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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough Beginning

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Create your character, and lets move!

The Emperor's guards will tell you to move aside, then he'll comment on your face.

Once they start heading out, follow them and loot one of the assassins for some cheap armor.

Keep following them till they abandon you behind a door. Ignore what they say, they aren't coming back. Head into the cave that the rats come from.

Navigating through the cave, loot the guard that dies from one of the assassins for some better armor and a weapon.

Head further into the cave, 1shotting any rats you come in contact with.

Loot the goblin shaman's corpse that lies infront of the door you must head into for the key to open said door.

Keep owning more rats, heading down the incredibly linear hallways.

At this pile of bodies you can loot a shield and some good armor.

Keep moving forward and you'll run into a door to the caverns.

Inside the caves there'll just be some 1shottable goblins and some crappy loot. Keep moving.

In this chamber you'll find a shaman thats still breathing accompanied with some guards. Can be challenging if you're on high difficulty.

Once you head outside the cave you'll rendezvous with the emperor

Then the emperor will let you choose your Sign which is just a boon. Pick whatever you want to.

They'll keep moving and run into more assassins which you must kill in one hit.

The emperor will call you into a room to either make sweet love with you or to tell you he's about to get shanked. After a speech, something fun will happen!

After directing you to find a guy called Jauffre, the emperor will get shanked by an assassin.

The blades will be like "Oh damn" and ask if you have the gigantic necklace the Emperor had.

The token black guard will offer you a key to use the sewers to get out of there, follow his advice and turn into the window where the emperor's assassin came from and RUN!

Before Baurus lets you loose he'll let you choose your class which will dictate most of what you do in the game. You can either create your own or pick the preselected ones.

Baurus then directs you to Jauffewrwerwcantspellhisname in Weynon Priory.

It's a linear walk to the exit from the sewers, just make sure you don't let the rats hit you for ten years and you won't die.

Once you find the exit, you can finalize all the decisions about your character before leaving.