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The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 - Smoke & Mirrors Walkthrough Chapter 7: The Open Arms Hotel

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Look around the lobby of the hotel. Bigby will comment about some things but you won't find anything to help you with the story.

Use the bell to call the hotel clerk.

Beauty works as a clerk at the hotel.

You can ignore her completely or tell her you won't tell Beast that she works in a place like this.

Beauty has seen the troll passing here. But can't tell you much more than that.

Asking her if she knows Tweedledee will reveal that she is indebt with the Crooked man.

When you all questions with her she will let you up anyway.

She wants her name to be left out of the official report.

The only room you need to enter here is 207. Just walk towards it and attempt to enter. You can try to look around the rest of the rooms but you won't find anything.

The masterkey isn't working for some reason.

Beast appears out of nowhere. He thinks Beauty is cheating on him with Bigby.

No matter what you say to him will calm him down.

A short brawl with Beast will commence. Press S to dodge his first punch.

Hold W for a second dodge.

Pump up the Q button.

You can decide in which direction you want to throw him. Pres A or D.

Pump Q again to struggle away.

Throw him in one more wall.

Dodge his pipe swing with W.

Pump Q a third time to resist him.

Move your mouse at the red circle to attack Beast.

Punch him for good measure.

You can keep punching him if you feel like it. Otherwise you can stop the brawl early.

One last click will be needed to push Beast back. This will open the door to room 207.

Bigby finds the murder scene.

You can play it cool and choose 'Door's open now...'.

Bigby will tell Beast to guard the front door. Time to investigate the murder scene.

Examine the cassette player. It doesn't mean anything.

Examine the bed.

Bigby takes note of the flowers.

Examine the storybook on the table.

The book is about Snow White's story. Choose 'The bed matches the coffin.' to correctly guess how this connects to the murder.

When you are correct in your findings a notification will appear.

Examine the ashtray. Someone was smoking the same brand Bigby smokes.

Wine bottle doesn't mean much.

Examine the cassette.

Open the closet.

Bigby finds Snow White's dress from the story.

Pick the 'Looks like a Snow costume.' line.

Examine the apple.

Pick the 'It's like the apple in the book.' line.

Beauty is impressed with your detective skills.

Pick up the envelope from under the bed.

Someone is stalking Snow.

Crane was watching them from the magic mirror all along. He smashes the mirror in anger.

You will see a preview of the next episode once you finish the current one.