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Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine Walkthrough 17 - Man Against Daemon

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Kill the daemons by using the plasma pistol coupled with area attacks.

He will now send in more enemys. Attack the Chaos Marines first then the others.

hug the cover and use the kraen bolter so you don't have to leave. Kill the small time units now and then use the plasma gun to attack the Marines.

Keep one enemy alive to restore your health.

Target the warp summoners first. Then bother with the daemons.

Once you have gathered all the daemons together use fury to kill them all. this means that you can target the warp summoners in somewhat peace.

When targeting the enemys use the Kraken bolter to your advantage. find a spot where you can attack without being fired apon.

The trick is; when you look down the sight, the sight leans to the right, use this to find a blind spot.

There are a few ammo boxes around. Make sure that you top up when you are low on ammo.

he will now call in two guys with the morning star and some daemons. Use the Plasma gun on every enemy.

The reason is because you need to recover fury, once you have use it and attack the marines straight on. If it does not kill them the first time, do it again.

The lord will ascend to the daemon lord, there is no way to stop this.

This is now a quick time event, shoot at the body untill somethimg happens.

you will now be told what buttons to press.

Still follow the quick time event you need to help at this point.

Make sure to dodge his plasma shots.

Now just keep looking at the instructions and you will be fine.

After A lot of spamming you will crush he head.

Wait till the cut scene ends.