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Prey Walkthrough Last Call

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Step into the hallway and meet Enisi, Tommy's grandfather. Enisi predicts you will need him before the night is out.

Step into the bar and spy your girlfriend, Jen, working the rails. She's also the bar's owner.

To the right are these fully-functional arcade machines. Take your time and enjoy a game of Pac Man-like action on the Rune Man machine.

Check out the jukebox -- you can change the song if you like. There are some great classics on here.

You can also change channels on the TV. Enjoy a clip from the classic Duck and Cover civil defense film, or see a very young Peter Graves in Killers from Space, widely credited with spawning the alien abduction craze. Note the arcade machine reflections on the TV's glass - awesome effect.

When you're done exploring the bar, approach Jen and retrieve your monkey wrench.

Listen to Enisi for some eternal wisdom, then hear the wolves howling.

Tommy asks Jen to go away with him, but Jen stands firm that she wants to remain on the reservation.

The two jerks at the bar get fresh with Jen, and you need to defend her honor - with your monkey wrench. This bit makes no sense.

Soon after, the TV broadcast is interrupted by a CEM alert. Strange objects are being reported in the sky...

A previously-unselectable song plays on the jukebox - Blue Oyster Cult's Don't Fear the Reaper. The first time I ever heard of this band was at a Junior High dance in 1977. Several band names were scrawled across the gymnasium walls as part of its transformation into a dance hall. I was certain that BOC was just a joke name. Anyway, I soon became a fan, and now it's time to Rock 'n Roll!

The building shakes, the roof disintegrates, and green lights pull Enisi, Jen, and you up to a large craft in the sky. Congratulations, you've just been abducted by aliens!