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Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine Walkthrough 7- Heart Of Darkness

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As you enter the level head straight forward and enter the tunnel in front of you.

Once you are in the tunnel head to the right, note the objective marker.

once you round the second coner you will see a vent shadft, Grechin will drop from the roof kill them with your psitol to conserve ammo.

In front of you there will be another simple barrier, blow up the red barrel and collect the ammo that is on the other side.

You will encounter no more enemys till the next door, open it and head through.

As soon as you enter the room you will be attacked by 2 shooter boys and Grechin from the ground keep using your pistol as long as you can then switch to the bolter.

If there Shooter boys do to much damage hide behind the wall supports till your shield regens.

Orks will come out of the pipes. If you find there are to many just blow the barrels next to the wall supports to kill loads at once.

If you use too much bolter ammo there is a ammo box on the right.

After killing all the Orks, take the right tunnel.

As you enter you will see a shooter boy, you can kill him by shooting the red pipe behind him.

When you round the next corner Squigzs will fall from the roof, be carefull and do not sprint through.

Enter the door at the end of the room, try to use your pistol as much as you can, to save ammo for big groups of Orks.

As soon as you enter, shoot the shooter boy on the left.

to the right there is a Grenade dump get them if you need to top up.

When you turn the next corner there is another shooter boy, kill him as well.

After you kill him, jump down to this ledge.

now jump down this one as well.

Orks will almost straight away attack from the left. try to keep you distance and only engage in close combat as a last resort. try not to run forward without killing the first group or more Orks will arrive so it will cuase more problems.

If you need to lure the Orks near here and then shoot it, it is explosive.

After you kill the first group, use it as a chance to restore health and shield.

Orks will now come out the pipes next to the steps; use grenades to thin them as much as possable this just makes it easier to kill them all.

After you kill most of the Orks this guy will appear, he is a Nob but with really HEAVY armour. use Fury to take him out, it is not impossable to do it without Fury but in this case it is the easist option.

If you cannot kill him quickyl and run out of Fury try to stun and execute, it is the best way without loosing to much health, use the normal charge and roll like on all other Nobs.

Once you have killed the Orks, take the indicated right tunnel.

Now activate the door at the end of the room

Although this screen print is not clear, if you act quickly you can shoot two squigzs through these bars at the end of the room.

If not try to get them through this one.

When you have dodged the Squigzs including the ones that fall from the roof, you will see this sheilded Ork, do not open fire straight away.

Squigzs will come up behind him, shoot them and they will kill/stagger him.

IF it does not kill him, shoot a charged plasma shot at him , this will stagger him again and will allow for close combat advantages.

that is all the enemys in this part, just turn the last corner and activate the door.

When you enter the room you willl see this weapon altar; this altar contains the melta gun. I recomend that you do switch with the vengance launcher. the reason is that the melta is like a shotgun but instead of pellets there is a super heated wave that wipes Orks off the map. it is VERY usefull in a pinch situations even if i does only hold 10 shots.

there are some Orks in front of you, use the bolter or plasma gun but do not use the melta even though it is tempting save the ammo.

Instead use a grenade or if you wish switch back to the vengance launcher and kill the Orks prgressing with the melta as you switch back again saving ammo.

Afte a time you can abandon ranged and just kill with melee. Make sure to stun and execute when health is low.

After all the Orks are dead head to the end of the room and grab the ammo box.

take a right and fall down through this hole.

blow this up and grab the grenades as probably like me you are running low.

Now climb the stairs and open the door. there are no enemys in this room.

run to the end of the corridor and you will see these Orks if you want to shoot at them do so with the pistol.

Now take the lift and follow the Orks up.

When you get to the top of the lift you will find the purity seal. this makes your fury last longer.

When you grab the seal this will open the door at the end of the room.

As you enter the next room mind out for the Shooter boys.

Most of the Shooters are standing next to explosives shoot them and that will kill the shooter.

Try to use the squigzs mixed in to your advantage when the Orks arrive, this will save ammo.

When you turn the next corner AFTER killing all the ranged Orks. kill this Ork as quickly possable this will close the pipe.

After killing all the Orks descend the stairs and follow the Objective marker.

You may encounter some small time enemys a few Grechin.

As you approach the door, a explosion will catch your eye it is this guy blowing up. Your friends will rejoin you.

It seems that you have hit a dead end,but after they have stopped talkigng you will get a objective marker and that big door will be able to be opened.

As you enter there seems to be no enemys but there are loads. the first ones that you will encounter is these shooter boys coming up the stairs.

If you have low health use this as a chance to execute to restore that health.

When you turn to go down the stairs get out your stalker bolter and shoot these barrels. and thne the Orks.

After you have killed the Orks head down the stairs.

When you get to the bottom of the stairs more Orks will drill through and shooters will arrive deal with the Orks first, then take cover and kill the Shooters.

you can use the drill as cover for the shooter, after they are dead head up this broken wall outside.

Climb the stairs at the end of the room and then head through the breach in the wall behind this screenshot.