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Yavin Forest and Training

First enemies that you will encounter in this game shriek at you, they're only encountered in the first area. Throw your lightsaber at them instead of meleeing.

Cut down the tree with your Saber Throw to progress,

It's your first jedi battle, easiest way to beat this guy is to use attack + alt attack for a special move.

Use your mind sense to reveal the blocks you can use to climb up and use force pull to make them pop so you can step on them.

You need to use your Force Speed to pass this challenge.

At the start of each mission you can pick weapons, you have lightsaber and blaster as default but you can pick out of more and more weapons as the game goes.

You can level up a Force power after completing a mission, speccing into Light/Dark can alter the storyline a bit.

Mercenary Activity - Tatooine

After you land on Tatooine and meet Chewbacca, you will have to beat the first enemies in the courtyard and you will head into this area, there's an Instant Medpack behind the big crate.

Progressing through the second enemies, you will reach another courtyard where you will have to look for a small door, while going through all of the enemies.

Door should look like this, will get you to next area.

Clear all of the cretins and exit through the small door on the right.

In the next area you need to kill the enemies and look for this door, as you approach it a cutscene will commence and you will end up behind a wall of rubble on the other side of it.

Go through the next door and you will end up in a room sectioned by a laser barrier, scoot around it or destroy it with a gun and clear all of the enemies.

Watch out fo the Hammerhead chucking detonators, wait for one to explode and charge him.

Follow the path and you will end up finding two switches in opposite rooms, turn them on and run back to your ship. Mission over.

Droid Recovery - Tatooine

Your mission is to find the missing droid, move forward the path under the rocky arches. Near rocks there's provisions, kill the enemies.

Soon enough you will reach a cave on your left.

Going into it you will meet a bunch of raiders you need to defeat, follow the path while picking up provisions.

Once you're out of the cave, nothing less but more raiders await, slay them.

In some of the houses you can find ammo, medkits and shield boosters.

Go along the stone bridge after picking up provisions, it will lead to a second cave.

Inside the cave just charge the raider blocking the path and kill the rest of them with detonators, there's another medpack on the right.

Once you're out, you will see the Sandcrawler waiting for you, to get up, you need to pull the landing gear thats above you at the entrance.

Inside you will fight through more raiders and you will end up pressing a switch which will unlock the elevator below you.

See that anvil looking box? Pull it out of the way, you can do that with all of the boxes that look like that.

Progressing, you will end up in this room, you need to shoot the pipe in that spot to stop the lava.

Follow the halls to reach the droid, hidden behind another "anvil" box, that you can pull, activate the droid and it will escort you out.

Emergency Assistance - Bakura

First room on Bakura you will see a control panel that you use to check on cameras with it.

Goons will come out of the previously locked door on the left after using the panel, fight them off and go in.

Going up the halls you will see a laser trap and a door behind it, destroy the lasers and proceed.

There you will see the first bomb, disable it and head back down to go through the other door right.

It will lead you to a death trap room, use your Speed if you do not want to take damage.

More lasers! Use this weapon for most efficiency versus them.

Kill the troopers and the captain in the next area, you will get a Security Key.

Lasers are probably getting boring, take them out and go through the door.

You emerge outdoors, bomb number two is out there, disable it and head back in.

Go all the way back to the locked security door at the start, fighting stormtroopers along the way.

Unlock it with the security key we found in the captain upstairs.

Heading outside, you want to go all the way left first to your bomb number 3.

After fighting through the goons, you will find a security key from the guy defending the bomb.

Take the security key to the main building in the middle and open the red-lighted door.

Go up the elevator in the main room and go through the door to reach a checkpoint.

Slay all of the enemies and drop into the room.

Go into the room below and disable the bomb.

Last bomb is found in the next area following the path, you can check with Mind Sense aswell.

Run out back around the main building, but instead of going straight back, go left to the green door, it will lead you straight to your ship after a fight.

Merchant Rescue- Blenjeel

This one is simple, don't stay on the ground for too long and avoid the rumblings. Use Mind Sense and locate the missing ship parts.

First one's located on the far left.

Second one's pretty close to it, but you have to your ship first.

You really don't want to stay on the ground for longer than a few seconds.

Third part is in the abandoned ship.

Bring the ship parts back to your ship, one by one, you can only carry them like that.

You can see the last part in the distance, past the deserted ship.

Cult Investigation - Corellia

Jump on the tram and run across it, you will end up infront of this door.

Kill the goons inside and run across the hall picking up everything, there's a switch disabling electricity at the end.

Running across the disabled electricity rods up the platform will lead you to another battle.

Once you're done, drop on the right side of the tram and run on it until you find an unlocked door, go inside.

Inside you will see a force field that you can destroy by slashing the rods on the sides, mind the enemies.

After climbing on top of the tram run across it until you reach this room, kill the sith and disarm the bomb.

Only running forward will get you to the last room, kill the goons and walk up to the control panel to finish the mission.

Hoth - Exterior

As soon as you start you will see tauntauns infront of you, hop on one of them with the action button and follow the beacons, kill off the stormtroopers and abandon your mount to go in the cave.

First thing you see is a yeti, it might look tough but you just need to spam attacks and its satisfying to kill.

Right path after killing the yeti leads to a secret area.

Go out down the left path afterwards.

You're out of the cave, kill the stormtroopers, go left if you just want to go straight for objectives, right for a medkit but there's another fight. Grab a mount.

Follow the path left and you'll eventually see a large base.

When you see that, you want to go to the corner and jump over the wall.

Looks like this.

Deal with the enemies and head towards the big door.

Inside, first thing you want to do is get the elevator going up, not down.

Clear the room and use the switch to unlock a door on the lower level.

Theres a secret room behind glass. Force push to break glass.

Now that the door is unlocked, head down through the other elevator in the lower room.

Finally this door's unlocked.

Follow the path while killing stormtroopers, picking up weapons and provisions.

You will reach a door like this that leads out to find a cross-path.

First thing you see is a lot of stormstroopers, finally some fun!

You'd prefer to use this weapon instead of the lightsaber for them.

If you follow the path you will reach "echo base's" main door, but that's wrong, follow the cliff left after the stormtrooper encounter.

If you follow the right path you will see a stormtrooper on a gun defending a weird building, kill him and go around it.

You will see a forcefield protected entrance, destroy it by hitting the sides and crawl through the hole.

Hoth - Echo Base

You start off in a tunnel that leads down to the previous image, head down, once you drop down take care of the stormtroopers, you can use a detonator to easy kill them from the crate.

Going down the hall on the left you will reach a green-lit door.

Next room has four enemies right behind this wall down here, take care of them and take the right path.

Following that path will lead you to a stationary weapon, you really want to kill the stormtroopers running to it before they get to it.

Kill the stormtrooper and look for a medkit and shield recharge station.

Will help you a lot if you're hurt.

After that just go straight forward, you will reach a lift and a checkpoint.

Going up be ready for a fight.

Room after the lift puts you in a fight versus a group of stormtroopers, easiest way to fight them is to just rush them down.

If you follow the left path there you will be surprised by two stormtroopers, one of them with a big gun.. careful!

Now you just need to follow the path, you will end up killing a lot of stormtroopers here until you reach the next point.

Make sure you use the shield generator on your right before going down the elevator, more stormtroopers coming!

Take care of all of the goons in the first room and follow the halls, but be careful as they are heavily-guarded.

Eventually, you'll reach the command center, time for the story to progress.

Toughest fight yet, hopefully you have Force Protect, it will help you. Using the special attack plus a few attacks will kill him.

Wind through a metal tunnel own into the next area, you will see a wampa, take care of him and grab the shield and medkit from the crate.

You will end up infront of a door looking like this.

If you thought last guy was tough, you will enjoy this, she's super strong and likes to use force pushes.

Make sure you have Force protect on and throw saber hits at her, when she's had enough she will run away and the mission will be done.

Rescue Mission- Nar Kreeta

You start off in a tunnel, at the end of the path you will see a ventillation shaft on the left, hit the vent to go in the air shafts by crouching.

Following the left path you will find another destructable vent, hit it and drop down on the goons below you, kill them.

If you follow the path and end up in a green room, go left and you will meet more goons protecting a door.

Kill them off and grab the security key, and use it on the door right next to you.

Now you've connected with the first room.

Next up go all the way back and around to get to the main room, kill these two and go right up the elevator.

Fighting off the enemies, you see a switch, use it and the windows will roll up, now you can crouch through them to save the prisoners.

Go down and you the rancor will appear.

Do not try fighting it off, you can only hit it to distract it from the prisoners.

It cannot go through these doors so lead the prisoners to them.

Once you're done and you follow the prisoners, they will hand you a security key that will lead you back to the main room's locked door, use it there.

You go down an elevator into a cantina that will lead you to all other switches and it's filled with enemies after every switch pressed.

First switch you will find is up the elevator on the left after clearing the room.

Use the switch and drop down the window repeating the same thing you did last time.

Next switch you can get by following the arrows from the main room, just repeat the same thing.

There's always large shield boosters and medpacks on the bar counter.

Last one's here, take care of the enemies and rescue the prisoners, just be careful because the cantina has more and more traps/enemies as you progress. Mission over after you save them.

Meet Contact- Zonju V

This mission starts off on bikes, awesome! Take care off the bad guys trying to get you off your bike, or they run you over once you jump off it. You can use lightsaber.

Once the green bar on the left is full, you can turbo making you very fast, use this to pass the level faster.

After you walk a bit theres as shield and ammo recharge station on your right.

Leave your bike and jump over this area.

Take the next bike and proceed.

You can do fancy moves by double tapping the side movement buttons(A or D), but spamming it too hard will make you fly out of control and crash.

If you have issues like this, there's a free bike right after this area, drop off yours and be careful for the enemies, they one shot you if they go over you.

Grab the brand new bike and keep going.

Huge chasm, use turbo and be careful not to hit the wall on the right or hit an enemy, they try to crash into you mid-air.

New tunnels, just have to keep going and you have to watch out for enemies as more and more come.

You end up infront of a building, mission over.

Covert Operation- Kril'dor

You start off infront of a big hanger, go in and fight off the enemies.

Head up the elevator on the right of the room, there's a recharge station next to it aswell.

Next room there's a laser turret right above you, take it out with your lightsaber throw or a gun.

Go around the walkway outside, watch out for the flying stormtrooper, he's really dangerous and go into another room.

Go up the elevator as soon as you enter the new building.

Free medkits and weapons as soon as you do.

You will walk outside on top of the building, use mind sense to look for your objectives.

Go left the bridge and you will see your first objective, leave a beacon there.

You will find another beacon placement red shadow here, use it so it can be shot down.

If you use your mind senses you can see the next beacon easily, once you see it walk to the center building again, find this catwalk and drop down.

If you do that trick you will end up next to an elevator that you need to go down, the last beacon is there.

Go up the elevator once you blow everything up. Once you walk through the door you will fight off antoher Jedi.

Do not touch those or you will get killed.

There's a control panel on the right side of this elevator, use it to go up. You are now sent to place a beacon in the central building you were.

Go inside and go up the elevator to fight off jedis and place the last beacon.

Now you need to disarm bombs, use mind senses and look at the gas tanks, the bombs are really easy to get to.

Fight your way through the enemies on the walkway, disarming bombs and you're done with the mission.

Capture Crime Lord- Coruscant

As soon as you land you will notice you are stranded on a platform and the bridge ahead of you is destroyed, walk behind your ship and jump the gap.

Next area you need to jump to the car and across the building, there will be alot of jumping here.

Move around the left side killing everyone in your way.

Leap down to the next building and you will find a medkit down there.

Two enemies on the right, take care of them.

Keep moving forward, you will see a bunch of big crates, jump the gap behind them onto that platform down there.

Fight off more enemies leading you into a hallway.

You will find an elevator that you need to use, nothing special in this room.

You're outside again, follow the path and careful for the blasters.

Drop down the next area and destroy the barriers by shooting them on the sides or jump over them.

Keep going until you see these crates, jump up them and onto the next platform.

Run up this ledge once you're there to end up to the main door.

This will open and you'll need to fight off two jedis.

One of them grips you, use force push to interrupt any force used on you.

Go up an elevator and you will go in a room with 4 assassination droids, use a disruptor on them or you will not have a good time, they hurt bad and deflect your bullets.

That's the last fight and you're done, mission over.

Cult Investigation- Dosuun

You are immediately captured and imprisoned, but you can jump over this. You have no weapons yet.

First thing you see once you're out is a door, go through and pick up a weapon.

First enemies and you don't have a lightsaber! Shoot them down.

Next building, careful for the lasers, take care of everyone in the hallway.

Everything's locked, you ned to find the console to turn the defense off.

Kill this guy that's hiding in the corner to grab the security key for the locked room you saw.

A lot of enemies to shoot here, but there's an equal amount of medkits, so no worries

This switch will turn off the defense system and you will be able to use the doors again.

Go up the elevator around the corner.

Use the console here and you will unlock all doors.

Lasers, take care of them and progress.

Go back to the first floor, now the doors are unlocked, go through the double doored one, without a security key.

Fight off enemies and you will see a barrier protected room, destroy it and there will be medkits and a lot of ammo in there.

Take the bounty and progress.

There's one door we have missed, go through it and you'll end up on a shooting range.

Use the lever on the right to turn off the force field and shoot the wall down.

We are outside, shoot the explosive crate next to the window to blow it up and go through it.

More explosions, shoot this and go through the window to activate a lever unlocking more doors.

You can take the AT-ST, take it outside and kill everything including the other AT-ST, then go back inside, park it and jump back onto the catwalk you dropped off.

Now going around the path you will find a door and stairs that lead up to the next part.

Use the weapon to take care of the hunter again, shoot him a bit to make him run away.

Following the path you walk inside a building and get a checkpoint. Move around the hallway and eleminate the Imperials until you reach the far side.

Use the lever to open a door behind you that leads to an elevator.

You end up in a new hall and you meet your hunter friend again, use your force jump to climb up the platforms until you reach to top, watch out for his weapon. Fight him and once you're done you will get your lightsaber back and the mission will end.

Vjun- Outside Bast Castle

Heading forward to the shelter ahead you will meet a guard, get his concussion rifle, it will make your life way easier in this mission.

Go right up the walkway and you will be met by two more guards, use the concussion rifle to clear them easily.

After killing them, you will be greeted by more enemies, clear all of the rooms down the hall and just keep walking forward ignoring side doors.

You will eventually reach this hall, take a turn to the right and go up the ramp. Checkpoint.

Once you're outside, you don't even need to fight the enemies, all you need to do is jump down and run all the way left.

More heavy guards will be trying to kill you while you're running around in the acid rain, use your concussion rifle to take them out and keep going.

Once you reach this ledge, you will need to jump across the acid pool, using the stones. Go right.

Immediately, you will see something you haven't spotted in a bit, shelter. Kill off the troopers and head inside.

Inside, you'll go through only one hall of enemies, without any side paths and end up on this catwalk. Go to the next door.

Next building will lead you into another jedi fight, use your special move to kill them both with a breeze and follow the path.

Slay all the troopers inside to reach a door that will take you on a platform with a gun on it, use it and take down the ship on your right.

Once you destroy it, just jump down and run right, you'll reach the next mission.

Vjun - Castle Basement

As soon as you enter bast castle, you want to enter the first door on your right, you will skip to a cutscene.

You will be asked to split, go down the opposite direction as your friend, crawling through the vents.

Oh boy, enemies. Quickly slash through them and press the switch on your right.

A door will unlock which will lead you into a fight with 3 jedi, help out your buddy and go straight into the room on your right, he will open the next door for you.

In this room you need to use force push or pull on the red pipes to drain the water while Kyle is holding the coil.

After doing so, climb the conduit to the next level.

New area, just go to the airtube and try to reach to the top while getting propelled.

You will have to jump up the generator in this room, watch out for the laser and just keep going up, time your jumps wisely and ignore Kyle, you can complete it without him.

Once you're at the very top of the tower, you'll need to pull the mirrors to redirect the lasers and create a power feedback to destroy the machine.

Vjun - Vaderís Castle

Clear this first room then proceed through the green door.

In the next area you will face off a lot of Reborn, you can go through them easily.

Just keep going fighting off Reborn until you reach this window, you'll need to destroy the explosive to clear the path.

After clearing that room, you'll notice a passageway on the left of the big red door.

You can recharge ammo, shield and health here.

Going back, look for these crates to jump up them.

Here you will meet your first dual wielding Reborn, he's a bit tougher, but he's handled easily by spamming your special move.

You will enter a room with four pillars. Use the panel near them to begin a mini-gauntlet with enemies. Clear every enemy to open a door that leads to a lift.

Next dual wielding jedi, handle him quickly and climb up the stairs.

After fighting off all Reborn up the stairs, to your surprise you will meet.. Rosh. Don't use any weapons except for the lightsaber against him as he will push any projectiles away. And kill both of the Reborn that are trying to help him, to be able to easily take him out.

Cult Sighting - Chandrila

First thing you realise in this mission is that you're stuck behind a rock in a small hall. Push out the rock and start your journey.

You immediately want to jump down left, that's almost everything you'll be doing this mission. Make sure you quicksave every 2nd or 3rd jump.

There will be a lot of fights with Reborn, so be ready for anything while jumping from platform to platform.

You can see secret areas by using your Force sense, just look around.

Eventually you reach a tunnel that leads into a bridge, watch out as they will detonate it, now you have to find a way around.

First thing to do is just turn right and jump down the rocks and platforms, going all the way around the bridge.

You end up infront of a tomb that's filled with Reborn, you certainly want to clear the entire thing. Don't forget to use your Force as this will be a tough fight.

Last room you will see a coffin that you need to encase so noone ever fiddles with it again. Use Force Sense to spot out the two panels you need to push in for it to close.

As soon as that's done, you have to turn around and jump out as everything behind you is starting to crumble. Mission's done once you're outside.

Cult Investigation - Tanaab

Oh boy, you're greeted by a fleet of Reborn and their pet mutant Rancor. Everything wants to kill you. You can ignore all the Reborn and let their "friend" eat them alive, just keep running.

You will find an elevated area at the rear end of the first room, press the switch to raise a crate to the ceiling, go to where the crates were to see that there was a door hiding behind them.

Go through the door and the Rancor will immediately smash the wall, still chasing you. Keep running until you see a conveyer belt.

First you need to flip this switch to be able to deal with the Rancor.

Then head inside the big room infront of the belt, fight off the Reborn and press the switch infront of you. That will take care of the Rancor.

Dismantle Device - Yalara

Your goal here is to disable a planetary cloaking device. The path's going to be simple, take the lowest level of the facility and go up the spire.

Head inside the first structure and go up the lift inside.

Go around the catwalk and you will see Noghri and stormtroopers fighting. Clear them out and go inside the next building.

First you need to go down the lift to disable the big fan in the room you entered first. Disable it and go back up.

Ride the current up to another fan which you can just go through again. This room's filled with Imperials.

After clearing them go through the first door on the left, more enemies to fight there.

Head through another generator and on your left you will see a 2nd airtube, take that and you will end up outside.

Now that you're outside you can just go back to pushing and gripping people off the bridge. Find the stairs that lead up to the top of the tower.

After you're done killing all of the enemies, set four bombs around the device and you're done with the mission.

Force Theft Investigation - Byss

As soon as the mission starts look for this green door on the right end side.

Going through it you'll just follow a straight path into loads of enemies.

When you go to the next room, you need to find this Imperial and kill him for a security card key.

It will open the door back at the area before fighting him. Leads to a lift.

Lasers in the next area, shoot them off with the disortion rifle.

Going through the lasers and a door, you'll end up infront of a switch that will disable the tractor beam.

A previously locked door will be opened now, head back.

Going through that door, you will meet a lot of enemies + heavy guards that will do anything to kill you, make sure you heal between fights.

You'll reach a hall after killing everyone in your way, there's a straight path to the ship's turret defences here, use them to shoot down the TIEs.

After you're done all you have to do is walk back. Kill everyone in the starter room to finish the mission.

Weapon Destruction - Ord Mantell

Here you're sent to destroy seven weapon caches, but to our luck, we meet Boba Fett here and he's trying to kill you.

You cannot kill him before you destroy the weapon caches but you can drop him low enough from him to fly away, he takes some time to recover and gives you time to look for the caches.

There are no other enemies here, so it's not very complex, 7 caches distributed around the map, that you can see by either looking at it, or using Force Sense to spot them out in blue.

Destroy all of them while fighting him off, and you'll have to fight him one last time to kill him and be done with the mission.

Taspir 3 - Exterior

As soon as you land on Taspir you will need to fight off imperials that are defending the first building on your right. Clear them all and proceed.

All you need to do is follow the path and go into doorways that are protected by stormtroopers.

First door inside the building will lead you outside to a switch down a pathway, press it and a bridge will drop behind you.

Go across it and you will find another switch that extends a bridge higher up. Press it and go all the way back.

As soon as you go back in the building head back left to enter a lift, proceeding into the next area.

Fight off all the enemies and head outside.

Here you can use your Grip or force push to handle them, the trick is with grip to kill stronger enemies is just to press and fling to the side instantly before they Force Push you.

All you have to do is kill enemies along the path going up the spiral.

Look for this crate on the last level, pull it into you and jump on it to go through a vent.

As soon as you get down, you need to go around looking for the imperial that drops the security key, just follow the path on your left, then go back to the door that required it.

Once you go outside keep following the rocky path on the right until you reach the next tall building.

Going up the stairs in it you will be greated by more enemies.

Go around the last room and find this door, go through it to end up on another bridge.

At the end of the bridge there's another building with only resources in it, grab them and go outside to end up on a cut off bridge that you can jump over.

Follow the path on the right killing stormtroopers and head down the ramp inside the next structure.

Going from structure to structure you will shortly end up outside again, having to deal with heavy guards and lava. Jump from building to building taking them out one by one.

At the end of the lava pit there's another door you can enter.

Go through the entire thing, killing off stormtroopers and going up a lift to end up on this walkway. Last enemy here. It's actually the bridge you extended at the start of the level through that switch.

Taspir 3 - Factory

Suddenly you're in some sort of ore-processing facility. Time for some straight-path walking again.

You reach some sort of a smelting room. It will begin another mini-gauntlet, be careful not to drop into the lava, but you can choke your enemies and push them into it.

Go down a lift, just to find more Reborn in the next hall.

Once you're in this big generator room with power coils, find the yellow pipes and leap onto them.

Once you've climbed the generator you'll get a short cutscene, keep hopping up until you reach a grated walkway.

Jump on the platform next to the walkway and fight off the Reborn here, careful not to get pushed off.

Enter the right door and follow the yellow path.

Once you reach this split, go left, as the right one is just a dead end.

Flip the switch in the next room, which will disable the force field and jump on the conveyer belt infront of you to continue. You will need to use Force Speed as the force field goes back up.

Once you're in the next area, keep going down the conveyer belt, avoiding the steam vents. Soon you'll see doors on the sides of the path.

Reach the end and look down, you need to drop onto the lower belt.

Once you're down onto the new conveyer belt, navigate through the steam vents again to reach a door that will lead you to a lift.

The lift will take you all the way up.

You head out into a new room, jump onto one of the ingots avoiding the steam and ride on it until you see a new door on your left.

It will look like this.

You enter a new area with a few Reborn protecting it, clear them and be ready for a puzzle.

Get on the conveyer belt to start it.

First wait for the smasher to go on one of the ingots, as soon as it does that it will open back up. You'll need to go through it fast or you'll get electrocuted.

Wait for the ingot to catch up and go through the force field with it.

Force Speed will be required to pass this part, wait for the ingot to catch up and go with it through the force field again.

You are finally out and as soon as you are, there's more enemies to kill.

Kill everything and head into the door on the right.

Jump out of it, and hop to the top of the room from platform to platform to reach Alona. You'll be given the choice between Light Side and Dark Side here. I'll be going for Light Side for the sake of the guide.

The choice is all yours.

After deciding to go for the Light Path, you'll be attacked by Alona. Be careful as she's way stronger than before, and you cannot Grip her into the pits around you either. Give it all you've got to defeat her.

Ofcourse, there's an easier way to defeat her, Alona still cannot use force push to push back your projectiles, so you can jump on one of the fuel canisters and shoot rockets at her.

Korriban - Catacombs

You will be greeted by friends as soon as you land on Korriban, so you will not be fighting alone on this mission. Head down into the catacombs instantly and start clearing the Reborn.

This is probably going to be the most fighting you'll do the entire game, but you will have help so it won't be that much of an issue.

Keep following the catacomb path killing off all dual wielding and double bladed Reborn, it's not as bad as it sounds.

You reach a big hall and you have to handle a bunch of them by yourself if you didn't manage to save your friends, as they can die.

This coffin is actually lift, step on the platform and go down.

In the next room you reach a big door with a triangular lock and 9 stone slabs on the wall. Use Force Sense and Force Push them to match the symbols on the ground.

The door will open and a ramp downwards will be revealed.

You enter a room with a huge pillar in the middle, clear the jedi here and look at the wall on the left.

You can Force Pull the stones on it so you climb all the way up.

Up there you will be greated by another dual-wielding Reborn, take care of him and jump to the door on your left.

Go down the ramp and two more enemies will jump out of each side of the hallway.

You see a hole in the ground at the next area. Jump down.

You end up in a cave system, follow the lights.

You end up in some sort of a tomb, help out your friend and follow the path left.

On the far right side of the big hall you will see a hole in the wall, go through it.

Jump down the platforms and be careful not to fall in lava!

A circular room with stairways. Kill off the enemies here and proceed. The next room is almost the same.

Head down the stairs after the next room and you end up in a lava filled area, move around the right side and exit it.

There are two more jedi here in the next chamber, but you do not need to fight them. Instead run to the far back of the area.

You will find marble supports of a big object, slice them through and a door will open.

Return upstairs from jumping up on these platforms.

The door was right there, kill the last Reborn and go to the next and final mission.

Korriban- Tomb of Ragnos

As soon as this mission stars you want to help your jedi friends out.

Afterwards head straight down going down the ramp on your left and follow the path all the way left.

First gap you can get over really easily, just stand on the rock and jump to the far left side.

Next gap you get through by force pushing over this pillar on the far left corner of this mission. Use Force Push and it will fall over, making a bridge.

Kill off the Reborn across the bridge by Force Grip twitching them into the bottomless hole on the right, then continue to the next gap.

This gap's not as dangerous, but a bit more tricky if you want to use this trick. You can always get out by jumping on the pillar thats lying on the wall right beneath you. Now, to do this trick, stay on the far right platform and jump all the way across to the flat sand that you can step on, staying on the right side of the wall.

It should look like this. From there, keep looking at the right side of the wall.

You should be able to see a small platform on the right, do the biggest jump you've ever done in your life and jump across the gap, while staying close to the wall.

If you do it right you will jump over and end up across with ease.

The first thing you see on your left is a big tomb, that's where you have to go. Go up the ramp to proceed.

A lot of Reborn here trying to kill you, but its just a small walkway and lava on both sides. Use this to your advantage, use Force Grip or Push to flinch them into it and clear the room.

If they grab you, as always, just use force push or pull.

Through the next set of doors, you see Tavion, the last fight for you.

The key to fighting her is to always move around, make sure you use protect.

Be careful for the scepter aswell, as she uses a deadly beam that you will need to jump over it. Always keep an eye on it.

Use Force Sense to keep track of her health and defeat her eventually.

You defeat her, destroy the sceptre and complete the most important mission in Jedi history. You did it.