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The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 - Smoke & Mirrors Walkthrough Chapter 1: Upper West Side Precinct

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Bigby is being questioned by the police about Snow's murder.

You can choose to play it cool. Not giving an answer progresses the game as well.

The investigator tells Bigby she knows what he is going through. All answers are pretty much the same.

After some more talking the cop gets a nosebleed.

Someone knocks out the cops in the station.

Crane walks in and tells you to go. You can ask him what's going on.

Crane is no stranger to magic it seems.

Bigby picks up the photo of Snow's head to remove the last evidence.

An awkward ride in Crane's car follows. You can thank him... or not.

Crane asks Bigby about Tweedle Dee (if you arrested him previously).

Crane misses Snow. Three out of four answers give him a cold shower.

Don't be discouraged from the " ...will remember that" notes. No matter what you choose the story will lead you to one destination.

Crane ask Bigby what Snow was thinking the night before. You can put more salt in his grief if you want.

Crane acts concerned but doesn't come off as a very trustworthy character.

Bigby slams Crane's car door in anger and enters his apartment.