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Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine Walkthrough 11- Point Of No Return

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There will be serveral Orks in this room, kill them with Plasma gun and melee when ever possable

When the Orks are dead, head to this console and press the action button to push it in.

When it is pushed all the way back in you will get an objective marker.

When you are told to do so go to the main control panel. Head to the left of the conduit and go up the stairs to this panel.

When you press the button you will complete the objective.

After you fire the weapon, Orks will drop in from a drop-ship, if you want to shoot at them do so with the plasma gun but it does not matter much to be honest.

At this point in the game they will introduce th4e chao daemons. These are tough and move really fast, melee is the best way, stun and execute, do not try to wear down their health it takes to much ammo.

After the cut scene head back to the lift, but first you will have to kill these Chao daemons. Melee and plasma gun them for now.

Once you get to the lift, activate it even if there is enemys outside it.

When the lift opens Orks and Chaos are fighting, kill the chaos first they are more dangerous.

Once they are all dead, head down the stairs and through the doorway, make sure that you switch to the power axe, this makes it easier and faster to kill the Chaos. Top up your ammo while you are there.

When through the door there is a similar scene, use the vengance launcher, this can be restored by the ammo behind you, there is only one load of ammo on the wall so use it well.

After you use up your ammo pick the rest off with melee attacks.

Make sure to check the room for ammo before you leave.

Once you wish to procede head to the back left part of the room and activate this switch.