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Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine Walkthrough 3- Belly of the beast

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When you first start the level, simply follow the cables that are on the ground you will encounter no Orks for a while.

You will now find a room with a few Orks in it, they wil mostly run they are no problem Just follow the path round.

You have now completed an objective.

A doo will open for you at the end of the room, enter through it and you will find another weapon. The weapon is a vengance launcher; this is a experimental weapon it shoots a small explosive charge that explodes when you press a button.

A door will open, enter it.

Now you will see a long path, at the end there are a few orkks, kill them with the bolter then restore your ammo with the box on the right hand side.

You will see a melta charge do as instructed and pick it up, turn your attention to the door as there are loads of Orks outside, use the bolter mostly to save ammo of your other weapons.

Note the new objective.

There will be a few shooter boys mixed into the Orks, take the highground and kill them first, allow you friends to deal with most of the Orks untill you get the shooters.

Now head back down the hall the way you came towards that previously locked door.

As you approach the locked door it will open.

Then activate the lift, to do this press the green servoskull and the doors will close the lift will move.

Once you get out of the lift, take a right after getting the ammo from the box dead ahead, this will replenish your ammo stock.

As you head forwards you will see a barrier keep listening for squigzs there are a few to look out for.

Make sure you look carefully at the walls there is another hidden area that contains ammo,this will be benifical for you.

After you have taken out the squigs and are sure there will be no more yet, make sure you either snipe or shoot these Orks in the distance as they will build up and damage you a lot.

When you near the door 4 squigs will be ther make sure they don't get you.

After you get through the door at the end of the hall there is a new type of ork intorduced, they have chainswords on there hands, they are really damaing armour so weaken them with a grenade first, or they will kill you if you are not carefull.

After you kill the specail Orks turn your attentio to the green servoskull, press it and a massive shell will arrive.

Attach the meltabombs to the side of the shell.

Now push it into the shell loader by pressing the action button.

Now head to the door at the other end of the room, Note the new objective.

Follow the path back to the lift. kill the grechin if you wish.

the lift doors will open to reveal a Nob and a few shooter. Kill the shooters first and then attack the Nob with ranged fire only! Do not engage again or it could kill you.

Now activate the lift again same ole.

When you have left the lift and headed along the path, you will see this. This is a ammo replenisher it is unlimited but only for (in this case) the stalker bolter and the vengance launcher.

After you restore your ammo, open the door at the end of the room.

Orks will drop down from a tunnel above you after you enter the arch.

Mind out for the hidden shooter boys, do not venture too far in or you will be killed by shooter boys.

The shooters can be shot at from various locations this is one that will save you health.

Some shooters have explosive barrels next to them, shoot them and it will kill the shooters and save ammo.

After you have got through enter the door at the end of the room.

This will take you to a area that has two rooms. one room has ammo, make sure you get it to make sure you are topped up. Then go to the next room and enter the secondary lift.

Enter the lift, and head up to the next level.

Move forward and get the next fury upgrade, it is Marksman mode. Kill the Grechin as they will attack you.

Marksman mod eia a upgrade for fury, it allows you to slow down time while you are zoomed in with any weapon. It increases your weapon damage and it can be advantagous in some situations.

Now just enter the door at the end of the room.

The Orks have now realises the shell is charged so they pulled it out of sequence, you now have to defend the shell while a ally puts it back in sequence.

Stand in the center of the room near the back wall and aim for the shooters that will appear at the top left if yuo face the shell.

Shoot them as fast as possable.

pull out your vengance launcher and shoot at the grouped Orks, then when oppertune attack the Squigzs with a bolter pistol.

Make sure they do not sneak up on you when you are distracted.

For example.

just keep fire trained on this location be sparing with your ammo.

you can use the launcher to create chain explotions with Squigzs use this to your advantage, also keep tabs on the Shooers above you.

A Nob will appear, make sure that he does not surprise you. attack him at range untill he gets close then ram him by sprinting and holding stun, then roll away when he swings and repeat.

Lure the Nob ot of line of fire. If you can stun him, do so then win the power struggle, this will restore all your health.

Now take cover by the door you entered and shhot at the shooter boys for the position.

Now simply run to the door at the end of the hall, the screen will fade out to a cut seen.

After teh cut seen you will be on a bridge, listen to the transmition and walk over the bridge.