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Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine Walkthrough Parrt III 9- The Weapon

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you are told at the start of the chapter that you are to man a heavy botler, you are defending your own ship and others. wait and Orks with jump packs willl arrive ans jump onto nearby ships. shoot them down.

there seems to be some form of Ork fighter. ignore them . they do not shoot at you and therefore are just a distractio just target the Orks.

The Orks will attack a ship next to you, you can help if you want but do not priorities them over you.

After a little while this ship will pull level. Aim for the Orks on the outside to avoid damage to your self.

When you have shot the Ork ship. you will pull off the Gun, but unlike normal you still have unlimited ammo.

Turn your attention to behind you.

Target the Shooter boys on the ship and mind out to the Orks jumping onto your ship.

the ship will now pull along side, continue shooting at the shooter boys.

After you have shot all the Orks a cut scene will occur. wait till the end of the cut scene.

After you land on the bridge you will note Orks coming towards you. there is no need to conserver bolter ammo at the moment but do not leave yourself shot. i recomend that you Bolter most of the Orks in the first wave.

Make sure to note the Orks that are on top of the towers.

You will get a lot of these Orks attacking, melee and execute a lot it is important to keep your health up.

As a note you do not actually have to kill all these Orks, you can just charge through provided you think you can with enough health.

When you get to the end that is blocked turn on all the Orks that are following you then activate your fury. After they are all dead they ship will come in to land.

After the cut scene you will be here. follow the path.

As you turn the first corner there is a Ork sniping at you. kill him with the bolter.

There is another Ork on this Rock blter him as well.

There is another Ork on top of this pipe.

there is another Ork on top this pipe. make sure to get this one.

Over the top of the first mound there is a few Orks and shooter boys. Continue with the bolter.

Make sure to save a few to keep your health up

After killing the Orks kill this shooter and head to the bridge.

When you get to the bridge the Orks will break the bridge take the path to the right.

Restore the ammo from your bolter before continuing.

there are a few Orks on this stretch on the path, charge this guy and then shoot the Ork behind him.

there is a small explostion when you turn around the bend there is a load of Orks on various structures. Get ou the stalker bolter and shoot at them.

Whenyou have killed about 4-5 Orks and walked forward a Ork drop-pod will come down.

"After killing the first load another Pod will fall, there is a lot more Orks in this one. there is even a Nob in this one.

After killing them head round and kill the ranged Orks as you go.

After you have done that head through this gap in the canyon.

You will come across a fallen ship, take the lascannon.

You will now come across a bridge shoo the smaller Orks with your bolter then kill the Nob with the lascannon.

This is the only Nob that you have to worry about.

Now use it to finnish off the remaing Orks.

Before moving forward across the bridge get your stalker bolter back .

Use your stalker bolter to pick off these Orks that will attack from the right as you cross the bridge.

Mke sure to get to the ammo box and re-supply.

Switch to the bolter and hold by the bridge.

Orks will attempt to cross the bridge take them out as quick as possable then target the ranged. try to get this nealry done by the time more Orks arrive.

there are Two nobs coming over the bridge. Use fury.

If you did not kill them with fury. pull out yout melta gun and finnish them.

Try to execute at least one to keep your health near full to tackel the ranged Orks.

the surviving Ranged Orks can be taken out with any weapon of choice.

When they are all dead, cross the bridge.

If you take the lower path you will bump into a few Orks.

Follow the lower path down to here, killing the Orks as you go. Pick up the ammo where ever you can.

When you see the door move to it and grab the Thunder hammer. and top up your ammo.

As you can already tell by the falling drop-pod you are goig to have to fight till you can get the door open.

Kill as many Orks as you can at range, when they get close slam the hammer on the floor. the easiest way is attack once then spam the stun button.

When enough Orks are dead another Dop-pod will fall to have a Nob in it. you can take him on close range because of the hammer.

Even though it is tempting do not leave your friends. it lessens your fire power.

Another drop-pod has fallen use your fury if you ahve low health, if not keep it. Due to the Thunder hammers power it is not required to stagger these Orks first, just hit and that will still do damage.

If you still have your fury this is the time to use it, on this guy. If you do not use the melta gun and dive around him.

the really fun part here is that there is not just one heavy armoured Nob there is two. If you have no fury it is not impossable but it takes a lot more time. (if you wish to kill them)

If you do not wish to kill them head through the door when Drogan says "through here space marine" the door will shut behind you and the Orks will not follow.

when in the room head down the stairs and switch back to the power axe. and get all the ammo back you can

Now wait for Drogan to open this door.

now you will enter outside, the Orks will attack from around the pipes. DO NOT rush in. Kill them at range

this is why you do not rush in, the dust/reduce ciew distance is a dead give away for squigzs. keep an eye open.

After killing the inital wave there is a liittle moment of silence. Keep walking forward till you hear a lot of Sguizs they will come from the front. wait for them don't go to them, they come to you.

After you take out most of the Orks there is more on top of a ledge, make sure that you get them.

Now that you killed them head up this ramp.

Once on top of the bridge you will encounter minor amounts of Orks.

whne you have got to the end of the path enter the pipes.