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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough Martin's Quests

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Inside Sancre Tor you'll have to free four ghosts in different wings of this place to get the Armor.

You shouldn't have to fear anything here. Ghosts die in one hit and the skeletons aren't durable either.

You can look at the quest tracker for help on where to find the ghosts. They're special skeletons that glow, impossible to miss. Kill the skeleton, and the ghost will come and walk away.

Once all four ghosts are free, follow them to a little hallway where they'll let you pass and take the armor.

On a podium, you'll find the armor. Sexy, isn't it?

Bring the armor back to Septim and he'll tell you to head to another place for another artifact.

He'll tell you to head to Miscarcand, near Kvatch to get some glowy stone.

Inside Miscarcand, there'll be Magicka replenishing stones and lots of goblins and undead. There'll be nothing to fear except looking for the buttons to press to unlock gates.

After all the buttons have been pressed and the doors unlocked, you can finally get the stone you need. Once picking it up however, a Lich and two zombies will come and try to getcha. Depending on your level, you may die or one-shot them.

Give the Stone to Martin back at the Temple to continue the quest.