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Prey Walkthrough Escape Velocity

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Jen and Enisi are still with you.

This Disney-like wild ride carries you into the ship. This is the best game opening I've seen since the original Half Life. Very fun.

Keep an eye out for the guy on the right. He sets a bomb to sabotage your fateful trek.

After Jen has finished praying, the bomb explodes and sets you free.

You'll find yourself here, wrench in hand. Continue through the sphincter (sphinc-door) ahead. Eww.

Crouch through here. This area serves as a tutorial. Nicely done.

Introduce your monkey wrench to the appropriately-named fodder on the left. The guy in his undies far-right is beyond help.

Use the panel on the right to open the door.

A helpful accomplice can be seen on the left telling you to follow him. Defeat another fodder on the right then two more as you approach his position.

Something got him shortly after he motioned to you. Continue through the crawlspace.

You feel disoriented as you enter this room. Walk behind the device ahead.

Meet your first portal. Step through to enter a distant room.

Witness some strange sights through this glass corridor.

Before heading right at this "T" junction, go left for a quick scare.

Don't fret -- the hound can't reach you through the glass. The doors on either side are locked, so backtrack past the junction.

Walk over the purple spores to heal yourself. Duck behind the portal on the left and pass through.

Yikes! Ready your wrench for three fodders beyond the door. Use your lighter to light the way.

This is so over-the-top nightmarish that it's hilarious.

Head right to find Jen, apparently on the same path to squishdom.

Pass through another door and witness Enisi's grizzly fate.

Another friend stops the squish-o-matic and opens this portal for you, before warning that the hunters will soon arrive. After the bars slide away, hop through the portal to load the next level.