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Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty Walkthrough Mission 9: Ghost of a Chance

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In this mission i chose Nova. If you choose Tosh, the mission shouldn't be too hard.

This mission is fairly easy as well, you start off with Nova, a permanently cloaked ghost that doesn't have any mana cost on her abilities and a few marines + medics. Start off by killing the marauders and marines over here.

With your marines and medics you should kill the bunker over here. For some reason i forgot there is a bunker there so my units weren't attacking half the time and i lost too many, but it was still fine.

Start going in on the units here with Nova and with your marines.

When you destroy the control panel here the door will open and you'll be able to join forces.

Continue north until you see a siege tank. Take control of it with your new nova ability and destroy the enemy forces.

After you're done with the siege tank you could just destroy it with your marines.

When you reach the objective, you will see a battlecruiser and a gorgon if you're playing on brutal. Dominate one of the 2 and just attack the objective.

One third of the mission is done. You will have nova transported to another area, use her to dominate one of the ravens that comes and then kill the vikings over here.

With the ravens you can kill the siege tank over here.

After that you can kill the control panel here and opent he door.

After killing the vikings you will get a few siege tanks and reapers.

Dominate the siege tank over here. I was stupid and lost half my reapers, and instead of that happening you can use the raven to scout ahead and take control of the siege tank without taking any damage.

Clean out the area over here.

Destroy the siege tank you dominated because you want to be able to dominate another unit.

You will get nuked by a spectre, you can scout with your raven and kill it before it nukes though.

Go over here with your reapers and kill all the turrets and things.

Continue with nova to the nuclear silo over here.

You will get a nuke. On brutal there will be a thor defending this area, which you can dominate and destroy the objective with. On normal, you can just use your siege tanks and reapers. You can also use a nuke to destroy the objective, but i preffer not to. In all cases, try to use a point defence drone from your raven so you don't take much damage, if any at all.

Now it's the final part of the mission. For some reason i forgot there is a siege tank there and almost lost Nova (you have to restart/load from a checkpoint when she dies)

But anyway, destroy the enemy forces here.

Dominate the raven and then kill the enemies here.

When you kill the destructible rocks you will set loose an untralisk.

It will destroy the marines ahead.

Land your vikings and destroy the turrets over here.

When you reach this point, you will either have 1 nuke from the last part of the mission, or you will need to get another nuke (north from here). Since i have a nuke from the last part, i decided to end the mission by destroying the objective here with the nuke.

Mission ends after it's destroyed.

After the mission make sure you get this upgrade.

The 2 ghost ones.

And the 2 marauder ones.