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Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty Walkthrough Mission 6: Welcome to the Jungle

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If you're playing on brutal, this mission could be the biggest pain in the ass. I suggest completing other missions if you are, i'm playing on normal in this guide.

Start making units and SCVs right away. Goliaths can be useful in this mission, but marines and medics are probably the strongest.

To complete the mission you have to collect 7 therazane canisters with SCVs. You can start gathering the first one right away, the protoss does not attack you the first time you start gathering.

When you start gathering the second one, the protoss will send an attack. Not a big one though.

They will from time to time try to start mining therazane as well, and will sometimes get confused and try to gather at already empty locations.

Builds 2-3 more barracks when you have enough SCVs to support it.

You can start gathering the next one when you have 1-2 medics and ~6-7 marines. You can skip making goliaths, but i decided to make a few because i had too many resources to spend.

Make sure you get the artifact here, you will want all 3 in the end.

Start gathering the next canister right away.

When you have a big enough army start going north... grab the artifact in this possition.

The next area you will want to get therazane is to the east.

Before you finish the mission, try to grab the artifact.

You can grab the canisters one by one or all in the same time, which i did, it doesn't matter as you should have a big enough army by now to do it. Once you grab 7 canisters, you will complete the mission.

After completing the mission, make sure you get this research.