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The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 - Smoke & Mirrors Walkthrough Chapter 4: Witching Well Chamber

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Follow Snow to the body.

The body looks just like Snow at first glance.

Examine each point of interest.

The brooch is not something Snow wears.

The neck mark is similar to Faith's.

Examine her head but you will find nothing. Then press D to switch to the lower part of the body.

Examine the track marks. Looks like she was using drugs.

The glamour used to transform the body doesn't work on everything it seems. "It might be failing." seems like the best option here.

Use the coat buttons.

You have to open her coat. Snow will do it instead of Bigby.

Crane will barge in.

You can answer his quesion or tell him you aren't finished.

Check the lingerie to ask Snow and awkward question.

Check the first pocket.

A parfune just like the one Snow uses. Bigby knows this even if you don't find the perfume bottle on Snow's office desk.

Check the last pocket to find a strange container.

Crane will tell you that is too dangerous to open it. He seems more concerned than usual.

A small puzzle needs to be solved to open the box. Use A and D to move left and right one section, and press W or S to rotate the selected section up or down.

The correct alignment is a picture of a deer.

Two items were inside. Examine the photograph.

It's a personal picture of Snow.

Examine the lock of hair. It's Snow's hair.

The body will lose it's glamour completely.

The only one who could know her is Holly the bartender.

Snow recognises Holly's sister Lily.

Crane doesn't want Snow to go with Bigby outside. You can let her come with you or agree with Crane. She is coming with you either way.