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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough The Mythic Dawn

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Once you bring Martin back to the Priory, it'll be attacked by assassins. Kill them all, then bring Martin to the Chapel to save Jauffrey's life.

After you save Jauffre, he'll look for the emperor's amulet and say that it's been stolen. Tell him that you've got Martin with you.

Jauffre will tell you to bring Martin to Cloud Ruler Temple which you can fast travel to.

The Blades will salute Martin and call him the Dragon-Born. Familiar?

Jauffre will then tell you to head to the Imperial City and talk to the guard you met in the sewers before the Emperor died.

Baurus will tell you to follow him to the basement of the Inn, claiming he's being followed. The shifty guy that was sitting in the lefthand side of the picture will get up and follow. Kill him downstairs.

After the assassin is dead, Baurus will tell you to meet with somebody at the Arcane University in the City. Fast-travel!

The lizard will tell you that you need four copies of some book, handing you the first and second. You can get the third at a store.

If you try to buy the third copy, the owner will tell you that some guy already ordered it Wait for the customer to come, then tell him the Dawn kiled the emperor and he'll give you the book and instructions on how to get the 4th copy.

Go tell Baurus about what the customer said, and he'll bring you to where you'll get the 4th copy in the Sewers.

Following Baurus, slaying goblins among the way, he'll tell you to be overwatch or actually do the meeting. It matters not, because Baurus will go berserk 2 seconds in, so just pick whichever.

If you picked to go into the meeting, take a seat and wait for Baurus to strike before you kill the guy that comes. Take his book.

Give the lizard the books and she'll tell you to wait a day before coming back. After 24 hours, come back and she'll tell you to go to the green emperor's way at noon.

At this exact grave at Noon, press E on it for instructions to get into the Mythic Dawn's lair.