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Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine Walkthrough 4- Titains of Graia

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Simply walk along the bridge untill you get to the first downward flight of stairs.

You will observe a explosve barrel, wait till at least 2 Orks are near it and shoot it, this will save you ammo for later.

Decend down the stairs, all the Orks will have ran inside. Along the way there are a few ammo box's make sure you get your ammo topped up.

Follow the fleeing Orks and they will shut a door on you, it is of no consequence just re-open the door and head inside.

You will find yet another ammo supply top up if you need to.

New bojective has been added, there is no time limit on this level, so you have no need to rush.

Wanring there are Squigzs mixed in with shooter boys, simply target the squigz they will kill most of the shooters. Keep your wits about you.

Now cross the bridge and kill the few Orks that are present.

Round the corner from the bridge there are two shooter, kill them and a tram will pull up with more Orks in them.

Further round the corner from the now Dead Orks, there are some Shooters on the towers, don't rush in there are Squigzs everywhere.

Around the next corner there are Squigzs hiding in the sides of the walls, so be very careful and don't rush forward.

At the end of the bridge you will hop onto the Battering Ram. once you are aboard enter the first door, there is no enemy behind it.

Again enter the door again, there is nothing behind it.

This is the last door this has the rest of the Ram behind it.

Enter through it with your bolter ready.

In front you will see three Ork, shoot the barrel to the right, if done correctly you will kill 2 and harm the 3rd.

A drop ship will appear and drop in Orks, shoot them with your psitol, conserve your ammo.

Now there will be a Nob right in front of you, kill the Orks first then take out the Nob with charges and shots from the boltre psitol.

More Orks will drop in

Next there are Shooter boys on top of some crates, target them as soon as they come in site.

Next target the shooters on the ground.

Around the crates there is a Ork on a Plasma Cannon, Make sure to stay in cover and run when he is not aiming at you.

Run up the stairs to the right of the cannon and round behind him.

Get on the Plasma gun and target the drop ship.

Do not use charged shots they are slow and they don't benefit you, just slug away at the drop ship.

When it starts to move to the side of you get off the gun and run into cover, wait till it stops shooting and get back on the gun.

The main gun on the drop ship is very strong don't try to shoot it with any other weapon

Use the sides of the map to your advantage, it cannot shoot you through objects.

As soon as the drop ship stops shooting pull off the cannon and head back down to the door, the Drop ship will drop some Orks and also a Nob, This is no consequence either. Spam the plasma cannon at them.

Just keep hitting it with more plasma shots.

It will not drop any more Orks or shoot again so it is quite easy to finnish.

After you have Killed the Drop ship it will fall onto the Ram and you will get a cut scene.