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Episode 1

Howard Wright Escape the police officer

Escape the police officer run down the street

Grab the sake bottle from the bench on your left

Sneak up on the shibito police officer, with your flashlight off and hit him with the Bottle

He'll drop a note pick it up

Run up the hill to the right until you reach a building in the far corner is a hiding spot, hide.

Wait until the officer leaves and exit your hiding place and head for the window he opened

Go inside, head to the back room where the TV is on. There is a sake bottle on the table, nab it if you feel the need and hide in the cupboard.

Sneak out the backdoor and grab the shovel.

After the shibito smashes through the wall get your shibito whoop on

Mission complete

Episode 2 part 1

Sam Monroe Search for the others.

Head up the path & up the stairs until you get a cut scene

Turn your flashlight off and sneak past the shibito

Find a Weapon

Grab the pipe on the wall to your left

Hit the shibito as directed to in the tutorial,

Head to the building in the back on the right side is a ladder. Go up the ladder.

At the top examine the examine point for a video tap for the archive

Break the lock off the door to the mining office and go inside

Mission complete

Episode 2 part 2

Howard Wright Escape to Karuwari with Amana.

Follow the tutorial

Follow Amana, you eventually fall in a hole in the roof

Hide in the cupboard to your left

Run outside and back up onto the roof you fell in and down to Amana

Follow Amana

Sneak around the opposite side of the building to your right and go upstairs

Knock the sign onto the shibito

Head for Amana (sightjack to find her)

Follow her to the shack and grab an animal trap, and follow the tutorial

Mission complete

Episode 2 part 3

Sam Monroe Escape to Hirasakai with Melissa Gale.

Follow the tutorial and brace the door's the shibito comes to or just kill it

Use The Phone and Dial 508(this will unlock a door later on)
Then follow Melissa until the cut scene

Turn around and go back down the cart tracks until you reach a tunnel

In here will be a shibito with a gun, kill him and go inside the pump station room and grab the can opener

Crack him in the back of the head and collect the Gun he wields

On the way back make sure to pull the Track switch on the left hand wall before heading back

Shoot the shibito that are in your way and head back up into the mine

You'll see a cart go a push it and jump on in

Head inside the new opened area

And grab a miner's diary to add to archive

Head back up the mine tracks

Swing a right in the mine area where you pushed the cart from

Mission complete

Episode 3 part 1

Bella Monroe, Escape The Saiga Hospital

Open the door

And sneak by the shibito it is dark but you must turn off your flashlight to get to stairs B.

Follow the stairs down, there will be a shibito in an operating room, notice the examine point in between the divider

Watch the shibito as it turns off the device to the left (heart monitor).

Wait till it goes back to work and turn the machine back on, then run back to the examine point and ?squeeze? through it

Run to The door in the back right corner

And through to the next door, go to the C Stairs and head down

Follow the path until you meet up with a shibito

Wait till she goes into the room opposite from the incinerator

Head inside the incinerator room and look for the reception key and pick it up

Quickly hide in the Incinerator.

After the Shibito goes back to her business come out and head for the stairs A and go up.

At the top you will find the reception office, unlock it & go inside

Call for help on the intercom, Cut scene.

Sightjack ?The Shibito? trying to get into the door

And run down stairs A.

At the bottom you will find a Nurse shibito wait for her to go to work and head for the locker room

Hide in a locker

By now that ?Shibito? you sightjacked should be nearing your location,

Wait for him to head up the elevator and leave your hiding spot

Head into the kitchen down the hall

Look for a kitchen timer, click on it, quickly run back to the locker and wait for the shibito to go investigate

When it does run through the room it was in and to the Employee stairs straight ahead

Squeeze through at the top of them,

Cut scene.
Mission complete

Episode 3 part 2

Howard Wright, Escape to Tabori With Miyako.

Sneak up to the spot on your map that looks like a tree in the East Fields.

Climb it. Cut scene,

Sight jack Miyako so you can keep and eye on her.

Head west to the drop off.

Then follow the path past the church on your map

Go down the stairs on the opposite side

You are now in West fields

Check the Iron Gate to your left

Proceed NW on the map towards the Equipment Storage

There will be a shibito up in the rice fields
( Sightjack them and try and slip by if you want but I kept miyako locked in)
If you get caught quickly run for the equipment storage and get a weapon

Lay the hurt on it, after it is down head back to the iron gate. Examine it

Break the chain with your new bloody weapon

Head in, inside is a shibito

Slip by or execute them, and head for Miyako who is in the Dialapidated Shed.

Slaughter any shibito on the way and the few trying to get Miyako at the Shed.

Open the door and get Miyako to follow you,

Head back to the Iron gate now.

Once through there maybe the shibito who was in the rice fields you ?killed? earlier.

If so slip by or attack, and head for the Road to Tabori,

There will be a creek and no bridge,

Knock over the tree to your right and head on over it.

Up the path there will be a shibito attack or wait for him to leave

Continue up the path to the left.

Mission Complete,

Cut scene.

Episode 4 part 1

Seigo Saiga, Escape to Hirasakai with Sam Monroe.

Follow the tutorial, and shoot the Shibito trying to get Sam,

Then the other one coming up the river.

Then climb down the ladder, shoot the First flying shibito

Head down the stairs at the bottom and swing a left

Kill any shibito you see and head for the house Sam ran into.

He is up stairs, after getting him head out and to the noodle shop.

Inside is the Cop shibito from earlier deal with him

Grab the ?Noodles? on the table before leaving.

Kill any shibito you find along your path

Head back to the stairs you came down at the beginning of this level.

Run up the stairs and go straight instead of heading back to the lookout tower.

There will be a shibito with a hunting rifle he?ll shoot you once

But after that he goes down easy, continue up the path

Mission complete.

Cut scene.

Episode 4 part 2

Howard Wright Escape to Kawuwari with Miyako

After the cut scene run towards Miyako.

Head around the side on the buildings following the path, there will be a shibito on the right gardening kill him

Head to the building to your left & crawl under.

Once inside there will be a shibito roaming the halls kill it.

Notice the closet behind you when you start the level

And the box in the room to the left wired shut

Then head up stairs

In the first room you come to there are 2 hiding spots,
Have Miyako hide, make sure and grab the wire cutters part (b).

Head to the other 2 rooms, one has a shibito in it. The other is locked and you don?t have the key.

Head to the room with the shibito in it and kill it.

Grab the clock winding key, Head back down stairs and into the kitchen

Unlock the locked door and head outside,

Once outside head to the right and into the shed on your left

There will be a shibito inside execute him, and grab the closet key.

Head back in the kitchen and to the closet from the beginning of the level,

Unlock it and go inside and grab wire cutter parts (a)

Head to the Box wired shut in the room next to you,

Open it and get an archive.

Head back towards the kitchen and find the clock on the wall of the hallway,

Then sightjack until you find the shibito guarding the room key with a .38, lock him in

Wind the clock and run into the kitchen and shut the door,

He will either walk to the kitchen door or down the hallway execute him either way,

Take his gun and grab the key he was guarding

Now go get Miyako,
picture- 0937
Head to the locked room upstairs,

Unlock it and go inside and shut the door behind you.

Go out the window

And to the right along to rooftop,

Avoid the hole in the roof

Jump to the shed then once again to the cliff edge

Follow the path..

Mission complete.

Cut scene

Episode 5 part 1

Episode 5

Melissa Gale, Find a clue to the whereabouts of Bella Monroe.

When you start you?ll be outside the Hospital you?ll need to find a way inside.

Straight ahead are a few lockers and two storage boxes

Climb up on them and then onto the roof.

On the roof there will be a window to jump in.

Once inside go to the door and watch the scene, afterwards run to stairs A

(Which is just to your left as you exit the room)
Head all the way to the top and check the door for a checkpoint.

Now you need a key which just so happens to be down on the first floor,

Run down the stairs to the first floor,

Once there it?ll be the first door to your right coming off the stairs

Sightjack the spider shibito in there to revel the key to the roof,

Open the door and toss a flare.
(Down on the d-pad)
Grab the key and head back to the roof locked door up stairs A.

Unlock it go through and around to the right for a cut scene,

You can go check the valve up on the roof of the door you came out of but no idea what it does

Jump down the hole in the railing

Head for the door and go through

At the bottom hang a left and go into the research lab

Grab Seigo Saiga?s notebook from the cart.

Now head down the hallway till you see a cut scene,

It?s a nurse pushing a Shibito Brain in a wheelchair,

After the scene sightjack till you see Seigo saiga and watch his conversation,

Which reveals the room number to call later on ?201?.

Now head for the Elevator and go down to the basement,

After a few seconds the door will shut, which gives you time to sightjack the area.

Look for the nurse pushing to Brain.

Once she passes by run into the kitchen, grab the kitchen knife.

Track her down and try and KO the brain first, then the nurse, Cut scene.

After the scene head to the elevator and up to floor 1

On the first floor go to the surgery prep room and use the phone to call Sam.

Mission complete

Episode 5 part 2

Amana, Recall lost memories.

Follow the tutorial and sightjack the shibito with your brooch,

Follow her, she?ll meet up with a male shibito at the Church

Watch as they talk? And wait for them to go inside

Follow and pickup the signal flares on the floor to your right

Watch the shibito you have sightjacked the one with the Brooch, she?ll put it in a box at the statue,

Head down there and toss a flare when near the three shibito.

Grab a beer bottle and go to town on them.
picture- 1152
After they are down? Cut scene.

Grab the kitchen knife before you leave and release you sightjack

Head back upstairs you?ll get your first memory

Sightjack to find it like the Tutorial said to,

Next stop Mitamura House.

Kill the shibito inside the house and take her dagger.

Head into the living room to find a memory, Sight jack to find it take note of the name,

Deal with any flying and regular shibito and head down to past the Noodle shop.

At the end of the broken street is a path to the left

go down it to find the ?Gateway? and a memory,

Sightjack to find it use this picture as reference for later

Now to the Graveyard.

Deal with any resistance and head for the stairs behind the Karibna Noodle shop

Once at the graveyard search for the name from the memory from the Mitamura house,

Using sightjacking of course,(it may take a few graves as it seemed to change each time trough)

Once you found it examine it and break the seal with the picture above.

Now back to the Statue under the Church kill any shibito on the way there,

Break the seal

Then head back to the gateway

Kill any resistance you encounter

Once you reach the gateway scene will play

Mission complete.

Cut scene

Episode 6 part 1

Episode 6

Howard Wright, Take out the ?Pursuer.?

Head up the stairs and swing a left

Head to the nearby mine cart and push it. Jump in if you want.

(I walked and undid the traps in the tunnel they come in handy)
Next head into the mining office

And head down stairs into the shop room under the office.

Switch the elevators on

Make note of the work bench you can examine.

Then continue to head down,

Once down inside the mine you can sightjack and play it safe

Or you can book it down towards the ladder,

Avoid the shibito for now, either way once down the ladder take the East path

Follow it all the way to the end there will be a Siren key here pick it up

(note the key is a checkpoint, and you can get a shotgun by dying here)

Once you have gotten the key just stand there until the shibito kills you.

You?ll spawn again at the key but with the shibito dead. Hmm?

Take his shovel to revel a double barrel shotgun hiding underneath it. Nifty!
(I think this is a game glitch)
Once you have the shotgun head back to the ladder you came down.

Don?t go up instead head down the small path to your right.

There will be a shibito brain hanging in the back kill him.

(Sometimes he is up the stairs where you got the shotgun)
After he is down head back up the ladder

Now all shibito minus the Pursuer are dead now.
Head back to that workbench we found in the mining office,

At the bench it will say ?Modify Shotgun? do so, now you have a broom stick.

You can go back up to the siren control room or down stairs and play in the elevator

They both pretty much take you the same place, the Siren control room.

At the top of the stairs in the mining office set a trap

Head into the Siren control room and activate it,

?Sometimes while playing this level for the guide different things happened here.
sometimes there were 3 to 4 spider shibito that came sometimes there weren?t,?

Kill them if they come, and head into the Mining office,

Inside will be ?the Pursuer? hopefully caught in your trap, 1 shot and he goes down.

Mission complete

Episode 6 part 2

Bella Monroe, Reach the Irazu Valley Church.

Once the level starts open you map, looks like we go to east fields,

Head that way avoid the shibito, if you get caught RUN for the objective which is the church by the way.

There will be a fallen tree you need to climb under as your first obstacle,
picture- 1493
Hide in the fuel storage if you need to it is on your right after the tree.

Next off to the Dilapidated Shed,

If you get caught try and hold the door shut.

If not run for the Iron gate,

Avoid the ?Sol Shibito?, and maggot shibito

(Remember shibito are slow you can out maneuver them.)
Once through the gate swing a right head up the stairs..

Mission complete

Episode 7 part 1

Howard Wright.

You need to reach the Nest Core

Head down the road till you see a path to the right

Shoot the Shibito in your way and head up the stairs

On the roof execute the shibito and grab his Rifle if you want(you?ll have to drop it in a minute anyway)

Jump off the roof and go to the rack outside of the Lucky Triangle and grab the mining pick

Head over to the Boarded up Doorway at the house to the NW of you.

Knock the boards down with the Pick

Once inside a Shibito will come execute him

Head down the hallway and up the stairs

Head out the back and Bang! Shibito! Kill him

New Objective Kill Shibito Brain

Swing a Left outside & head up the path till it dead ends in a room with a closet with a hole to small for you to examine

Run back to where you came out of the house and down and across the gap.

Now into the shack on the left

Run through until you come back outside, you?ll find an examine point (same as before to Small)

Run up the stairs on the left, down the hall to the doorway

Go out the other side, jump down a couple times

Check you map out you need to head to the Abandoned House, or you can go get a Gun from the sniper first

Personally I?d go get the gun to do so kill the Flying Shibito and run to the bridge.

Duck and stick to the left side of the bridge
SightJack till you find the Sniper on the roof,

Make you way over the bridge sticking to the left wall

Soon you?ll see a building with a Lever Turn it

Pass under it and around the side of that building there will be a barrel or two

Climb up to the top of the roof and kill the sniper and take his weapon

Head across the street and up the stairs there

At the top it will dead end but there is a roof to the right to jump onto,

Jump down to the bottom of the path.

There will be a Shibito with a gun on the balcony directly in front of you kill him

Head inside the Lucky Triangle at the end of the path

Inside will be a Flying shibito

And an 8mm film for the Archive

Now head back to the abandoned house and kill you a shibito brain.

Once there head inside and hide until you sightjack the brain

Wait until he come in and shoot him or whack him with some kind of weapon

Head back over the bridge

To the end of the street to the NE

And climb up to the roof

Mission Complete

Episode 7 part 2

Howard Wright, Drive away the shibito Brain

Run to the other side of the bus and

Jump on and head to the back

Grab the wrench here and prepare yourself

Kill the 3 shibito spiders crawling around

Head towards the post box around the corner to your left

Climb on top of the barrels in the back of the hallway and continue up

You?ll end up on a roof top/Hut grab the Dagger to your left

Head out the opposite side and into the only door there

Climb the ladder

At the top will be 3 spider shibito?s murder them hastily

Run down the hall and push the soda machine

Head south towards the Curves sign and climb up

At the end of the path will be a ladder to climb and a crowbar grab the crow bar and head up the ladder

You?ll see a maggot shibito across the way pay it no mind and hop down

Break the lock to your right with your crow bar and nab the rifle, kill the 3 spider?s and head straight around the building in front of you

On the side will be a fridge you can examine do so

Sightjack the maggot and wait till it is looking away and make a run for the ladder on the smokestack.

After the scene wait for the Sam shibito to come to you and kill him

Grab the Can opener he grabbed in episode 2 and kill the other spider

Head back to the fridge you examined and use the can opener for an archive

Now wait until the coast is clear again and head back up the smokestack ladder

At the top follow the path on the map towards the Storehouse

Shoot or beat the lock off the door to the Storehouse

Mission Complete

Episode 8 part 1

Sol Jackson, Reunite with any survivors.

Climb down the ladder in front of you

Shut your flashlight off and walk forward towards the door.

After the scene, sightjack till you find the shibito patrolling the hall and back up into the corner

Wait until he makes his way back and go down the ladder he walks by

At the bottom you?ll see a switch on the side of the wall across the way

Down the hall and make the only right into a cove full of red water hide here after you use the switch

Wait till the shibito walks by, and run East down the shaft

At the end you?ll hook a left towards the stairs

Grab you Video camera here on the stairs

Walk up the stairs and execute the lookout shibito

Pick up her Nail hammer

And head back towards the ladder you?ll see the shibito you tricked kill him take his Pick

Run back towards the ladder but go past it until it ends and go right down the tunnel

Here will be a shibito getting drunk, Provoke a fight kill him and grab the Key

Now sightjack until you find the shibito patrolling the hallway upstairs lock him in

Head part way up the ladder wait until he goes into the storage room and kill him

Grab the archive inside the storage room

Now off to the SE down the mine shaft until you come upon and armed shibito kill it

Now with your rifle head to the ladder

Climb the ladder at the top run to the elevator for a Scene.

After the scene you are Sam Monroe

Sneak past the shibito staring At the controls you need to use and head upstairs, at the top take a right and go out the back door

Go up the hill and into the mine shaft, at the top of the path go to the cart you used earlier

Push it again just like last time but jump out on the bridge if you decide to jump in

Grab the rifle the shibito dropped on the bridge and head back to the one watching the panel

Shoot him and use the switch to turn on the elevators, scene

Back to Sol Jackson, go into the elevator and go up.

At the top unlock the door to the Pumping station

Inside shut off the pump for some stuff later apparently

Run down the hall till you see the shibito trying to kill Sam(He has a damn gun why don?t he use it?)

Sam will come to you
Mission Complete

Episode 8 part 2

Melissa Gale, Escape to Karuwari with Bella Monroe.

After the scene tell Bella to hide under the bed

Run out the door and up stairs to the roof you unlocked in an earlier episode

Once on the roof climb back up to the valve you could examine earlier on the roof of the roof

Turn it on for a scene and go back to Bella
Leave the room and swing a left but go outside instead of using the stairs

Hop down and grab the Sake bottle near the doorway

Head inside on the stairs will be a nurse shibito sneak up and kill her and take her scalpel

Now head to stairs B and go to the basement might be a nurse on the way kill her if so.

At the bottom go to stairs C and go down again now your in the basement, head to the incinerator

Have Bella hide in the Incinerator and get the archive grab the Iron Poker before you leave.

Now back up stairs A to the ground floor, across the way is a nurse in the room kill her take her pot and switch back

Head out and to the glass doors and examine them for a scene

Afterwards leave the room and close the door and head down stairs C at the bottom is a locked door

Unlock it and go inside and hit the switch for a scene

Leave the room for another scene and head back up stairs C

Run into the Surgery prep room and through the Operating room, head to the elevator on this floor

Inside is a nurse, kill her and go to 2nd floor

As soon as you exit out the elevator on the 2nd floor swing a right and attack Sol before he gets Bella

After he is down Bella will flee in fear and hide somewhere sightjack to find her and head to her

After reunited head back to the glass doors you examined a minute ago

They are jammed what do you know, head back up stairs A and inside of the restroom make Bella hide

Head into room 203 across the hall and grab the whiskey bottle if you haven?t got it yet

Jump out the window and down to the ground and head for the door and grab the sign blocking it

Head back to bella

Now back to the doors, once outside walk towards the lockers to your left out of the glass doors for a scene with Bella grabbing something

Head for the gate that leads out of here

Mission Complete

Episode 9 part 1

Melissa Gale, Help Bella Monroe Escape.

After the scene turn around and run down the opposing stairs

Sightjack the shibito with a gun and lock him in

Wait till he looks away and jump down off the top of the fuel storage

At the bottom there is a hacksaw and Froe axe garb either and examine the point on the side for an archive

Then climb back up on top of the fuel storage pull Bella up and head back to the church

Kill the two shibito up there who have came to Worship.

Head down the South stairs and into the West fields

Head straight for the Equipment shed once near you?ll get a scene

A maggot now wants to eat Bella look for the 3 red barrels and yell at the maggot to draw attention
picture- 2243
Knock over all the barrels for a scene

Use the lighter for another scene Mmmm Toasty

Mission Complete

Episode 9 part 2

Seigo Saiga, Help Bella Monroe escape and acquire the Ancient Book,

Start out by shooting Sol

Then a flying shibito then a walking one who is in Bella?s way

Head down the ladder and book it to the noodle shop kill the shibito in here

Bella will run out the back and back around the Matsui house head there fast and shoot the shibito

This will help Bella escape, now onto the roof

Jump across and fall in the hole you fell in earlier with Amana and Miyako

Pick up the archive on the heater for a scene

Now head upstairs to the closet Sam was at the beginning and open it kill the thing grab the key

Now head for the Worship hall kill the drunkard shibito and go inside

The bookcase in the back examine it, scene

Mission Complete

Episode 10 part 1

Episode 10

Bella Monroe, Escape From Tabori

At the start use the Advanced sightjacking to lock in all 3 family members, Mom, Dad, And Daughter

Watch mommy and daddy when she goes into the kitchen and he goes to the WC(wash closet) head
Up stairs to the room he left the key in

Once you grab the key hide in the cabinet

When you see daughter leave her room head in there by the guitar is a Spool knitter grab it

Now head for the locked door with the sleeping shibito in it unlock it and head outside (you've got to creep by or he wakes up)

Hop down off the roof and head for the Detached room and go inside and grab the closet key

Now grab mommy?s sight and wait until she watches the TV and ring to doorbell

After she comes out the door head inside ducking and for the locked closet on the first floor

Inside is a Insect catching kit grab it and hide again till the coast is clear(don?t get caught or you?ll have to do this all over again)

After you have the kit and make it back up stair?s safely going from hiding spot to hiding spot head outside again

On the SE corner of the map is a pond, go near the tree and use the Kit you just got in the closet

After a few minutes run back and check on it you?ll get a Beetle

Now head for the Front gate once out it a scene will kick off, after it do a 180 and run away as fast as you can until the shibito chasing you lost sight

Now sightjack her and wait till she is on the other side of the building and try and unlock the gate

If she is far enough away you should be able to open it and get out

Mission Complete

Episode 10 part 2

Howard Wright, Break the four seals.

Head towards the tree you climbed the first time through this level

Once up there grab the Garden Hoe and note the broken hunting trap

Now head to Miyako she is in the Dilapidated shed if she is not there go there anyway and grab the hunting traps

Now find Miyako sightjack her and go to her

Head to a Seal on your map marked by dice either will do I went to ?Lion? first break the seal

Now to the Iron Gate break the chain and break the ?Man? seal

Now head to the tree bridge behind the Equipment storage garb a brush hatchet from there and head to the seal kill any shibito you see in this level

Break the ?Eagle? seal

Now head down the path to you left and swing a right at the bottom and close the floodgate

Head down till you see a shibito who is stuck in the field here murder him to stop the flies

Now head back to the shed you got the traps from

Once there jump off the bridge (kill the shibito here first) and head up the stairs you?ll be back at the top

You?ll see the broken hunting trap place a trap here and run through the map in a full circle, then come back

If done right you?ll here the trap spring as you come up the stairs, grab the archive and head down to the ?Bull? seal

Break it

Mission Complete

Episode 11 part 1

Seigo Saiga, Acquire the Uryen

When you start out shoot Yukie and head down the shaft until it comes out then shoot the sniper to your left

Head into the mining office and down the stairs to the elevator controls

You need a Fuse. Modify the shotgun at the workbench and head down further into the mine

Once down kill the shibito mining near the storage room and head further you?ll see a toolbox

Grab the fuse and head back, the roof will collapse, jump down near the center shaft

Now that your down the hole, you?ll be on the floor with the Siren key from earlier head to the flooded room

If you followed my guide there will be no water here head back and examine the TNT in the wall

Head back to the ladder that goes back up to the other floor (kill the spider shibito)

Head back to the elevator controls and use the fuse and turn the power on (Yukie will come for you kill her)

Head back down to the West shaft level 2 and towards elevator C, use the call button

It will fall but you can still get down it, head down

Make a note of Elevator B and head down the stairs to the east.

You?ll see a maggot and a lit up area to your right head there and grab the wooden stake

Now head back to elevator B and go up it, A shibito will spot you, let him open the storage room

He?ll grab some bolt cutters and cut the wire holding the door shut when he does this you can kill him
(Make sure not to kill him till he opens both doors)

Head inside the storage room and grab the Detonator, make sure you switch to the bolt cutters and then back to the shotgun

Now to the TNT down the ladder in the old flooded area

Use it and get the archive

Now back to the elevator controls turn off the power, time to go Brain hunting (guess who)

Head back up to the mining office and out the back door and up the hill,

If the sniper see?s you wait till he isn?t looking and head up on the bridge and kill the sniper

Now head towards elevator A (near the pumping station on map) you?ll see Yukie Kill her

Head over to her body and ?Drive the stake into her?

Now back to the elevator controls and turn them back on

Most of the shibito are dead now a few remain head down to elevator B again and go down

Head for the east stairs at the bottom and into the room with the maggot it?ll be dead

On the NW wall is a ladder go up it

Head down the path until you see a point that say?s ?Squeeze through? do so

Mission Complete

Episode 11 part 2

Howard Wright, Enter the Nest Core with Bella Monroe.

Make Bella wait and head to the back side of the Lucky Triangle and grab the metal pipe kill the fly

Now grab Bella and head for the first dice on your map it is a hole for Bella send her through it

Jump down and run to the door with slats covering it and break them down as fast as possible

Once inside get Bella from the Wash closet and head up the stairs in the back

At the top make Bella wait and head out the door and kill the spider shibito

Grab Bella and head out the door make a left instantly and head for the room at the end of the hallway

There will be a closet she can get through send her on her way and head back around the ?Adult? path

Once up to her level get her from inside the room and head out the back door

As soon as you go out it to your right is another hole for Bella send her through it

Then head up the stairs and down the hallway to the small room to the NW

Once back on solid ground head for abandoned house and head inside the back room

You will see a toy hanging from the roof hit it to make the spider?s come in the building then kill them

Shut the door as you leave to lock them in

Go grab Bella and head for the bridge make her wait on it

Sightjack till you see the Brain shibito (it will be where the sniper usually is)

Head over to the lever and use it again if you get spotted wait till the brain returns to normal and go KO it

Now head back to Bella and then to the Shop you found the 8mm film in (up the stairs to the SE)

Once inside examine the crack in the floor for an archive

Now head back to the Upper Arato Tunnel and climb to the top

Mission Complete

Episode 12 part 1

Sam Monroe, Discover the Truth

Once you start run for the door on the bus and head inside it

At the back grab the wrench again and head outside the maggot will crash through a wall and a scene will play out with Bella

Head for the room Bella opened and grab the archive. (Best to just let the maggot kill you here)

Once you restart head for the barrels beside Renaissance Grocery

Climb to the top and run for the door that is locked with luck you?ll beat the maggot here and get inside

Head up the ladder and run to the room with a soda machine and push it like you did earlier

Wait till the coast is clear and run out and up to the next level, and run for the lookout tower

Head up and check your map at the top you?ll see some antenna?s marked on it head for one and grab it

Objective is to hit the maggot with 3 antenna after that you?ll get a scene, and the fun begins

A Shotgun will fall from the sky after the scene (this was the most difficult part of the game for me)
You need to protect Bella from the spider shibito, I tried this many many times, working on different ways to get it done, the best way I found was to grab the gun and hunker down in the corner kill as many spiders as you can on the ground and keep watching for ones up top

After a few times you?ll get it
Mission Complete (Thank God! Did I mention I hated this part ^^)

Episode 12 part 2

Howard Wright, Defeat Kaiko

Oh Joy, Time to kill Seigo off for good don?t worry he wants to die

When it starts shoot him in the face and run around the side of the bus then shoot him again, and repeat after 3 shots he?ll drop an archive nab it and shoot him some more

After a few more shots he?ll drop his shotgun and grab a katana stay away from him when he has the sword out

After a few more shots the Uryen Seigo gave you will activate

Use it on him and you?ll see a scene

Now you are about to facing the Real Baddie of the game Kaiko

As soon as it starts Sightjack and find Miyako?s sight she?ll guide you through the fight for the most part

After you get her locked in head for the spot she is showing you with her sight and ?Plunge into the fire?

After the scene get your Kaiko whoop oh slicing it when close after a few hit try and burn it with the Uryen

After you burn it hit it with the sword and then when it falls apart burn it again to beat the game YAY!

Stuff I missed

I played this game on Normal difficulty and I know I missed some stuff, here is what I missed first time through

Items I Missed (you can go back and grab these after you get them you can quit the level.)
Archive 9
Start Episode 2, Chapter 4
It is located on top of the lookout tower

Archive 12
Start Episode3, Chapter 2
On the third floor in the nursing station use the Emergency call button in room 303 to get her to come out

Then run into the station and grab archive 12

Archive 15
Start Episode 3, Chapter 4
After you climb the tree and are headed for the shed go to the Seal up here also make sure you use the water valve for a later archive
And grab archive 15

Archive 23
Start Episode 5, Chapter 4
When you get to the graveyard examine each stone to find this archive you need to examine one twice and you?ll get it

Archive 25
Start Episode 6, Chapter 2
After you turn on the Siren run through the mining office and back up on the bridge to the elevator A and go down it, you need to find the shibito who gave us the shotgun and the shovel once there get the shovel and head back towards the mining office, but before you go through the gate to go up take the ladder in front of you

Up top it will say ?Dig? do so for archive 25

Archive 27
Episode 6, Chapter 4
Go back to episode 3 and use the valve with Howard Wright before doing this part
After you pass under the tree jump down into the river

Then pass under the bridge and through the boards blocking the path

Then head up to the Shrine at the top of the hill and examine it for archive 27

Archive 38
Start Episode 10, Chapter 2
This is one I could not find but read how to do it (correction found it)
Hide in the daughter?s room she?ll listen to the radio and draw, hide in her closet until she is alone up stairs get out yell and re hide she should leave examine the radio on her desk for Archive 38

And that's it make sure you pick up every weapon you see so it will get added to your archive.

Written by Mike Shumate
For ? High Quality Visual Walkthrough?s only 2008