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Episode II: The Dark Sword of Chaos - Act I

1-1: The ninja art you have is the Throwing Star. It uses up 5 Ninja Power but is not used much. To use Ninja Power, hold the Up button and attack. You use Ninja Power automatically when clinging to a surface.

The first enemy of the game looks like a smaller version of the Barbarian (first boss of Ninja Gaiden 1). They pose no direct threat. Just slash them as they approach you.

In the first game, you could not scale the wall or non-ladder surface but in this game you can scale the wall up and down. Slash the red orbs to get powerups, lives, and ninja power. Some contain scrolls that increase your maximum ninja power as you start with 40 max by default.

This first red orb contains the Fire Dragon Balls but they are only used usually to attack enemies below you at a 45 degree angle.

As with the first game, you can triangle jump up clingable surfaces that are close to each other. Now you pretty much only need to do this if you need to get onto a floor surface easier.

jump to the right and kill the mini-Barbarian in the process.

Those pesky bats are back too. Carefully slash them to death before they hit you and in later levels bump you into a pit. The orb on the upper left contains the Windmill Throwing Star.

The Windmill Throwing Star performs like a boomerang but can be dodged to make a single use last longer.

These beetles are best to be left alone here so they fall off but you can time a jumping slash to hit them then jump back onto the drum and onto the surface.

These orange arts now fill your Ninja Power to the max instead of 10 from before.

Kill this beetle and slash this orb for a Firewheel. It sends three wheels of fire at an upward trajectory.

These blue arts now give you 10 Ninja power instead of 5 from before.

Zig Zag up this wall to proceed.

An Invincible Firewheel is in this orb.

You can use it at will but it costs 15 Ninja Power. This would be a good spot to use it.

These pots are worths bonus points.

The left orb contains a Shadow Clone that mirrors your previous movements but slashes at the same time you do.

Climb down this ladder to get to the next spot.

Do the same for this ladder.

Kill these enemies as you come across them.

1-2: The first boss is Dando the Cursed.

Slash at him until he reaches near the center of the screen and run towards the wall and cling to it.

Dando comes charging in and rams into the wall. Jump off the wall and over him or he'll knock you off the wall and damage you when you fall on him.

Slash at Dando rapidly when he is recuperating then repeat the process.

Dando is down for the count. At least he will be when Robert pumps a slug into him during the cutscene prior to Act 2.

Act II

2-1: Don't worry about falling off the train. There are links to prevent that from happening.

The hawks were a pain in the first game but they are not as bad here. They are dealt the same way still. Duck and slash them as they approach.

Watch out for these guys as they come from behind. Get rid of them quickly.

Enemies like these red ninjas will hop up and throw stars. The stars can be destroyed.

More of them pop up near the end.

Get rid of the bettle and use the Invincible Firewheel if you need help.

Here's the entrance to 2-2.

2-2: It snowing in this level but it's going to help or hinder you during the level. It's not the snow but the wind that you got to worry about.

You can destroy these rocks with ease as you take out this enemy.

Now the snow comes into effect. The way the snow falls tells which direction the wind carries you. If you are going right and the snow blows left, it will push you back. If you are going in the same direction as the snow, it will give you a further boost on your jump.

These blobs jump from wall to wall and also spit miniblobs at you.

This ladder takes you to the next area but get all the orbs before going up.

As you reach the next area, climb up the left wall and use the air platform to proceed on.

Use the Firewheel to hit this orb and get a scroll. As stated early in the guide, it increases your max ninja power by 10.

This is another old enemy from the first game. This time he stands and shoots in intervals instead of kneeling. Deal with him after he takes a shot first.

This rolling enemy will be a bane to your adventure in this game. He attacks very aggresively.

Leap over this pit then try to nail the enemy on the ground after he fires his gun.

This is an extra life here. You'll need all the extra lives you can.

Off to the next area we go.

Wait for the snow to fall straight down before you start trying to proceed through the level. Push against the wind if necessary when on the ground.

Climb to the bottom and wait for the wind to fall straight down or to the left to guide to the left after you automatically let go at the bottom.

This ladder leads to the boss.

2-3: The second boss is Baron Spider. A human/spider hybrid.

Baron Spider likes to throw out spiders that also crawl up the wall if you are on it. When ever you are on the same platform as him, he will drop to ground level.

If you drop to the ground where he is, he will jump back up to the platform above.

If you got a Firewheel or Fire Dragon Balls, use whatever you can while he is above or below you respectively and dupe him into jumping on the ground level and drop down yourself before he hits the ground and get in a few free licks.

Baron Spider defeated.


3-1: It's super dark in this level. You can't see the floor you are walking on or the walls.

That is until the lightning strikes in the background to light everything up.

Let the lightning strike to see where the pits are so you don't blindly leap into a death trap.

Live flames occasionally spawn and home in on you.

You can use this enemy to indicate where a wall is when it is dark.

Don't let the flames or bats knock you into the abyss.

Take the low road here.

Then zigzag up the walls here carefully.

Carefully leap across these thin columns.

This enemy will come from behind. Don't let him ambush you.

This potion will give you back some of your health.

Enter this castle quick to go to the next level.

3-2: Nothing special about this screenshot here. I just want to say get ready to best music track in the game while playing.

Jump up when this enemy shoots and run at him between blast before killing him.

The platforms are designed in an awkward setting.

This enemy throws his axe in where you stand. Avoid it or destroy it with a well timed slash then kill the attacker. If you are lucky you can make the enemy glitch out at the back of the screen.

This guya again. He can roll off the edge and hop back up there thus defying physics.

Get the red ninja arts to refill your Ninja Power to the max before climbing up.

Wait for one of these guys to jump up with you then pick him off and do the same to the other.

Watch out for another one of those guys coming from the back and also watch for the shooter on the left before leaping over the pit.

More akward steps here and you got hawks to deal with.

Beware of these spiders. Let them fall before you hop past over the pits. There is another scroll coming up soon in one of the red orbs.

Wait for the hawk to come to you and kill it before moving on.

Get this potion in this orb for more energy.

Let this guy fall to his death first then leap to the awkward steps.

Deal with the guy on the left first then run to the left to glitch out the other guy.

Watch out for another roller trying to sneak behind you.

This guy below takes several hits. Watch out for his fire mace.

Take out the zombie swordsmen and watch out for other guys coming from behind.

This is another Shadow Clone you can use. Get rid of these guys as soon as possible.

Up the ladder is the next boss.

3-3: The third boss is Funky Dynamite. What kind of name is that?

Whenever Funky Dynamite gets hit, he will fall to the ground and he will spew out some mortars.

As Funky Dynamite flies arond he will throw stars at where you stand.

Don't let him fall on you if one of your Shadow Clones hits him.

When he is close to death, throw Firewheel to make him fall to the ground each time he gets up and avoid the mortars.

Funky Dynamite defeated.

Act IV

4-1: Everything looks calm for now until...

the background turns into an inferno. Lava balls pop out of the fire pit and explode in several directions.

The walking eyes can be a problem. Duck and take them out before they start jumping around.

Let the lava ball do its buisness before going up this wall.

Climb up the ladder to the next area.

Before going up, take out the live fireballs.

Avoid the rocks and kill the enemy throwing them.

Get this potion if you need the energy.

There is a scroll in this orb.

Beware of the flames coming from below.

Get ready to move across small narrow platforms.

The bats can be a nuisance.

The vampire bats are even worse as they behave like hawks.

This ladder takes you out of this hellhole.

4-2: Glad that hellhole is overwith. Now it time to get cooler.

The water flow will push you in the direction it is flowing if you are on the ground.

Slide down this wall and trow a Windmill Throwing Star to kill the enemy.

Jump across the pit and take out this guy quickly.

Wait for the enemies to turn away before jumping onto their platform and killing them.

Some will come from behind and try to ambush you.

Climb down the ladder to the next area.

Take careful steps as you head to the left.

You are trying to navigate back and forth to the top.

Approach this enemy slowly and slash it as it approaches. It functions like the walking eye. You probably remember a similar enemy in the first game.

At the top, be careful not to fall.

One mistimed jump can send you to a lower floor.

Climb down to the next spot.

Some more small steps you need to take to get to this platform.

The small flames chase you as well.

The 1-up is in this orb. If you climb back up to the previous area and come back down, the 1-up returns so you can max out your lives if you have time.

Use the Windmill Throwing Star to hit enemy through the walls to make it safer for you.

Another enemy from the first game. He attacks like before. Chucking axes at you.

Off to face the next boss.

4-3: The fourth boss is Naga Sotuva

Leap forward and slash him in the head.

Avoid the claw swipe that Naga Sotuva does.

It will move as far as just below his head...

It will return back.

Then the other claw will attack. The pattern repeats.

Naga Sotuva defeated.

Act V

5-1: There is a full Ninja Power in the orb behind this guy.

Don't get hit by the daggers this enemy drops from above.

You are surrounded. Take out the ground enemies first then go up the wall.

These four orbs contain different weapons. You want the second one which is the Invincible Firewheel. It will have good use in the next part.

Avoid hitting the spikes like the plauge. For those Game Genie cheaters. Spikes are the only thing that will do damage to you.

Kneel and attack these bugs as they come to you.

Don't touch the fire as you jump over it.

This is a good spot to use the Invincible Firewheel.

Especially when you got enemies on small platforms to deal with and a wave of flames below.

and also to death with this guy. One orb contains a scroll.

Make a careful leap between these spikes.

Kill these spiders. You met these guys when you fought Baron Spider at the end of Stage 2.

You are almost there. Just carefully hop over the flames.

Be sure not to jump to high or you will get hit by the spikes above.

5-2: It's going to be slippery here as you trek through platforms of ice.

Lure the spider into falling by jumping forward but pulling back to do a small forward jump then slash it as it falls.

The Invincible Firewheel is your friend in this level too.

This orb contains a 1-up. The orb before the ladder leading down has health.

Climb down the left side and jump to the right to safely clear these pits.

Once again use your Invincible Firewheel.

You will get full Ninja Power throughout your journey and continue to use that Power for a while.

You still have the Invincible Firewheel here but here is another one down below if you lost it earlier.

After these small slippery steps lie door that lead to a confrontation with Ashtar. Go get him.

5-3: At last you meet the evil Ashtar himself.

Ashtar will disappear then fireballs will close in where he will appear.

Then he spreads them back out and repeats the process. Slash him while he is visible.

Ashtar defeated. For a leading bad guy he went down a little too quickly but guess what? This is not the end of the game. There are a couple more levels to tackle.

Act VI

6-1: The foreground blocks your view of enemies.

Avoid the live fire coming from behind.

Another Shadow Clone if you need it.

Jump into the hole to move to the next part.

Drop down carefully to avoid a bullet the upper enemy spits.

The scroll is in the red orb behind the foreground.

Use your Fire Dragon Balls to take out this guy.

Avoid the fire rock splatter and kill the bat before hopping over the pit.

The next level is just ahead.

6-2: There is an Invincible Firewheel behind the rock thrower. It's crucial to beating this level.

Time to go on a rampage.

No one can stop you now as long as you have your power Mwahaha.

6-3: Kelbeross we meet again.

There are two of them. One of them is real and the other one is fake. The real one will take damage and the other one won't.

Don't really bother with the Invincible Firewheel since it will only last until you hit Kelbeross and dissipate.

Climb up the wall to avoid some of the hops.

Finish him. In this case the Invincible Firewheel is okay but I decided to kancho (1000 Years of Pain) him in the rear for the killing blow.

Kelbeross defeated.


7-1: More enemies to deal with but this shot is filler to say welcome to the final act of the game.

There is a full Ninja Power in this orb.

Wait for the blob to go on one side of the wall before climbing up.

Damn hawks. Kill it and watch out for the rolling guy on the left as he might hop his way up there where you are.

Climb the right wall and use it to get on the platforms.

Climb into the next area.

The fireballs will home in on you but you got the Firewheel to deal with them before they come back.

The last scroll. Now you have 100 Ninja Power max.

Use the Firewheel to take these enemies out.

Also use it to get this enemy on the top of the column.

More flames to deal with and again the Firewheel will take them out. Use the steps to get to the ladder before the fires reform.

Make a break for it and kill enemies in the way and enter the exit leading to 7-2.

7-2: Use this column to get over the wall.

Stand on the right of this platform and the fire can't hit you.

Wait for the fire to leave before climbing up the left wall.

Here the Invincible Firewheel again.

Now it is time to end this level and the action stages once and for all.

Don't bother with these guys on the right. They are show and tell.

Take care of the hawk and you can ignore the bazooka man by jumping after he fires then jump to the left and go over him.

After climbing up two levels, use the Invincible Firewheel once more and just get the Windmill Throwing Star on the right or the Fire Dragon Balls on the left. I chose the Windmill Throwing Star.

7-3: Jaquio has returned and he is tougher than ever.

As you probably found out, he does float back and forth at the top anymore. Use whatever Ninja Power you have left to use then carefully avoid his swoops.

The fire he spews home in on the spot you were standing in when they were spawned. Slash him when comes to the ground to damage him easily. The fire can be killed.

Jaquio defeated.

7-4: Jaquio has taken a new form. You want to attack his head.

The Shadow clones do good damage to him easier since they only move when you move and slash at the same time you do.

Avoide the acid drops coming from above though. Then avoid the fireball he spits.

Continue attacking the head when safe.

Jaquio has been defeated again but it's still not over yet.

7-5: Jaquio has merged with the Demon Statue from the first game and has new attacks but the same weakness.

Get close and duck down to avoid the upper claw. Avoid the set of balls he spits then position your shadow clones to attack the head in your wake as you concentrate on staying alive.

Move away from the lower claw and wait for it to retract to continue the attack.

Unlike before, the head doesn't fall off and chase you, it is destroyed.

Now you can take on the Demon the same way you did before. Attacking the belly and avoid the fireballs that rain down.

The Demon has been the defeated and you have beaten the game.

The End.