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Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty Walkthrough Mission 12: A sinister turn.

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Trick of this mission is to destroy 3 enemy structures while a miniboss is constantly attacking you. It's fairly easy, can be a bit tricky on brutal but still doable. I'll be showing how to do this mission as quickly as possible.

Start off by putting a pylon in your base to power up half the structures, and you want the second pylon over here. On Brutal there is a zealot guarding the dark shrine, but you can use the probe to get it to your cannon.

After that get your DTs to kill a stalker here. There won't be one if you're playing on normal or lower, not sure about hard, but there is one on brutal. Afterwards, put a pylon there.

Start massing up dark templars and make 2 blink stalkers at some point in time. Try to not lose any units and if you get attacked let the cannons soak up the damage.

After you have 2 blink stalkers and an immortal, get them + a probe to this base. Get your units to attack the enemy base while the probe sneaks up to the back where the protoss building is.

Power it up with a pylon and get the research. This section can be a bit harder on brutal.

When you have ~8-10 dark templars you can grab all of your probes and go to the enemy base.

Try to make the probes attack the enemies so they are tanking the damage and sneak up to the back with your dark templars.

Afterwards, get your dark templars to kill the 3 structures. Kill them in around the same time, because when you kill 1 the miniboss instantly teleports to the middle. When you destroy the 3 objectives, you will complete the mission.