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The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 - Smoke & Mirrors Walkthrough Chapter 3: Fabletown Business Office

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You will search the body of the dead "Snow". But first you need to ask TJ some questions.

TJ and Mr. Toad are talking with the magic mirror. You can look around the room first, there is no rush.

Look at the perfume bottle on Snow's desk.

Crane takes pills it seems.

You can check the Book of Fables to see some of the characters.

Use the Tarot Cards.

You can pick three cards.

You can use the lamp as well but nothing will happen.

Once you are done looking around, talk to TJ. Mr. Toad was looking for something on the mirror.

You can ask TJ some questions about what he saw.

You can be nice to him and get some answers faster.

TJ will be scared to talk but you can encourage him to continue. Comforting him might not be a good idea.

TJ saw the body of the fake Snow being thrown down in a river.

TJ asks Bigby if he can tell when people are lying. This only can mean that he didn't say everything.

Toad will get upset at his son for not following the rules. You can ignore him.

You can ask TJ a few more questions.

After you ask him a few more questions he will want to go home. You can pressure him in answering more but it won't result to anything.

Time to say goodbye.

Snow will ask if you want to go see the body. You can tell her in a minute and then talk to the mirror.

You can ask the mirror who was Toad watching but Bigby will forget to rhyme and won't get an answer.

You can ask the mirror about the location of some other characters.

But it won't lead to anything.

Talk to Snow to go to the body.