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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough Paradise

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Wankar's voice will get really annoying here. Follow the steps till you meet a Dremora.

Once you meet this guy, don't bother doing his quest unless you want to spend another 30 minutes here. Just kill him to continue.

Loot his corpse for the item to continue forth into the Grotto. Remember to equip it.

Once in the Grotto, you'll find a lot of Clannfears and Dremoras.

Accept this guy's offer, he won't kill you and will help you avoid a fight.

He'll pretend to lower you into lava, but'll pull you out and let you continue.

Get out of the Grotto, accepting that same guy's help again, and fight Camoran in his castle.

Once Camoran's dead, remember to loot him for some horrifically valuable items and you'll be ported out.