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Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine Walkthrough 14 - Victory And Sacrifice

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wait for you top stop talking and then head through this door that will open after a little while, activate the lift.

After exiting the lift, head to the ammo spot and fill up your plasma gun.

After a cut scene you give the power source to one of your friends, the door will now open.

After the objective notifications have updated this door will become openable. Open it and enter.

When you jump down here, go straight to one of the boxes for cover.

these Chaos marines will appear. you will have to kill them to continue.

Use the plasma gun to kill them, also exploit the barrels when you can.

After you kill the first one, activate fury and take out the others, or at least weaken them.

When grenades appear move to the next piece of cover, this location at the far right is a good firing apon the marine on the far left.

Another one will appear after you kill the Marine in the middle, make sure that you do not try to attack with no shield, when there is only one you can stun him quickly but do not count on it.

After you run out of Plasma ammo, refill with the ammo on the left later, but kill the others with your bolter.

After you kill the last marine, they will attack from your left flank, so watch it.

Once you kill the smaller enemys on your flank head through this door.

you will see one of your friends up ahead, head towards him.

In a cut scene one of your friends die.

After the cut scene pick up as much ammo as possable. then advance slowly down the slope.

Chaos will appear, back up and take them out before advancing again.

there is a autocanon hidden on the map, make sure to pick it up.

When your health gets low, head to a box like this and wait till your shield heals.

After you take out the ones controlling the portal, there will be some marines that arrive, some have morning stars and the others have ranged. target the ranged first, then find the melee types before they reach you.

After you have killed all of the enemys, you will drop the auto cannon, and Mira will be on approach.

She will arrive behind you, there will be a cut scene then the mission will end.