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Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty Walkthrough Mission 3: Zero hour

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This mission is very simple, build units and survive for 20 minutes. It is extremely easy as well.

Best thing to do is build 3 bunkers at the 2 choke points where the zerg come from and fill them all up with 4 marines each.

Build 2 more bunkers in addition to the 2 you have, and have 1 of them build a tech lab while the others are making reactors. Also start building upgrades as soon as possible.

Try to make additional SCVs and put them at the 2 choke points to constantly repair the bunkers.

Try to constantly build 1 medic and 6 marines at a time, while also having an SCV being built at your comand centre.

After some time you'll have a big enough army to survive the whole mission.

When the timer reaches 0, you will win.