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Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine Walkthrough Warhammer 40k Space Marine 1- Planetfall

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I will be playing this walkthrough on Difficulty Normal

When you first enter the game you will be attacked straight away by Grechin and two Orks. Grechin are the weakest units in the game, they are weak and die straight away. Orks on the other hand are more sturdier and can badly damage in big numbers.

Once you kill all local enemys the pipes behind you will blow, this allows you access to the second area.

Simply take out the Orks in the second area and then instead of the pipes breaking shoot the highlighted object and the pipes will explode, this again will allow you access to the next area.

Note: During a fight if your health gets low it is a very good idea to execute. This is where you stun then kill your enemys. This will give a massive advantage to you during fight as it quickly recovers your health.

When you enter the next area don't bother to shoot the orks running at you, this is because they will be killed by a blast. the orks that you wil want to kill will be coming over the wall on the far side.

After clearing the orks again shoot the marked location to break the pipes. For this next area it is recomended to wait for full health and armour as there are lots of Orks pack in.

Now that you have shot this pipe a objective will appear, just enter through the breach.

"Once you have cleared some of the Orks shoot at the marked target to not only kill orks but to create the final breach in the pipes.

Once you create the breach there wil lbe several Orks inside it. they will not be supported by any ranged so take them out how you wish.

When you have killed the Orks off you will note that there is a massive gun infront of you, go up to the gleaming panel and press the action button

Your player will start to turn the gun on the ship, shooting at the Ork boss and the bridge.

A cut seen will appear showing the ship blowing up.