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Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine Walkthrough 13 - Wake The Sleeping Giant

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Head round to the door and open it.

Once through this door head straight to the next one, there is no enemys yet.

Head into here and top up your ammo keep the power axe though.

When you go through the next door take the arc hon the left and you will meet some more chaos, attack them with the bolter.

Use cover to your advantage beause your weapon can go through cover, while they cannot.

As soon as you can head into another arch further up. and kill the closest Chaos marine.

As a interesting note, one fully charged Plasma gun round will stund a Chaos Marine.

NOw activate Fury and kill the others in marksman mode.

Head to the end of the room and top up your ammo.

Now head through the door.

head up the ramp and head to the door, there is no enemys here either.

As you enter the room, there is a massive bolter gun in there. Dive to the right straight away or you will be killed.

Get out your bolter and pear your head around the wall, they do not shoot at you, now shoot the gunner.

There will be a few more men there, kill them and grab the bolter gun.

Once you have to gun head down there stairs.

You will now see another new enemy, this enemy uses bolts of electric and creates warp portals for Chaos, they are top priority to kill, use the Heavy bolter to do just that.

Now head through this door.

As you enter the room target this Chaos marine straight away.

Now target this one, they all have lascannons so stay in cover.

the next enemy is just over the way from where the first one you killed is.

The last enemy is above you as you enter the center, as soon as you see the green laser dodge.

Now that you have fought your way to the door, open it.

Now start the lift.

the door will descend and the door will be revealed on the oppersite side to the door that you came in on. open it.

there are no enemys in this part of the corridor, head to the other end and open the door.

Once you have gone through one more door you are at the contol panel, activate it.

This powers up the titan .

Now head back down the stairs and take the door on the right.

After you climb the stairs, there is a few enemys, use the bolter to kill them.

After you kill a few, the Warp will appear and more enemys will arrive.

After this group has been killed another load of enemys will appear, continue with the bolter if you still have it, if not switch to the bolter pistol and melee or stay at range with the plasma pistol.

As you advance one more group of enemys will appear under the bridge, keep using the plasma gun.

A warp will appear. and a marine with the morning star will come forth, this is the Chaos version of the Thunder hammer. so stick to range and charge shoot with the plasma gun.

After some shots he will get stunned but will still move, execute him.

This will give you full health for the next room.

Head to this door, when your friends leave it will unlock

refill your ammo then head to this lift, activate it, when you are happy that you have topped up all your ammo.

Once the lift has stopped, head to the same side you boarded the lift from and activate the door.

Once through the door head up to the control panel and activate the button. this releases the clamps

Now head back down the stairs and open the newly unlocked door.

A craft will attack you, it is some sort of Chaos ship.

Run straight to in here, this gives you cover from his guns and a chance to have your shield regen.

Use the Kraken bolter.

After the ship has blown up head to this door.

Now activate the lift.

Don't change any weapons, just refill ammo, head through this door after you are happy.

After going through the door, head up the ramps and straight onto the titan.

Another Chaos being will appear, attack it with the Kraken bolter.

After the others have died this ship will appear, use fury if your health gets too low.

After it has blown up, now you can place the power source in the titan, head to the end of the walkway.

you will now place the power source into the titan.

This will now trigger a cut scene that will say that you have destroyed the Orbital tower.