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Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine Walkthrough 16- Spire Of Madness

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Head down the stairs, there are some blood ravens at the bottom. Do not attack them they are friendly.

Attack the two Chaos marine at range there is no reason to go in close and risk health damage.

Use the cover to your advantge, get out the bolter and shoot through the cover.

Make sure that you keep your eye open for ammo boxes

When the daemons appear, use the blood ravens as cover and shoot them with the bolter.

After you push past the daemons, target the warp summoners.

Once over the ridge target the Chao marines do not worry so much about the daemons.

At this point the charged plasma bolter is a very good weapon. The charged blast can serisouly damage the Marines and will kill the smaller Chaos units in one shot.

After you push up there will be ultra marines that join the battle.

Run and grab the autocannon; use it to kill the chaos forces. Do not rip it off yet, keep it with infinite ammo.

Target the ships first as they are more difficult for the Space marines to take out.

When you see this ship descend it means that all chaos are dead and you can procede to the Orbital spire.

When you get near it you will complete the objective.

On this part of the level you have a ump pack, this means that you do not have to directly attack the enemy. remeber that. When the level starts follow the path.

Kill these enemys with your pistol.

Now jump over there.

Ignore the enemys that run at you and jump onto the platfomr above.

slam onto the enemys that walk under you.

Jump up to here.

Again ignore the ground enemys and jump straight to this floating lump.

Kill this enemy before advancing.

Next you want to head to here, kill the humand with the pistol then gournd slam the daemons.

Now head through the location that was previously warp and head to the right.

Jump up to where to enemy are and ground pound them.

Once again ignore the daemons and jump to the back platform.

A Chaos marine will appear behind you.

Now that the marine is dead, kill the daemons with the plasma pistol.

Now head through the archway and attack these people on the rised platform.

Now jump over here and ground pound.

Now jump and ground pound this group of people.

you will now run out of fuel before you can enter here.

I recomend that you change to the power axe.

and grab the storm bolter.

"these are the weapons that i recomend for the next room.

Once you enter the room attack the ship with the Kraken bolter, then head through the door on the left.

Once you enter the room, don't take cover run up the stairs straight away

Once you get there activate fury and the kill all of them also the daemons behind you.

After the daemons are dead use the Kraken bolter to kill the other remaining Chaos.

Target the warp summoner first while backing off, use the cover as a blind spot. Kill the Daeamons after.

Keep a bidg distance from the Marines and use the plasma gun to kill them.

If you lost a lot of health use the last marine as a chance to regen health.

Now head through the door.

Follow the path till you get to the lift then activate the lift.

Once at the top of the lift, activate the door and head through.

Make sure that you do not enter through this door until you have the weapons topped up.