their defenses.
Mow them down, and then go to the ground floor.
When you get to the center of the ground floor, a door will open revealing two grinders.
Take them out, and pick up one of their guns. How sweet, they brought you more ammo.

Move back to the main room, and through the door that opened there. You will walk down some stairs.
I setup my gun there and hosed the guys below down with my fire.
When most of them are dead, move down and mop up the ones that are left.

Continue forward.
You will be attacked by two Mauler Boomers.
There will be a priest or two with them, along with a couple of grubs.
Lay in to the Mauler Boomers because there is not much distance between you.
Then take out the priest. Finish off the grubs last.

Hive Best Laid Plans

Baird said he sensed an ambush, and he was right.
When you walk up to the door leading to the queen, it will close.
Several doors to hidden balconies will open.
Fire some shots at the enemy in the balconies.
Then walk over the switch in the middle of the barricades your men are using for cover.
The switch will close the doors that opened up.
Go back the way you came from and then to the right.

There are pressure plates that put up barricades when stepped on.
As you make your way forward, you will be attacked by a Bloodmount and two grubs.
Take them out, and then continue forward.
A locust lift will appear on your left side. Take out the two grubs that are on it.
Then pull the switch on the lift to ride it down a level.

Move forward past all the caged Bloodmounts.
You will be given a choice here. If you go left you will be supporting the guys in the fight. If you go right, you will be in the fight.
I went left, but I should have gone right. I like to be in the thick of things.
First you will be attacked by two Mauler Boomers. Take them out.
Then a grinder will appear on a ledge above the room. Take him out.
Lastly you will be attacked by a Bloodmount. Shoot it in the head, when it attacks. Roll out of the way when it tries to claw you.
Okay, in the next room there is a switch. Step on it to let the guys on the ground floor through.
If you are the guys on the ground floor, wait for the other group to open the door.

Pick up the ammo that is on the balcony, and then proceed down the steps.
You will meet grubs as you go down the steps. They will usually come at you in pairs of two or three.
They are pretty easy to take down. Do not let more than two of them get on top of you, or you will die.
There's quite a few of them on the way down, with the occasional ticker.

At the bottom of the stairs is a large room. There are a bunch of grubs down here along with a priest.
Go directly to your left, and take out the guy hiding there.
Occupy his hiding spot, and fire at anything that moves.
There will be some tickers heading your way. Blow them up as soon as you can see them.
Keep firing shells at the priest. Things get easier when he's down. Your guys should be able to handle the other side without you.
Just worry about this side. When you've killed everything in this room you will get a cut scene.

Hive Royal Inquisition

Move forward.
Flip the switch that you come to.
You will be asked if you want to go right or left. I chose right this time. It doesn't really matter which way you go.
You will be in a large room with pillars right down the center of it. You will be attacked by a bunch of grubs.
One of them will be a Mauler Boomer.
There will be a priest, and a couple regular grubs. Take them out.
Obviously take out the Mauler Boomer first. If he is defending himself with the shield, shoot him in the toe.
Toe shots are just like head shots when it comes to this guy.
Move to the next room. You will be attacked by another group of the same enemies. Take them down.
In the third room you are attacked by another group of the same enemies.
When they are dead, walk around the ledge to the left. There is a grub and a Mauler Boomer on that ledge. Be careful taking them out.
On the other side of the ledge are a couple more Mauler Boomers, along with a bunch of grubs.
Take out whatever is closest to you. You will be joining up with your other group once you finish the battle.

After the battle ride the locust lift down.
You will find some more pressure plate barricades down here. There are some grubs across the chasm slinging bullets at you. Take them out.
When they are dead, the chasm will fill in and you will be able to cross.
More forward a little.

You will come to another chasm, with grubs lining up on the opposite side.
Take them down.
When they are dead, the chasm will fill in and you will be able to move forward.

You will come to yet another chasm as you move forward. Grubs will start attacking you from the other side.
Just like the last two times, take them down.
When they are dead, the chasm will fill in and you will be able to move forward. You will get a small cut scene here.

The big square everyone is standing on falls down one level. You are in for one heck of a fire fight now.
About eight grubs will appear on one side and take cover behind the big pillars.
Take them out as fast as you can.
If you start noticing shots coming at you from another angle, it means another side has filled up with grubs.
Switch to the new side. Once again take them down as fast as you can.
When you've got them thinned out, another side will fill up with grubs. Keep switching sides until you've killed most of the grubs on all four sides.
Then clean up whatever is left. Make sure to stay in cover. You need to have cover facing the side of the newly deployed grubs. This is easiest if you always run to the corner closest to
where the grubs just appeared.
When you are done killing the grubs, reload your ammo.
Then turn the wheel in the center of the platform to bring it up to the previous level.

Go to the big door. I guess we get an audience with the queen now. Ah great now we get to fight Scorge.
He's the big guy who took down Tai.
He will start out by trying to cut you in half. Pound your B button to prevent that from happening. You will end up cutting his nifty little weapon in to two pieces.
He will run over to the side, and some tickers will appear while he shoots at you. Shoot the tickers if they come near you.
He may also throw a couple gas grenades at you. If this happens just dodge to the side.
He will then bounce to the ceiling, and try to drop a stalactite on top of you.

You can tell where it is going to drop. Just look for the shards of rock falling from the ceiling and stay out of their way.
Next he will try to drop a marble column on top of you. just run to the side, and roll out of the way when it falls.
After that he will try to chop you in two again. Once again pound the B button.
If you are not dueling him with your chain sword or he is not shooting at you, you should be moving around.
It makes it much harder for him to drop stuff on you if you are moving around. Do this three times, and he will summon his ride and run away.

After he is gone exit the building.
You will have to run across a bridge as Scourge’s pet is trying to blow it up. Now you get to fly a Reaver. This should be fun.

Hive Aftermath

You'll be flying along with no shortage of things to shoot at.
Basically try to take out anything that is shooting at you.
Eventually you will land where a group of gears are trying to fight off a bunch of locust.
Blow apart the locust.
A Brumak will break through the wall nearby. Take him down.
Then it's time to fly again. Scourge’s pet who was blowing apart the bridge will be chasing you as you try to get away.
If he opens his mouth shoot him in the mouth. That will knock him off of your track for a little bit.
If he has the machine gun on his back shooting at you, shoot it to stop it.
He will also launch missiles at you. Try to hit them with your machine gun. They are very hard to hit. Sometimes you get lucky.
Evade him long enough and you will live to make it outside.

After you make it outside, you will be chased by a bunch of Reavers.
They are usually behind you, so I just stay on the machine gun.
Don't bother to aim, just hose them down with your spray and they will fall out of the sky. This is a pretty long ride, and they just keep coming.
You might have to take out ten of them before the end.

Scourges pet end up chasing you again. He will come at you from behind first.
Use your chain gun on his head, as he gets close. It will blow part of his armor off.
He will swing around in front of you. Switch seats so you can launch some rockets at him. He will then go back behind you.
He will grab on to the back of your Reaver. Use your chain gun and shoot his arm.
That will make him drop back a pace or two.
He will move in front of you again. Rocket him when he does.
Then he will swing back behind you and grab your Reaver with his other arm. When he does shoot his other arm.
Scorge will end up laying in a pile of rocks wondering what happened to his ride.

Aftermath Desperate Stand

You will start out in the courtyard. A Reaver will drop in. Kill it.
Follow your troops across the courtyard, and in to a building.
You will end up overlooking the platform you landed on.
A bunch of grubs will climb the platform. Take them out.
Another wave of grubs will make the platform. Take them out as well.
A Reaver will land on the platform. Guess what you get to do. Yep, take it out.
A chopper will finish everything off for you.

Follow your troops to the next section that is under attack.
You will be about level with another landing platform here.
Take out a couple of the grubs.
A Reaver will land. Take it out as well.
Finish off the grubs.

You will be called away to the next section. So follow your troops to get there.
You will be overlooking a bunch of grubs who are in the street below.
Behind you is an ammo dump, with a chain gun. Go pick it up. It makes this area much easier.
When you've killed most of the grubs, a chopper will come in and finish them off.

It's time to move to the next area.
You need to defend some satellite dishes in this section.
Get on the turret and start lighting up Reavers. You can hit them even though they are quite a ways off.
Be sure to put as many shots in to them as you possibly can when they fly by. Every shot of damage seems to stay on them.
So even though they do not blow up when they fly by, when they come back by you might only need to shoot them with a couple bullets before they explode.
They are much easier to blow up when they are flying than when they land. So hit them in the air as much as possible.
You have to take them out when they land, or they will take down your comm array.
When you've killed enough Reavers move on to the next area.

You will be overlooking a large street. There will be lots of grubs approaching this area.
If you kept your machine gun, you will find plenty of targets here. Take out the grubs.
They will be followed up by two grinders. Take the grinders down.
When the grinders fall, two Brumaks will appear.
Walk up to the upper shelf where you entered this area at, and pick up the mortar.
Go down to the lower level, and fire the mortar at each of the Brumaks. Hold down the fire trigger longer to get more range on the mortar.

Aftermath Free Parking

You will start this mission running at a large building. A bunch of grubs will pour out of it.
There will be a couple snipers on the balcony above. Take them out first.
Then start clearing the grubs in front of you. Work your way to the left hand side.
As you do so grubs will come out of a side door on the left hand side. Slowly move forward killing the ones that just came out.
A grub with a flamethrower and a regular grub follow the previous group of grubs.
When they are dead you are done with this first battle.

Go through the entrance on the left side of the building.
Once you are inside of the building you will be charged by a flamethrower grub.
Take him down, and then take down the grub following him.
Work your way around the corner to the right. There will be three grubs you need to take out in the next room.
Stay in the hallway until you have them taken out.
There is a priest guy on the stairs, who loves to throw grenades. Watch out for him, because he throws them two at a time.
When you enter the next room a couple tickers will appear so be ready for them. When they are gone take out the priest.
When the priest falls, a grinder will enter the room.
I tossed a grenade at him, and then hit him with a couple head shots to finish him off. When he falls you will be done with this battle. Pick up his gun as always.

Your objective is to secure the courtyard. Which basically means kill everything in it. Drop the gun you brought in with you. Remember where you dropped it at, because we will use it
again later. There is a mounted machine gun turret that will keep you pinned down. So the first thing we are going to do is to take it out.
Run down the right stairwell
Grab some cover at the bottom of that stairwell.
Throw a grenade in to the machine gun turret. That should take it down.
There's a priest floating around down here. Focus your fire on him.
There will probably be some tickers heading your way. Take them out if you see them. If you don't, they will probably blow up on you.
Clean up the rest of the grubs.
When you start to see wretches, run back and grab the machine gun you dropped earlier.
There is going to be two Mauler Boomers making their way to you.
Remember shoot them in the feet. When they get close enough, they will let down their guard and charge you. Open up on them when they do this.
When they are both dead, two Bloodmounts will appear. Take them down. There is probably still a grub or two left.
Once they have been cleaned up, the battle will be over.

Proceed through the double doors. Turn the crank to raise the gates.
You will be out in a street.
There's a grinder nearby that you can take out almost right away.
The grubs in this section are really tough and they will cut you down.
So make sure that you take them out from cover.
When you've killed all the grubs this battle will be over.

You will be given a choice here, to go left or right. I went right to fight my way through the building.
You will find a grub shooting down at Dom. Walk up to him and use your chain sword.
There's a sniper rifle leaning up against the wall here. Grab it, we'll be using it quite a bit. Continue forward.
Start sniping the troops in front of Dom.
A Reaver will land, take him out. Continue forward.
You will come two three grubs behind a chain link fence.
One of them will be carrying a flame thrower. Take them out.
There's a car leaning out of a window. Give it a shove. Dom will use that car for cover down below.
Do a bit more sniping to help Dom out. Continue forward. A couple of cars will roll off of the level you are on.
It will create a ramp down, so you can rejoin Dom.
As you come off the ramp two grubs will attack you. Take them out.
After they are gone, a grinder will show up. Take him out and then grab his gun.

There are a couple more grubs in front of you here. Take them down.
A Reaver will swoop in. Ah a Reaver is no match for your chain gun. Take him out.
One more Mauler Boomer will show up. Take him, or I should say take his feet, out.
There are two grub lackeys following him up. Take them down. Then continue forward.

Aftermath Tenuous Footing

You are on top of a huge sinkhole.
Walk over to the crane, and climb aboard.
You can move it to the left and down to pick up Dom.
He'll climb on. Swing it as far to the right as you can, and then drop him off on the roof top. He will run over and try to bring the other crane over to you.
It falls, but creates a ramp that you can use to join him. There's a sniper rifle close to where you entered this area.
Pick it up and start picking off the grubs that are by Dom. When the grubs are gone, cross over to him.
When you get there, a Mauler Boomer will attack. Take out his feet.
Then finish off the grubs that came with him.
When they are gone, a Reaver will attack with a couple grubs.
Take the Reaver down, and then finish off the grubs that came with the Reaver.
Continue forward.

You will be met by a couple tickers followed by a grub with a flame thrower.
Take them down. Move forward.
There will be a couple more tickers along with another grub. Keep moving forward.
Grubs will start ascending the building. Take them out as they come up.
When you've killed enough grubs, the roof you are standing on will collapse.
You will fall several stories, down to ground level. It's kind of like a one way elevator.
You will be attacked by several grubs here.
One of them will have a flamethrower. After you have killed them, gather the ammo that you need.
Then go down the ramp, and fight the grubs that are across the way. Don't spend too much time gathering ammo or Dom will kill the grubs without you.
Cut the cables holding the tower upright.
When you do this it will make a bridge across to the next rooftop.
When you are walking across it will fall, and you will end up at ground level.

You will come to a priest with a couple of grubs with him.
Take the priest down, and then finish off the grubs. When they are gone, climb in to the building in front of you.
There is a Burmak down below firing at the building. He will cause the building to fall.
After that you will be in a building on fire.
Get in the elevator. When the elevator stops, get out of it.
Run under the Brumak's fire, and around to its side.
You will find the Brumak's pilot running at you. Kill him. Now you'll be driving a Brumak.

Aftermath Closure

They keys to proper Burmak care and feeding. Press the X button to launch a volley of missiles.
Press the A button to mow stuff down with your machine guns. Press the B button to bash something.
A Corpser will come out of the wall to the left, and then vanish once again. Take out the troops it leaves behind.
You will see some boomers and some grinders coming at you. Take them down.
Some Reavers will swoop down in front of you.
Take out the Reavers as you move forward.
You will eventually some to a large gate. Press B to bash it in.
On the other side of the gate are lots of towers. Some of them have boomers hiding in them.
Others have turreted chain guns.
Take them down with volleys of missiles. When they are all gone move forward.
After the towers, more Reavers will attack you.
There are some boomers off to the right, make sure they go down before you go further forward. Move forward a bit.
A Corpser will attack you here. Pound your B button to kill it.
A couple more Reavers will land in front of you here.
There is also a whole set of boomers off to the right.
When they are gone move forward and beat down the doors.
There is a grinder and a couple boomers beyond the door. Take them out as you come to them.
There are a bunch of towers and troops down here.
There are also some boomers off to your right hand side. Take them all down, and then continue forward.
There's a group of grubs ahead of you as well.
As you move forward you will have some Reavers land in front of you. There will be some more grubs to the left.
Eventually you will see a torture barge. Launch two volleys of missiles at it to take it down.
Continue on.

There will be another gate you need to bash down.
Some Reavers will land in front of you. Take them out.
There are three large columns you need to take down.
Shoot two or three volleys of missiles at each of them.
Every time you take one of them down, a large section of the roof will fall. When all three are gone, you will get a cut scene.
The Brumak you were riding will go lambent. Luckily you got off of it before it did.
Now you are riding the chopper, and you need to call in the hammer of dawn to take care of the lambent Brumak.
When you have called in the hammer of dawn you will get the end of the game cut scene.