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Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine Walkthrough 8- Whipsers Of the Dead

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head up here through this small opening, you will get a objective marker.

In the first door on the right there is a ammo box.

the next one over has grenades.

The way seems to be blocked but if you take the last room on the right there is a breach on the back wall that will take you around the obstruction.

when you have dropped down and followed the path, you will get a cut scene. After the cut scene there is a weapon altar.

The room holds a weapon that is like the stalker bolter but shoots high powered lazers. i recomend that you take it.

After you have taken the weapon this guy will appear. He is like the shooter boys that shoot rockets but he shoots more faster and has more health. Shoot him with the newly aquired weapon, you know when you have a good line of sight on the enemy because a Skull will appear on your HUD (only when scoped)

he will take about three rounds.

Kill the other that are on the other broken layers with the same weapon.

You do not have to kill them, if you wish to keep the melta then run straight through this arch here. If you have killed them go through anyway; it is located at the top right hand side of the map.

On the second floor there is a door at the end ot the corridor. it has ammo in it that you badly need if you killed those Orks.

Now drop through here.

At the end of the room you will see some guards they will die, there is no way of saving them but they do warn you about the Orks nearby.

Be careful as you walk forward there is a Orks hiding on the rght high up.

"I recomend that you swap back to the melta gun.

there is another Nob but he will walk near a barrel time it right and you will kill most of the Orks.

If you want you can run around the side and melta them. if you don't use your stalker bolter when your armour gets low, hide behind these boxs.

If it is taking to long or you just want to, use the marksman mode of fury. This auto activates when you scope.

when you move forward around there side these guys will appear, shoot the squig for advantages.

when you get to the end of the room, and collected all the ammo, this Ork drop-pod will fall.

Kill them with the barrels again.

When you head down the stairs there is a load of Orks that pour out the floor don't get distracted by the Orks above.

there are several advantages about having your friends back. the first is that they do not acutally get shot by Orks or take friendly fire so when they walk forward throw in a grenade to kill the Orks this will not harm your friends.

As you will have probably lost a lot of health make sure you restore it before heading down the ramp.

After you have gone down the ramp for some time there is a turn off. there is ammo in it. Make sure you get it.

As you enter the room there will be Orks all over. Take cover straight away.

If you try to take the cover that is too far away you will find that this guy kills you very fast, he is above you on the right. shoot the explsive barrel then finnish him off.

Mind the ground there is a Nob there.

Due to the large amount of Nobs try to use Fury to kill as many as you can as quickly as you can.

the melta Gun is very good at staggering Nobs so use it to do so mix it with the stalker bolter. execute him to get full health.

After you have killed him, that is the last Nob for now. Kill the other ranged Orks with your stalker.

there is some ammo nestled in the back corner, make sure to get it.

Asecnd the stairs and try to beat the Orks to it.

Now that you are up here look across there is 1 Nob and some shooter. use the barrels to kill them along with the stalker bolter. Use the cover to your advantage.

If you do not kill them fast enough they will run up the stairs.

Pull out your Melta gun and follow them, they are waiting at the top.

target the nob first, then kill the others in melee to conserver the Melta's ammo

As you continue forward there is a Ork on the right take over and kill with the Stalker bolter. the reason is not ammo sake but the stalker staggers a little so when the Nob reloads you stagger him stopping him reloading.

After he is dead make your way to the bottom of the slope.

then run towards Drogan.

You will get a objective marker then a cut scene, after that is over head through this door.

As you walk through the hallway you will get an objective marker.

At the end of the corridor there is a square at the other end there is a walkway down; descend.

When you get to the bottom there is a fight between the Orks and the guards head over to them and provide assistanace.

Use the bolter here, this is so you can see where the rockets are going dodge them.

If your health does get low, hide behind here and wait for your sheild to regen.

After most of the ranged is dead Orks will appear from this Drop-pod.

use grenades to not only thin them but to try and get your Fury back if you don't already have it. you will need it in a second.

After all the Orks have died you will get a cut scene.

these gates will have opened and some Orks will come out. melee them and stun/execute to save the remaining ammo.

Now climb the stairs.

You will encounter another drop-pod this time your own. It contains another jump pack and a thunder hammer. this weapon is very powerful and can kill most Orks in one hit Nobs i a few more. the disadvantage is that you cannot use all your weapons with this hammer equiped; only the botler and the pistol.

Jump up this wall.

When you have jumped around the wall will crumble and Orks will come out.

you will encounter a few Orks and 1 Nob. they will be no challenge now you have the thunder hammer.

One of the best things about this hammer is there is no power struggle when executing a Nob he will die like a normal Ork.

Jump up these stairs after heading through the breach.

You will find this room, jump to the center and kill this Nob as he teleports in. You must kill the Mad doc before travelling further as he has blocked the way.

Now jump to the edge. Kill all ranged Orks you can jump to avoid normal Orks so kill the ranged first while avoiding the normal Orks. Only when there is no more ranged Orks kill the regulars.

This is the mad Doc. you need to kill him now. jump over and stun him before he can teleport again.

When stunned simply execute.

then leave through the previously blocked route.

Follow the path and you will come to a stair case, follow it down and there is some ammo there if you need it.

Now go through the breach on the right.

Now you have two choices of direction. it does not matter which one you take so it is up to you.

I took the direct route, there is a nob by a barrel. You know the drill shoot the barrel and jump/slam on the others.

There is a Nob so look out for him.

After all the Orks are dead you will get a message from the Guards; Now just follow the path up th stairs on the left as you enter.

When you get to the top of the stairs there are more Orks.

There is also another Mad doc.

Kill the ranged Nob then go straight for the Mad doc.

Kill him then go through the breach, you do not have to clear the remaining Orks.

After you jump up these stairs you will told that you are out of fuel and cannot use the jump pack any more. you still keep the Thunder hammer for now.

If you follow the path to the left you have reached the Primus command

Don't worry about the sieging Orks on the right hand side just follow the Lt.

Aproach the craft.