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Surgeon Simulator 2013 Walkthrough Brain Transplant

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The last and probably most easiest one. Destroy the top of the skull with the tools given to you.

For this level, i prefer the portable circular saw.

Carefully skim the top all around..

And once the pieces are dislocated enough..

Just brush them off with your palm.

Rince and repeat until the brain is in clear view.

Be careful not to cut into the brain. It will do MASSIVE blood damage.

Once the cranium is completely gone, push the brain up slightly and have it rest on the top of his head.

Grab a scapel and carefully nudge yourself under the brain..

And cut the brain stem cord.

The brain shoul fall out pretty much immediately.

Grab the new one from the water container..

Drop it in..

And you're done!

This concludes our guide for Surgeon Simulator. I hope It gave you insight and I wish you the best of luck mastering this very tricky game.