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The New Kid

Leave your room and enter the bathroom to the far left. Check the drawers to find some items. You can also take a poop in the toilet. Just keep pressing the S key to successfully take a dump and for you to get a Shit Nugget afterward. Once done, leave the bathroom and go downstairs.Go to the left to enter the kitchen and open the cabinets under the sink for more items. Once done, pick up the money in the counter to the left then leave the house. Head to the right and you'll find Butters fighting off some kid. Approach the kid and attack him to “rescue” Butters. He'll be your first friend.

At Cartman's you may look around the keep. Later, you will have to choose your name and character class. Although, as you will find out, you do not have much to say as far as your name is concerned, the choice of character class is really significant and irreversible - you cannot change it later.Once you choose your class, head to Clyde and buy from him a weapon suitable for your character

It is time for combat tutorial. Although the combat is turn-based, it has some elements of an action game in it, requiring you to react quickly in particular moments. First, just hit the opponent. Select your weapon, click on Clyde and watch your character. Once he gets near the opponent, your weapon will glow for a moment. When this happens, you have to press the attack button again.After you perform a basic attack, use a heavy attack. The pattern is the same.

It is now Clyde's turn. You have to block his strike. When he starts running at you, at some point you will see a glowing circle under your character's feet. It is then, when you have to press the block button in order to reduce received damage.

The Kingdom of Kupa Keep (KKK) is attacked by elves. This is the final part of the tutorial. You must fight three fights (to start a fight, simply walk toward an elf and hit him - no matter which one you choose, since the fights are always set in the same.After the last fight, the elves retreat. However, as it turns out, they managed to seize the Stick of Truth. You have to gather three best warriors in the Kingdom: Tweek, Token and Craig, in order to recover it.

Call The Banners

Head to Dark Meadows Estate. Try to talk to the guard only to get pepper sprayed. Head to Jimbo's shop in the northwest side of town and purchase a gas mask. Return to the guard in the estate and talk to him again.

This time, the pepper spray won't work and you'll have to defeat him in battle. You'll get the Billy Club of Smithing after defeating him. Enter the estate and grab the items in Token's garage attic. Knock on the door to deliver the letter and complete this task. Token will be registered as your friend as well.

Head to Tweek's place and find him in the back room. Talk to him to receive your new task of getting the delivery from Kenny's place.

Leave the shop and go to Kenny's place in the southeast corner of the map. After talking to her mom, you'll get the garage key so open the McCormick garage. Once inside the meth lab, talk to one of the meth heads there to deliver the letter. You'll have to defeat them in battle afterward.

It is worth to carry some boosts and health potions, since the fight might be a bit difficult. First, focus on the woman, who can perform multiple attacks at the same time, so it is easy to fail to block them. Butters' Hammer of Storms is especially useful here - this can damage both her and the other opponent standing next to her.Go to craig's house,after that go to the kupa keep kingdom and talk with cartman.

Climb up the ladder and hit the plank hanging down from the ceiling. It will fall down and create a passage, as shown at the screenshot. You can find the delivery for Tweek on the shelf. Turn off the burner so you could exit and head back to the coffee shop to complete the quest. As a reward Tweek gives you the key to his chest, which is located at the back of the building. You can get to it using the ladder.Deliver the package to Tweek to complete the task. He'll be added as your friend and you'll get his stash key.

At Craig's house you will learn that he has been put in detention at school. Head to KKK, to tell Cartman about this fact (make sure you have already recruited Tweek and Token). Cartman will come up with a plan of getting the thief out of his jail, but before doing that, he will introduce you to arcana of magic.

Cartman will teach you the Dragon Shout. In order to perform it, first hold down the right analogue stick (or hold the left mouse button). Next, use the left analogue stick (A and D on keyboard) to find the proper "frequency" by making the arrow point upward (note the intensity of the waves in the circle). Once you find it, cast the spell by moving the right analogue stick up or pressing the right mouse button. You have to successfully perform this action twice - first, on the dummy, then, on Kenny.

At school you will fight a hall monitor, who is not a tough opponent. Once you defeat him you will get a message from Cartman that ginger hall monitors can bite and infect you, which you should avoid. Instead of traditional combat, try to win some next confrontations by making use of the environment. Head to the right. There, over the barricade, you will find two more gingers. Approach the fire and use the Dragon Shout to cause an explosion and eliminate them immediately. This time you do not have to meticulously modulate the spell as you did during training. You just need to stand next to the fire and suck in some air and then release it (push the right analogue stick down and up or click the left and right mouse button). The fire triggers the sprinkler over the gingers, as shown at the screenshot, while the explosion causes the speaker to fall down into a pool of water and electrocute the boys. Look out for this type of chain reactions during your entire stay at school.

Craig is in the commons, which, unfortunately, is closed. If you want to get inside, you will need the gold key, which is in the room locked with the silver key, which in turn, is in the room locked with the brass key. Another ginger on your way can be eliminated either by pulling a surprise down on his head (look at the screenshot) or by shooting at the telephone and pulling the chairs over on him. Press on.

You need your companion to open the gate. Select Kenny and use the Buddy Command tool to make him draw the guard's attention to himself. The randy guard will open the gate.

Continue to the right side and encounter another blockade. Aim for the bulletin board on the wall and wait until two monitors are underneath it. Shoot it to knock them out then engage the kid that has the brass key. After defeating him, backtrack and use the brass key to open the Faculty Office.

Once inside, shoot the ashtray to light up the firecrackers to take out one monitor. Next, stand in front of the fire and use your Dragonshout again to eliminate the guards. Next, shoot the stack of books to take out the last hallway monitor. Approach the injured kid and order Butters to heal him up. You'll get the Silver Key afterward.Go back to Mackey's office and open it with the key. The gold key can be found on the shelf in the middle of the room. Shoot it, to finally earn the access to the commons.

As you attempt to enter the commons, you are attacked by the Boss and two of his buddies. Above all, you must watch out for his cumulative abilities (casting a spell starts in one turn and ends with another), such as calling your parents. Always try to interrupt them with the Dragon Shout, which will additionally stun him. In the meantime try to quickly get rid of the other two. They are vulnerable to holy damage, so Butters will be most effective here. Do not forget to take the locker key from the fallen Boss. Using it you can open all closed lockers in the hall, so make sure to search them through before you enter the commons (the ones which can be open are marked with yellow). Finally, open the door. A cut-scene starts after which go back to the KKK.

Before the mission is over, you will learn a magic attack, Cup-A-Spell. This is similar to the Shout, but you can use it from a distance. The training goes almost as the previous one, with one difference - this time to find the proper frequency you have to turn the arrow to the right. After the training, the mission ends.

The Bard

long with your buddies go to Jimmy's house/Inn of the Giggling Donkey. Cartman points you to the basement to look for the Bard. When you find him, you will have to fight three elves. The Bard will boost them with his song, so it is best to start off with your most powerful area abilities.
Once you beat them, you will have to get through to the exit. First, you may want to use the Cup-A-Spell that you have just learned so to quickly eliminate the elf on the right.

In order to leave the basement shoot at the window - there is Craig on its other side. On entering inside he gets hurt a little bit, so tell Butters to help him. Clear off the remaining elves and head upstairs.

Head to the kitchen. Pull down the lamp on the opponents so to make the fight easier. Once you defeat others, command Butters to heal Cartman. Head upstairs.

Before going upstairs you need to get through some more elves. Use the environment to get close to the door and let your companions in. To get upstairs, you will have to get through a tough opponent - a masked elf. He is resilient to magic and disgust effect. Moreover, he has a lot of HP and armour points, so use the most powerful single-strike attacks you have. It is of utmost importance to interrupt his spells. Butter's hammer is very useful for that purpose. Remember to keep replenishing Power Points (PP), so you could always use your buddy. After the tough fight. head upstairs

Enter the room to find Princess Kenny. Loot the items from the drawers first then shoot the support of the higher shelf to create a ramp. Next, shoot the décor to make it a ladder that you can climb then shoot the lamp hanging over the bed. Next, slide down the wire to knock out the captor and save the princess.Talk to Kenny and go outside.

Use Kenny's charms to get to the attic.

Loot the knocked out elf then climb the ladder to reach the attic. There are only two enemies which you can take out by well placed Cup-a-Spell attacks. Once cleared, shoot down the rack with the chest on it to create a hole on the floor and into the bard's room

Once inside, you'll have to fight Jimmy and his summoned rats.Although Jimmy has a lot of HP and some dangerous abilities, he is not much of a challenge, as long as you are able to keep him stunned at all times. Ply him with abilities like Dragon Shout, Sleeping Powder, or Royal Kiss, so he was unable to do anything. If he summons rats, you can quickly get rid of them with Kenny's Furry Friends. Once the Bard is defeated you receive the Stick of Truth!

Alien Abduction

Once you have reclaimed the Stick, get back home. If you go straight home, your parents will be nice to you. Otherwise, soon they will find you in the streets anyway and ground you. It does not influence the story though. In both cases you end up in the bed, from where you get abducted by aliens. When they try to probe you, you have to repeatedly click the attack button to break free. Unfortunately, you are surrounded by a force field, but, as it turns out, you can use the probe to teleport yourself outside of it. Select the probe from tools menu and aim at the transmitter at the wall in order to enter teleportation mode. You can then choose where you want to teleport yourself to. On the ship, as well as later in the town, there are many seemingly unreachable places. Use your probe to get there.

Once on the other side, you get cut off again. Teleport to the other side using the probe. Before you do that though, it is worth to shoot the cables, so to eliminate some enemies before engaging into combat (screenshot). The aliens are very vulnerable to electricity, so use mainly concussive attacks against them. When you manage to get through and defeat the aliens, use the probe to activate the elevator.

Use teleportation to get to the highest level of the location. In the place shown at the screenshot you can use magic, to fry up the aliens. Then, use the console to turn off the force field on the left and head that direction. You will encounter a rhythm mini-game, in which you have to press buttons in the right order as displayed on the screen. When you finish, go down again.

Use the probe in the middle of the room to get to the lower level. Note that by using the consoles on the central platform you can move the platform up and down. Move the lower platform and then teleport yourself into the tube beneath it. From the tube teleport yourself even lower, where you can use a console to open the door on the right side of the tube. Go back there and go to the right. There is another console as well as the same mini-game as previously. Do not get discouraged by first couple of sequences - this is all on purpose. After a couple of attempts, the music that you have to play gets much easier. This way you will unlock the room with the main console. Go back to the elevator.

As always, you can make the fight easier before it starts by pulling something down on the opponents' heads. You have to fight an ordinary fight with the chief of security. Remember about electricity and magic. Once you win, use the console to turn off the force field. Then get back to Randy.

n the location leading to the room where you were previously being probed, you can see now a ladder to lower level. During your stay on the ship you must have come across audio-logs of one of earlier abductees. If you have listened to all of them, you can the man downstairs. On meeting him he starts to fight with you. The fight is not very difficult, provided that you manage to neutralize him. So make sure you have enough mana for Dragon Shouts. The defeated hobo will drop a hat which decreases the damage taken from Aliens by 25%. This will prove useful in the final part of the alien craft mission, just as any other item that you may have found so far which boosts you against aliens. Before you proceed, equip yourself properly and do not forget about weapon and armour modifications. Concussive damage items should go first.

Get Randy free by playing more of the same mini-game. Next, pick up a gem from the floor, so to unlock the exit on the left. There, you will find a chipokomon, which you should immediately collect, as you will not have another chance to get here. Go farther to enter the ship's bridge. First of all, focus on Matrix, who is generating shields for the two pilots. After the matrix is down, you can just pummel the pilots with ease. Heal yourself as necessary. Once you defeat the pilots, a cut-scene launches and the mission ends.

Gain New Allies

During the night the Stick gets stolen again. KKK needs some new blood, so Cartman sends you to recruit the goths. Head to the school and talk to them. First, you have to take care of your image, so they even considered taking part in your game. You will need cigarettes, coffee, and clothes.

Go in front of Jimbo's Guns. On the back alley you will find some kids smoking cigarettes. Attack them. They are very resilient to physical attacks, so you should primarily focus on your abilities and magic. Take the cigarettes from the defeated.

n Tweek Bross. Coffee buy a Dark Roast coffee for 1$. On leaving, you are stopped by elves, who offer you to take you to their king. You may try to fight them, but this is a waste of time - eventually you will go with them anyway. Once there, you are offered to betray KKK and recruit the goths for the elves. Jimmy and Stan join your company.

Head to the front of U-Stor-It and buy the goth cap, clothes, and gloves from the homeless man. Once clothed like this, head back to the kids in the school. You get another task. Head to the Community Center. Note, that you no longer have to wear goth clothes, so if you have better ones or simply do not like these, you may change them. Do not throw them away though!

In the Community Center you will watch a brief cut-scene. After that, talk to Randy. He directs you to the restroom, where he is willing to teach you yet another spell, the Sneaky Squeaker.After learning the Sneaky Squeaker, go back to the restroom. The last cubicle has a chinpokomon inside.

Use the new spell to distract the guards. Direct the spell so it flew past the guards (they will be highlighted with yellow) and deliver the blow when you see the colourless cloud is in the right distance. The soldiers will go to investigate the "explosion" as shown on the screenshot. Use it as an opportunity to get past them.

There is yet another soldier in front of the building. Use the Squeaker to get him into the truck and then shoot the tailgate, as shown at the screenshot, in order to lock him inside. Use the probe to teleport yourself on the roof, where you can use the vent shaft to sneak inside. Once there, you will have to fight a zombie. When you beat it, go into the Conference Room and take the voice recorder, then leave using the main exit. Three more zombies await you there - they may be a real problem. If needed, call an ally for help. Once you beat them, go back to the Community Center and show the recording to Randy.

After you have heard out the cassette, you get a picture needed for the goths. Go back to school then. Remember about putting on your goth costume. The last test is dancing game. You have to press appropriate buttons as their symbols level with their circles in the upper part of the screen. Once you are done, your new allies pledge loyalty to you. Now you need to decide to whom you want to help. If you choose humans/Cartman, head to KKK. If you prefer elves/Kyle, head to the Elven Kingdom. Talk to the leader of your choice and then climb the tower/tree to call forth your goth reinforcements to finish the mission.

Attack on the School

No matter with whom you have sided, the pattern of this mission is roughly the same, the only difference being which groups are friendly or hostile. You launch an assault on the school so to reclaim the Stick of Truth, which is supposedly held in one of the desks. After the cut-scene you will learn that the main gate is closed, so look for the entrance at the side of the building. If you have sided with humans, you will find a wounded goth there. Use Butter's ability to heal him up and he will open the back entrance to the commons in return. If you are with elves, use Jimmy's ability to get inside through the accessible entrance.

When you get to the hall, you will have to go through several barricades. Shoot the pipe and then the wires above it, to electrocute the first opponents. Further on, use the vent and the probe to get to the other side of the barricade.

Here, use the Cup-A-Spell on the torches, to blow up the barricade, then get back on the ground and walk through the doors.

Use the probe to get to the vent shaft in the ceiling, as depicted at the screenshot. A big rat is inside, but you can easily get rid of it, if you hit the trap while the rat is charging at you. Step forth a little bit to lure it and then go back and trigger the trap. Then, shoot the wires to knock down the lamp, which you can use to get down on the ground. Once there, head to the basement. There, after a short cut-scene you will have to fight zombie gingers. The two with shields are vulnerable to fire, while the main opponent, to holy damage. Remember that the guy's minions have shields, so first knock these off with basic attacks. Note also that dead zombies go back to life in two turns, so try to kill them all at approximately the same time, preferably in one turn, by using area damage. When you win the fight, go through the door, which is farther in the basement.

Destroy the pipe and climb up from where you may shoot the valve to turn off the water. You may also walk through the vent shaft and drop a gable vent on one of the guards so to knock him out. Next, go back and climb down the ladder and use the Buddy Command option to make Kenny lure the zombie ginger to step into the electrified water, when siding with humans. If you are siding with elves, then while standing on the elevated construction, tell Stan to call for his dog, so it expanded the wet area a little bit. Then, shut down the nearby generator so you could walk across the water safely. The last opponent in this room can be taken out by first shooting the electric box on the wall and then causing it to explode with Cup-A-Spell. In the boiler room you can fight the bacteria from the Big Game Hunting quest. Once you finish, leave the basement using the exit on the right, then head on farther this direction

Immediately after you enter the room, you are being shot at by Stan or Butters. Use the transmitter to quickly get to the balcony before you get too much damage. Then slide down on the rope to the other side. The fire resumes. Stand close to the barricade - one of the missiles should set it ablaze. Then use the Cup-A-Spell on it to blow it up. Stan/Butters retreats. If you have little health at this moment, remember that you can pause the game at any time by entering the inventory to eat something.

Take over the catapult and use it once. Then use your magic on the object you have just hit with the catapult to open the way for the rest of your company. One of your companions will take care of the locked doors. Press on, as soon as he opens them.

A fight awaits you - either against Stan and his dog or against Butters. When fighting Stan, roll out the big guns from the very starts. A good tactics is to drink a speed boost potion in the first turn with both of your characters and then attack with your most powerful abilities. This way you should get rid of the dog before it can perform a single move and hurt Stan a lot at the same time. Then, you just need to systematically drop his health, while healing yourself and blocking enemy attacks in the meantime. Butters seems to be a tougher opponent because of his shield, good armour, and heavy area attacks. Try to get rid of the shield as soon as possible and keep weakening his armour, while performing attacks with damage over turn, such as set on fire. Once you defeat the right hand of a given king, go up the stairs. There, you still have to get through several groups of enemies (you may as well fight or ignore them).

Now, you face the last choice: whom to help. Attack Kyle or Cartman. Cartman is as he is resilient to disgust and has more HP. Both opponents deal very high damage, so remember about healing yourself regularly, almost every turn. At the same time keep on attacking with the most powerful stuff in your arsenal -you will have the upper hand in an attrition battle like this. When your opponent's HP has dropped down to about 30%, the final sequence begins in which you have to keep pressing the attack button. Once you win, a cut-scene launches, after which you have to... go to bed.

Defeat The Underpants Gnome

Apparently, another sleepless night is in store. You have to fight gnomes. Winning the first battle is nearly effortless, however, in the second one the gnomes shrink you, so it is no longer that easy. First and foremost, remember about interrupting cumulative attacks - Cup-A-Spell is perfect for that purpose. After the fight, change your clothes to the best ones in your possession and enter the mouse hole.

After you enter there, avoid the trap. You will notice a huge rat. Shoot the wire over it, then climb up where you can destroy the pipe by hitting the spot shown in the picture. The rat gets electrocuted and starts running toward the trap which kills it. Press on forward.

A little bit farther, you will come across a group of rats. Climb up, from where you can damage more wires and more pipes. Then, use magic on fire in order to blow up the rodents, thus unblocking the way ahead. Climb up and go through the light switch to your parents' bedroom. A little bit farther, on the cupboard, you encounter more gnomes to beat. They are especially vulnerable to fire and freeze. Do not forget about interrupting their spells. Once you defeat the gnomes press on, until you meet the warlock.

This fight is pretty tough. First of all, try to knock off the opponent's armour. Another thing that you should watch out for are QTE (quick time events) sequences, when you have to press buttons accordingly as they are displayed on the screen in order not to get crushed. Once you defeat the gnome, the mission ends. More importantly, from now you are able to shrink yourself whenever you want, thus gaining access to many locations previously unavailable to you.

Forging Alliences

At the meeting, it will be decided that all of the local factions need to be unified in fight against Clyde. At first, your task is to try to convince the girls' to the alliance. Go to Annie, next to the Town Hall. If you have not yet one that, you will have to help her drive away the girls that are bullying her. Give her the letter and go to the meeting. After the cutscene, go to the playground. After another cutscene, you will have to fight Monica's boyfriend. It is not too demanding a fight. After you are done, return to the Town Hall, to Annie.

Change your looks and go to Unplanned Parenthood. Only doctors can access the archives so, you need to find a disguise. Go to the surgery, where you will have to play a simple mini-game, in which you need to keep mashing the attack button. Once the doctor leaves, collect the equipment, from the nearby doctor's cart and change, just like in the screenshot.

In the archives, check the files from 2013. This will initiate a short cutscene, after which you will be locked up. Use the gnome shrinking powder to leave through the mouse hole. Inside, there are quite a few opponents waiting for you but, you can cut through them quickly, by shooting at the pipes overhead. The noise will provoke the soldiers to start shooting at that spot, which will eliminate the problem. You need to watch out and stay away. After that, with the help of magic, make it over to the other side (the soldiers will not react).

Upstairs, talk to Randy. After another cutscene,, you will have to perform a surgery. First, you need to administer narcosis to the patient. Keep an eye on how the syringe moves and point it downwards, as soon as it is in the middle. Then, start spinning the left analog stick, or press the right and the left button in turns. The surgery itself is, simply, a string of commands displayed on the screen, which you need to perform. First, you need to lean the stick to the left (or hold down the LMB), and move it to the right, once (click the RMB). Then, lean the stick to the right (hold down the RMB) and move it to the left, quickly (press the LMB). After the surgery, leave the room.

It is the fastest way if you shoot at the venting shaft, use the powder and walk over the fridge upstairs. The alternative rote is to walk over the soldier (literally), while shrunk, and climb over the round route. Then, you can shoot at the spot shown in the screenshot, to get rid of rats immediately. Then, enter the venting shaft and follow it until you reach the exit. The small mice that you find there can be eliminated with one shot.

Take a shot at the grenade of the dad soldier. Walk through the passage that the explosion created and collect the chinpokomon. Then, summon Stan and use Buddy Command on the rifle, to neutralize it. Alternatively, you can use the probe to reach the valve, shut off the water and teleport into the pipe, where you need to shoot at the wires to make the lamp fall down, onto the rifle. After the rifle is activated, use the Cup-a-Spell on it. Then, go ahead. You will be attacked by a group of zombie fetuses. Apart from the fact that, just like the regular zombies,, they are invulnerable to being Grossed Out and to fire, they can heal themselves, on a regular basis. The best idea is to use a powerful mass fire attack. The buddy that can work well here is Cartman. Then, exit. There you will have to fight a final boss. It is two enemies in one, a fetus and umbilical cord. The cord can heal itself, on a regular basis so, ignore it and focus on the fetus. What works best here is the strong melee attacks. Also, Kenny's Charm or Butters' Professor Chaos will prove their worth here. Once you manage to bring the fetus's health to zero, you will automatically win the fight. The only thing left to do now is return to the girls.

Unfortunately, the clinic's file is in French. Return to the Elven Kingdom. There, you will be equipped with a special letter that will grant you passage to the mysterious kingdom up North, where you may be able to read the manuscript. But, before you go, you need to visit Photo-Dojo. The photographer at Photo-Dojo will have a strange request, when it comes to your looks.. Eventually, you will have to fight him, which you should have no problems with. Then, you will obtain a photo and you can go North, to Canada. Go to the entrance to the Lost Forest. To drive the rats away, use Dragon Shout.

In the Lost Forest, go North four times. Remember that you can avoid all of the zombies by dashing next to them. Talk to the customs officer and he will open the gates for you. In Canada, go to Ottawa to talk to the prince of Canada. He will direct you to Winnipeg. While in Ottawa, it is a good idea to visit the exchange to exchange the American Dollars for the Canadian ones. Then, go to Winnipeg. Along your way, watch out for wolves, they are vulnerable to fire.

Earl Winnipeg will help you, if you first deal with bears for him. Go to the right part of the city, where you will fight the battle. Bears are vulnerable to electricity. After you win, return to Earl and he will direct you back to the Prince in Ottawa. There, you will receive the order to eliminate the bishop of Banff. There is nothing else to do but to go to Banff.

The opponent has quite a few armor points and is resistant to magic. Still, he should give up pretty soon, after you serve him with strong melee attacks and your abilities. After you win, you can spare his life (he will become your Facebook friend) or kill him. Return to the prince. Unfortunately, he will walk out on his end of the bargain. You will receive a letter from the Duchess, which you need to take to the Duke of Vancouver. Once you give it back to him, you are to go to the South of the city, to the mysterious monks. Walk onto the pier to be transferred to the ship and go to the cottage to the South, afterwards.

Cast Dragon Shout on Phillip, and then Cup-a-Spell on Terrence. Finally, show them the Squeaker. They will teach you the last spell, Nagasaki. During the training, keep holding the spell down, this is a way to cause an earthquake. Hold the spell for as long as the trembling wall crumbles. With the new ability, go to Quebec Catacombs, to the North of Ottawa.

Use Nagasaki to open the way. Keep modulating the spell until the wall starts to tremble. Then, keep holding it, until it cracks. You will now need to match up against the entire wildlife of Canada. The Power Potion, in combination with some strongest AoE ability, e.g. Jimmy's Brown Note should be able to deal with them very quickly. Free the minister of Montreal and he will translate the letter for you. Finally, you can return to South Park. To get there, you need to go South in the forest. Go to Annie and to Kyle, after that.

Beat Up Clyde

It is the time that you deal with Clyde. First of all, use Butters to help Wendy. Then, use Nagasaki on the gargoyles holding the bridge.
You can use the probe to get upstairs, disable the generator and drop items onto the guards. Then, you can destroy the door and enter. But instead, while on the ground, go behind the wall with the generator on it and slip inside, by using the gnome powder.

Inside, use Butters, to help the wounded gnome. Then, fire at the lighter, next to the rat and set it on fire, with a spell, to eliminate the rodent. Now, you can exit either through the left or the right side. If you go left, you will enter the ground floor, to the left, on the upper floor, thanks to which you will go around the guards below. Clear the main room and climb up the ladder.

Clear the room. Shoot at the base of the wooden structure and use Nagasaki on it, to smash it entirely. In a moment, there will appear a ladder, over which to get higher.

Get rid of the guards here. Then, with Dragon Shout finish blowing up the tower on the right, which was started by Ike. After the rocket hits, the tower will start to crumble. Sweep it away with Nagasaki. Use the steering wheel to open the gate. With the teleporting device, reach the upper side of the tower, where you will find a chinpokomon. Then, teleport to the other tower and clear it. Once you are done, walk through the gate.

Clyde will start preparing for fight by pulling a cow cage in. You should use this time to eliminate the remaining cows. At the sides of the building, you will find Stan and Ike. Once you approach Stan, he will throw a lamp in. Shoot at it and use Cup-a-Spell, to let Stan in and eliminate a cow. Then, approach the other wall and let Ike in, with Nagasaki. Then, use Cup-a-Spell on the fire, to throw the other cow off. This way, Craig will be left with only one cow to help him. Craig himself will, additionally, split into several opponents and, what is worse, they will be immune to AoE attacks. This means that you need to deal with all of them one-by-one. Fortunately, they are not too tough and they should be dead, at most, after three blows. However, you might need to use the Revive Potion. Once you are done, proceed along your path upstairs.

Watch out, if you leave the room that you are currently in, the bomb will explode and you will die. Shrink now and walk inside Mr. Slave (literally), to attempt disarming the bomb. Inside Mr. Slave, go ahead and keep destroying every obstruction. Once you reach the spot with electricity, summon Stan and use Buddy Command.

Shoot at the spot shown in the screenshot, when the zombie bacteria walks under it, to eliminate the germ. This way, you will unlock a probe, which you need to use to get to the other side. Then, keep going ahead. In a moment, you will reach a billiard ball.. Destroy it with Nagasaki.

You will reach a torchlight. Batteries fell off so, you need to go down at the other side of it and put them in, before you go forward. Then, turn the torchlight on, which will drive the bats away.

The opponent ahead is quite a challenge. It is resistant to being grossed out, freezing and all of the DoT effects. First of all you need to focus on the bacteria. Use some AoE effect when they fall down, to prevent them from getting up. Against The Sparr

To gain access to the bomb, use Jimmy's ability. The disarming process itself is the same minigame as earlier, in the clinic. First, press down when the needle is in the middle. Then, right and left, in turns. Finally, start vacuuming by keeping to the left and then switching to the right. Then, while on the left, switch to the right, and to the left again. Then, you will get outside.

Your next opponent is the Zombie Chef. You need to watch out for the abilities of the cumulative effect. Chef will be trying to eat you, which you need to prevent by pressing the attack button. In general, although the fight is relatively long, this is not going to be although job. Finally, Clyde will set Chef on fire and you will have to cast a spell onto him, quickly. This mission will then end.

Betrayal from Within

It is the time for the final showdown. You can equip yourself with all the necessary potions at the conveniently situated store. First of all, you need to make sure that you have the maximum amount of speed potions and rejuvenation potions. It is important that you also have some mana potions.
The final fight with Princess Kenny is, as a matter of fact, a dozen-or-so fights so, the key here is managing your potions with care. After you succeed for the first time, Kenny will drink a potion that will turn him into a zombie. At this point, Cartman will leave the party and he will be watching everything, which staying away. You will have to defeat the zombie princess for three times. What is even ore, Kenny will be using his special ability, on a regular basis, which will kill your current buddy., if you do not react early enough, with mashing the appropriate button, like in the above screenshot. If you manage to counter the spell, your buddy will be exhausted, and he will retire from further fight, and he will be replaced with another one. If you want to use one buddy only, throughout the entire battle, a good strategy is to ignore the QTE and let the buddy be killed by Kenny. Then, you can revive him with a potion. This is especially useful if you have the Second Wind, which revives your buddies with full health bar. However, this is risky, because you can use up all of the potions, this way, pretty quickly and you will then have to fight alone. Kenny himself seems to be especially vulnerable to power attacks, but it is also worth the effort to use various effects to slow down or set on fire. Use the speed and strength potions to eliminate him as quickly as possible.

Fighting Kenny seems to be a lost cause, because the princess seems to refuse to die. Therefore, you will have to reach out for the ultimate weapon and break the gentleman's oath, which you made the first time that Cartman taught you magic. Eric will sneak up to the princess from behind and lift him. At this moment, you only need to use one of your spells. It will suffice if you use Dragon Shout. Land the attack and you will finally defeat Kenny. After the cutscene, you will only have to bid farewell and end with South Park: The Stick of Truth once and for all.