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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough Freedom and Kvatch!

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Once you exit, you can fast travel to Weynon Priory from the map, saving you thirty hours of walking in one direction.

Inside the Weynon House will there be an old geezer named Jauffre, show him the amulet.

Jauffre then directs you to Kvatch to find another guy called Martin. Use fast travel here.

Once you get to Kvatch, the townspeople will be running from it and beg you to run or help.

Go up the hill to Kvatch's door and the guards will ask you for help closing Satan's vaginal opening.

Jump into the gate!

Inside Hell there'll be some swordsmen who'll join you if you ask. You don't need much help anyway, Scamps are 1shottable.

Keep moving forward into hell, it doesnt matter where you explore only that you make it to this tower in the middle of the island.

Once inside, make the sign of the cross and move forward.

Inside, the Daedra will come from all sides. You have to move up the spiral staircase that comprises this tower to close the Gate.

However, once you reach the "top" you'll smash into a locked door. Head to the door at your side to move to the other tower.

In the other tower, a guy with a handsome face and shining armor will ask you to leave by donking his mace into your skull. Kill him for the key.

Head back this time into the main tower and keep moving up.

After portals, runes, dremoras and scamps, you'll finally be able to take the Sigil Stone. Press E on the ball to the left of my crosshair to leave Hell.

Once back on Earth (or tamriel, whatever) you should head back to the guards and tell them it's all good before continuing into Kvatch.

Inside the city there'll be a pure blood-orgy of Scamps and Dremora, kill them all to head inside the church where Martin is.

Martin, however, will refuse to join you till you save the entire city. Grant his wish by finding the Count.

Move further with the guards, slaughtering scamps upon the way.

Once the captain tells you there's a locked guardhouse, head back to the chapel to greet some more help and the guard with the key to the house.

Head to the basement of the chapel, slaying scamps upon your way, and then leave the chapel altogether.

If the guy with the key dies, just pick it up from his corpse and continue saving Kvatch.

There'll be a silo with the door to get to the passageway to open the gatehouse. Get into it.

Once on the other side, open the gate and continue.

You'll be able to get to the Castle, once inside the captain will tell you to search for the count.

Head to the back of the Castle, murdering scamps.

In the count's chambers he'll be laying down in a pool of blood. Loot his body for his ring and bring it back to the captain.

Return the ring then, to the Captain. You'll be able to head back to Martin and bring him back to the Priory.