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The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 - Smoke & Mirrors Walkthrough Chapter 6: The Pudding & Pie

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You are greeted by one of the girls working at the club. Being direct here is best.

She warns you that Georgie isn't a nice guy.

If you try asking her anything she will say 'my lips are sealed'. You will hear this line often.

You will see Georgie doing a 'test run' with one of his dancers.

Approach Georgie to start a conversation.

He already knows about the murder of the troll.

Bigby will mention the use of glamour. Georgie will play dumb about everything.

You can show him some of the evidence you have but it won't result to anything.

Georgie will try to ignore you but Bigby doesn't take no for an answer.

Hans will pick up the fallen radio. You can try asking him something.

Georgie will try to change the subject but Hans will mention a book with information.

Georgie will play dumb once again and lie about the book. You can pressure him into giving you the book. You can smash up his place a lot, just a little bit or not at all. The choice is yours. The result is always the same.

After some threats or destruction of property you will end up near the beer keg behind the bar.

Bigby will notice the safe under the beer keg.

One last threat or destroy choice and Georgie will succumb under the pressure.

Bigby finds information about Lily and her customer. Georgie naturally doesn't know anything about it.

Bigby notices the number 207.

Georgie will refuse to talk to you afterwards. Enter the door on the right.

Examine the items on the ground.

Bigby finds a note. It seems like Lily and Faith have changed places on the night of the murder.

Examine the cubby.

Faith's jewelry box and makeup case are busted open.

Talk to the dancer in the room. She is surprised to see Bigby here.

The Little Mermaid from the tale. She calls herself Nerissa now.

Asking her about anything will result in the same answer.

'These lips are sealed.' Something seems off about this whole thing.

To steer the conversation in the right direction pick the 'People keep saying that.' option.

Nerissa can't talk about what you ask her directly but she finds a way to give you some information.

Just pick 'Okay.' from the answers.

She will make an 'appointment' with Bigby for the hotel the murder was commited in. The money you confiscated from Dee will come in handy now.

You can pay her fully if you have Dee's money. All your money is more than she asks for. If you didn't take Dee's money you would have only paid part of the needed sum.

She will give Bigby a key to room 204. This will get you inside the hotel but not inside the room you need.

Bigby arrives at "The Open Arms" hotel.