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The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 - Smoke & Mirrors Walkthrough Chapter 2: The Woodland Luxury Apartments

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Bluebeard is in the middle of an interrogation.

Bigby takes over the interrogation.

Dee will play it dumb so you have to soften him up a bit.

Depending on what question you choose first the interrogation will go towards answering it until the subject is changed.

He will refuse to answer so you can choose to be the good cop or the bad cop. Either one will work.

You can choose if you want to hit him, show him Snow's severed head or continue talking.

You can get him to talk even if you don't use force but he won't say much.

To move forward with the investigation you have to pick one of the items that belong to Dee. It doesn't matter in what order you take an item.

Every item you pick can be used as a torture device. You can choose to be nice as well.

Bluebeard will make a grimace if you are good with Dee. Or nod in approval if you go the torture route.

Dee spills some more information, this time about Faith.

The brothers are somehow connected.

You can confiscate his dirty money or leave it. This game doesn't have many items for you to find so it's best to take anything you can. You don't know when it will come in handy.

The questions about Faith continue.

Dee will mention his boss, but he can't reveal who he is.

Pick up the last item.

You can choose if you want to be nice or not.

This decision has a short time window. Depending on what you choose the next scene will be different.

If Bigby doesn't hurt Dee, Bluebeard will lose his patience and attack Dee.

You can try to reason with him or just grab him.

Bigby and Bluebeard will go in a brawl. Point your mouse in the smaller circle and click left mouse button.

Press Q as fast as possible to subdue Bluebeard.

Snow White will walk in the room in this moment and surprise everyone.

The intro of the game will play.

Snow and Bigby go to the Fabletown offices.

Snow is angry with Bigby for abusing a prisoner. You can make an excuse. But if you didn't harm Dee the only logical answer is "It wasn't me".

Snow isn't relieved even if Bigby tries to explain things.

You can ask Snow where she was.

You can be supportive of her actions if you don't want her to get upset even more.

You will have to talk to TJ in a moment.

No matter what you say here Snow will get upset.

Snow wants to be more involved in the murder investigation.