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The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 - Smoke & Mirrors Walkthrough Chapter 5: The Trip Trap Bar

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Snow and Bigby arrive at the Trip Trap in the middle of a conversation.

The two on the left seem on the edge when they see Bigby again. Not so much for Jack on the right.

Jack seems in a good mood. You can ignore him or throw him out when you have the chance if you don't want him wasting your time.

You can try and talk him to back off but it won't work.

Bigby learns that Dee was released and just passed the bar.

You can throw Jack out now but he will stop talking anyway if you don't.

You can deliver the bad news to Holly. Snow will appreciate it if you are more kind in your words.

Holly is clearly upset. If you want her not to treat you like scum in later episodes you can be a bit more considerate now.

Snow will give her sister's brooch back.

You can earn some extra nice guy points by letting her keep it or get the brooch back as evidence.

Jack and Gren are leaving.

Holly doesn't know much about her sister.

Holly reveals that Lily worked at the Pudding 'n' Pie.

She doesn't know more about these topics.

Holly want's to get her sister's body for a troll funeral. You can give her the body and she will remember it.

Bigby will go ask Georgie, the owner of the strip club, some questions.