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Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty Walkthrough Mission 8: Cutthroat

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This mission is like "Devil's Playground", you need a bunch of minerals and there's a bunch of them everywhere, but it is timed.

Build a reactor and 2 medics or just go for 2 medics and then attack the marines here. You can completely skip making SCVs this mission.

You will get 4 vultures ~2 minutes into the mission.

With a few marines, the vultures and the 4 medics you should be able to take out the command center over here.

Make sure you also pick up the protoss artifact over here.

The command center drops 400 minerals when destroyed.

Go around the map picking minerals up and make a few marines but don't spend your money too much.

You can go around your base as shown on the minimap and when you reach the other entrance to your base, where your vultures were left off you will find the other protoss research, make sure you get that.

Go south and destroy the other command center.

That should allow you to get the minerals required, but unlike "The Devil's Playground" the mission does not end here.

Another artifact here.

After you've gotten the minerals, you will be given control of this quite large base.

Grab your army and start moving out. Make sure you continue building marines/medics/diamondbacks from your base while continuing.

Be careful as the AI will launch a nuke over here.

After the nuke has landed, you can slowly start going forward towards the command center. After it is at ~10% HP, you will complete the mission.

After the mission, you should get the vespene speed upgrade.